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Week #7

Coops Crew wins their 2nd consecutive weekly win on the power of there hot Caps duo bringing them a tie for the 1st line and some much needed 3rd line support once again on their way to collecting 21.6 points and moving to the top of the leaderboard, a not too common thing over the past dozen years.

Second place went John Z. who also tied Coops Crew for the 1st line win and tied them as well on the 3rd line only one point out of 1st to post 18.5 points but was unable to move up the standings with Craig V. and the Ice Hawks postint similar numbers.

Craig V. had a 2nd place finish on the 2nd line and a few points from the other lines to add 18.0 points to their total and moved to within 7.5 points of 5th place (Aron).

The Hawks won the 2nd line and was right behind Craig with 17.4 points to remain in 7th place. The Injured Reserves (Trevor S.) posted 13.83 points with Jason K. right behind him with 13.73 pts which moved him up to 4th place in the standings. Ted P. stole the 3rd line with his Boston trio putting up 5 points on Sunday to skim by three other teams by a single point but that was pretty well all they could muster up and slipped to 2nd place.

Covid is still causing havoc to teams with the Islanders and now some Pittsurg players getting flagged. More and more games are having to be rescheduled and other teams that were scheduled to play these teams take a hit on their weekly game totals get affected.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using - www.sportsforecaster.com for the teams to determine a player/ís position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Depth Chart" web page.

NOTE: We have changed the CONSTITUTION web link to now launch a PDF version instead of an actual web page. This will make it easier for your to download to your computer and print it off if you would like.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the above. Please download this free program from the link provided. Download Adobe Acrobat


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