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Week #25

Congrats to Tim H. on the weekly win. The won the 3rd line and finished second on the 2nd line to post 23.8 points and moved into 3rd place in the standings. The are too far behind second place but are a mere 1.5 points up on 4th place so they can't take the foot off of the pedal.

Second place went to Jason K. with winning the 1st line and storing 19.72 points to their total but still sit in 8th place with not much space to gain on anyone.

Third place went to Brad S. who garners points on all three lines to the tune of 19.07 points. They are chasing the Ice Hawks (Charlie F.) and pick up a few more points and only sit 12 points behind for a money spot in the standings.

The remaining top six on the week were Craig K. who collected points on all three lines on their way to posting 17.6 points and gain another 10 points on Aron (Ron S.) to move within 20 points of top spot. Charlie F. won the second line but couldn't muster up anything else for points so the had to settle for the 12.0 points and are hoping to hold of the charging Brad S. Wrapping up the top six was Ray N. who scrapped up 10.7 points and found themselves slipping to 4th spot in the standings and can see Charlie in the rear view mirror.

There is only two weeks left (last week is only a 4 day week) so there are still some battles going on for 1st / 2nd and 3rd thru 5th place finishers. Please remember to check the General Ledgers that I sent out and if you owe money, please e-transfer or send me a cheque for your outstanding balance. Ron and Craig K. are ok. I will just deduct your outstanding balance from your winnings.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using - www.sportsforecaster.com for the teams to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Depth Chart" web page.

NOTE: We have changed the CONSTITUTION web link to now launch a PDF version instead of an actual web page. This will make it easier for your to download to your computer and print it off if you would like.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the above. Please download this free program from the link provided. Download Adobe Acrobat


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