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Week 19 update

What a weird week. Our third place finisher (Tim) couldn’t even crack 15 points; And John and I finished exactly the same… and I mean exactly. The exact same points on all three of the lines, that is literally crazy.

Weekly win with 25.00 points goes to Ted as he won first line, and managed a 2nd place on 3rd line. As usual, Ted fortunes rise and fall with Boston, and this week was definitely a rise as his Boston trio (Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak) went off for 19 points on their own. Of course, now that Pastrnak fell and broke his hand (or something like that) and is out for a few weeks, the depth of Ted’s roster will be put to the test. Ted has been on a nice roll lately, and he now sits in 6th place, 25 points out of the money.

Second place, with 19.40 points goes to Cooper thanks to his tie for 2nd line win (with Tim); in the process Coop was able to leap frog John and now sits 4th overall, only 10 points behind Ron for 3rd. That trade that Coop made a few weeks back paid off this week (Kessel and Malkin for Boeser and Tavares) as Kessel and Malkin combined for zero points this week and Tavares/Boeser combined for 9. It’s been a while since Coop was on top of the standings, and unfortunately a lot of players have cooled off since then, but the time is now for him to make a move. 10 points out of 3rd and 60 out of 2nd; weeks are running out so the time to make a move is now!

Third place, with 14.43 points goes to Tim as he tied for 2nd line win with Cooper; in the process he knocked off about a half point on my overall lead, now about 10 points out of first. Tim continues to ride the Chicago wave as Kane and Toews combined for 10 points. No coincidence that Chicago has been on a winning streak as Kane and Toews have been red hot over the past month. Thanks in a large part to those two players Tim have managed to basically reduce my lead to nothing and he and I are now in a crap shoot for the win. I’d say best of luck to him… but really I wouldn’t mean it 

Honorable mention goes to a couple people this week. First we have Jason who pulled out the 3rd line win but wasn’t able to manage much else, finishing with 11.20 points. And second honorable mention goes to Craig who pulled off the rare 0.00 week.

Only one trade completed last week as Ron continues his draft pick acquisition. This time he shipped off Nico Hischier to Tim managing to swap a 2nd round for a 4th round pick in the process.

Another reminder about the upcoming NHL trade deadline, which is Monday February 25th. The actual real life deadline is 3pm (Toronto time), but as per our rules we allow trades to be completed up to 8pm; this allows you to time to figure out the impact of the NHL trades to your fantasy squad.

Keep in mind we are strict with the time deadline. If you complete your deal at 8:01 pm, too bad, you missed the cut-off. So....if you are working on something right up to the deadline (this is the Cooper rule) you had better have either Charlie and I on the phone or be able to type fast to get it entered in the website with a "good" time stamp on it!

After the deadline has passed, no trades can be completed until after the REGULAR season has ended. And the last thing... if you are completing trades with draft picks, please make sure you actually own the picks you are trading. And if a trade puts you over the roster limit (22 players), please be sure to include the player you are dropping.

I think that is it; I will send a reminder out as we get closer to the deadline. If anyone has any questions, please reach out anytime..

Best of luck this week!

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

NOTE: We have changed the CONSTITUTION web link to now launch a PDF version instead of an actual web page. This will make it easier for your to download to your computer and print it off if you would like.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the above. Please download this free program from the link provided. Download Adobe Acrobat


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