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Week 27 Final update

The season is done. As mentioned last week we officially congratulate Trevor wrapping up his 2nd consecutive title with not much of a challenge in the last four weeks.

Weekly win goes to the Pirates (Steve S.) on the power of a split of the first line win and medium points on the other two lines to put 26.2 points on his total. His chase for a money spot comes up just short (I know the feeling from last year) and he has to settle for the just outside looking in award. His Florida four some is maturing as each year goes by and should be a force to reckon with next year.

The IceHawks fall just short and have to settle for Second place with 25.4 points. With the win on the second line and points on both the other lines it looked like they had the weekly win. But the makeup game with Florida helped the Pirates slip ahead of them. They did have the most fantasy points for their three lines but were heavy loaded on the 2nd line with 5 points from three of his players and 17 points. The Ice Hawks did jump one spot in the standings pushing John Z (or should I say John gracefully fell back) down to 10th. John did have a strategy and it worked to a tee garnering him the zero egg off the week award!!

Aron was able to hold of the surging Coops Crew by finishing in 3rd place this week with just a little bit of points on all three lines. Looking at the league scoring Aron only had two guys in the top 20 scorers. But like they did all season, they used their depth through the whole lineup to continue piling up the points and finish the year in 2nd place. Even after taking a chance on moving Scheifele for Barzel and Marchessault which paid of in spades. Scheifele wend down with an injury for two months shortly after the trade and Barzel looks like he will be hauling in the rookie of the year and Marchessault gelled on the first line with Karlsson to form one of the top scoring duos in the league.

Fourth place with 15.95 was Jason who did all he could do to catch Ted P. falling a mere 2 points behind and finish in 5th place. Jason won the 3rd line but couldn't muster any points in the 2nd line and fell short. He has a bright future with McDavid leading the charge and owns the top scoring dman (Carlson, yeah I know, I owned him and decided to keep Letang instead... fawwwk). Yes, I am whining again.

So now the race to acquire draft picks for all the players you can't keep. Most of the guys have their top 6 keepers already decided so there won't be many looking to bolster their rosters. Norm, just keep your picks because all the guys you want will be available and those who traded all their picks away will have to pay the price... me included. Makes it more interesting with the number of quality players going back in the draft. And Mr. Kovelchuk I here is planning a return to the NHL. Interesting... Norm do you take the old star, does he still have it. According to his KHL number he does. It will be interesting, do you take him or Rasmus Dahlin and take a chance on the rookie. Hmmmm. Just to remind you, there are NO free agents during the summer but you can trade and do Position Changes as well. There is still a cost for these. If you do a position change while submitting your roster, there is no charge for that.

Now for the fun stuff. The playoffs are around the corner and we are holding our annual Playoff Pool on Wednesday April 11th, 6:30 for 7:00 at Coops Condo common room. If you have not already let me know if you are coming, please drop me a line one way or another so we have and idea of how many people to expect. Cost is $25. Please bring it with you. You are responsible for bring your own stats... Brad, this mean you :).

As mentioned last week the final General Ledger has been sent out so If you are out of the top 5, can you take a look at your outstanding amount and get that to me (Steve C.) soon. Thanks.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/ís position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

NOTE: We have changed the CONSTITUTION web link to now launch a PDF version instead of an actual web page. This will make it easier for your to download to your computer and print it off if you would like.

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