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Week #15

Well, just like a couple of weeks agoe when Coops Crew thought they were finally going to win the week Tim H. had his Florida guys add three points to the top line and a couple on the third line and ended up winning the 1st and 3rd lines to swoop in and take the weekly win away from Coops Crew (who were leading both the 1st and 3rd lines going into Sunday). With a great showing on the second line Tim pumped up 32.48 points and rocketed up to 1st place in the standings.

Coops Crew had to settle for second place on the week again posting a respectable 21.3 points on the power of a 3rd place finish on the first line and was able to split on the 3rd line win. It would have been more if all 4 of their 1st line players who played on Sunday didn't get shut out. One goal with 2 points would have given them at least a tie on the 1st line. And the Pirates Florida foresome stomped out 6 points on Sunday bump Coops Crew down further on the 2nd line. (arrgg those Pirates). The Maples Leafs will have not chance at the cup when offering up 8 goals on Sunday. This did allow Coops Crew to leap frog over John Z. as they continue their assent up the standings and now sit in 7th and a mere 4 points behind Brad S. for 6th place.

The Injured reserves slipped into 2nd place on the 1st line and tied for 2nd on the second line to score 16.48 points and jumped over Charlie F. into 9th place. Still not familiar waters for the three time champs. But even though it appears they are rebuilding, they can still steal valuable points from the top teams.

The next three were Ted Pecarski whose 2nd line win was most of their 16.0 points while the Pirates squealed out 15.25 to keep pace with the top 4 guys. Cliff Flint makes the top 6 this week with 9.98 point have a 2nd place finish on the 2nd line.

There was only one trad on the trade front but is was a biggie. Ron S. (The wizard) move two aging stars (but certainly not over the hill) in Ovechkin and Tavares for a young new star in Panarin and a couple of top picks. It looks like Ron S. paid a steep price for Panarin but the he pots 5 points Monday night and validation stamp is pressed.

Not going to bother with the top scorers for the week anymore. You can see them in the weekly rosters/standings file. Just a reminder, that we are combining two weeks (Jan 20-26 and Jan 27-Feb 2) into one in leu of the bye weeks and the all star game. So all the games played over the two weeks will be combined into one week for us.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/ís position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

NOTE: We have changed the CONSTITUTION web link to now launch a PDF version instead of an actual web page. This will make it easier for your to download to your computer and print it off if you would like.

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