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Bulletin Board

DateGM NameMessage

2023-07-10Craig Kelly(7)From CraigK, not Tim. Subject to change, but I have a few players that might work into top sixes for some teams. JT Miller, William Nylander and Mo Seider to name a few. Looking for draft picks.

2022-02-04Administrator(0)- Protected lists can be resubmitted if a trade is made before the deadline. ** PASSED **

When a new GM comes into the league, no trades can be made with them for 24 hours after all other GMs have been notified. ** PASSED **

- Last years winner protects 1 player less than all other managers and gets an extra pick after the end of the draft ** DEFEATED **

2021-01-10Administrator(0)There were two items that we discussed.

1) Motion to introduce a playoff format. We had some discussion and decided with this being a short season that we would table the idea until next year. **PASSED **

2) Motion to change wording in the eligibility of players to state that a player has to have been drafted or played at least 1 game in the NHL to be eligible for the draft. ** PASSED **

2019-12-12Administrator(0)In January as per usual the All-Star weekend plus the imposed "bye" weeks creates one week where half of the teams have 0 games played. We have in the past just combined the following week to make it a full week of games. This year the weeks of Jan 20-26 and Jan 27-Feb 2 will be combines as one. A reminder will be sent out as we approach those weeks. 


- Add language to our constitution to specifically allows position switches to occur during the offseason for the same $3 charge as during the regular season. There will not be a charge if the position switch is made when submitting protected rosters. PASSED

- Add language to our constitution that indicates for a week to be complete, there must be at least 4 of the 7 days. If it is less, than that week will be combined with the following week. PASSED

- Add language to our constitution that allow for the commissioner to remove franchises from inactive owners. Inactivity should not be defines as someone who does not make trades or picks up free agents, but rather be defines as someone who does not anwser emails in a timely manner or does not at least keep in contact with the scorer regarding their weekly linesups/rosters. PASSED

- Other suggestions

- Should we include powerplay scoring **No**
- Should we include a rule whereby you cannot knowingly insert an injured player into your weekly lineup **No**
- Should we do a snake draft **No**
- Should we allow trading during the draft (No draft picks) **Yes**
- Should there be a term limit for the commissioner **No**
- Allow Free Agent pickups on the first Monday (Before league starts) **Yes**
- Rookie in the 1st round could be protected in a rookie slot (+ your 6 players) **Tabled**

2017-01-23Jason Kayes(12)McDavid and Subban are the only 2 keepers I want. Looking for draft picks and young players that may be keepers for me

2016-09-12Administrator(0)Guys, here are this years dates Protected list due - Sunday, Sept 18. 8:00 pm Meeting - Draft - Sunday, Oct. 2. 6:00 pm (At Steve Cooper's condo) If you have any items you would like to bring up at the meeting, send them to Trevor or myself (Coop)

2015-10-05Administrator(0)Below are some topics that were brought up for discussion.

1) Fees - Yearly fee has been raised to $60.
$1 fee for roster submissions has been removed.
Weekly cash payouts have been removed. Those funds now go into the overall balance for payouts.
All other fees remain the same. ** PASSED **

Payout structure has changed to the following
1st - 35%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - 5% (NEW)
Stats - 5%
Treasurer - 5% ** PASSED **

Add goalies ** DEFEATED **

Two defensemen per line ** DEFEATED

Salary cap ** DEFEATED **

Expansion ** DEFEATED **

Trading of draft picks during the summer. We had lots of discussion. **PASSED **
(We can now include draft pick in our trades during the summer)

2015-09-03Administrator(0)Guys, here are this years dates
Protected list due - Sunday, Sept 20. 8:00 pm
Meeting - Draft - Sunday, Oct. 4. 6:00 pm (At Steve Smicer's house)

If you have any items you would like to bring up at the meeting, send them to Trevor or myself (Coop)

2015-03-12Administrator(0)The following change to the constitution had been passed as of Nov. 7, 2014. 1) If the same free agent has been picked up by two managers at the exact same time then the team that is lowest in the standings shall get the free agent. ** PASSED **

2014-09-29Administrator(0)Below are the items discussed and voted on at our 2014 General Meeting

1) Roster to expand to 22. **CARRIED **

2) Free agents purchased can not be released from your roster until the following week.( No returns ) Basically once you select a free agent, he is yours period **CARRIED **

3) No trading of draft picks during the off season (After the trade deadline not draft picks in trades, you can still make trades during the off season) **CARRIED **

4) Trevor to become new Commissioner, Steve C. to become Treasurer. **CARRIED **

2014-09-18Steve Cooper(2)Guys, here are this years dates

Protected list due - Sunday, Sept 21. 8:00 pm

Meeting / Draft - Sunday, Sept 28. 7:00 pm
(At Steve Smicer's house)

If you have any items you would like to bring up at the meeting, send them to Trevor or myself (Coop)

2013-09-30Administrator(0)At our annual Draft meeting a motion was made by Steve Cooper/Ron Sollows to remove the lottery draft.

Vote was CARRIED.

Effective for the 2014/15 season, there will no longer be a lottery draft for the first 3 draft picks.

2013-01-21Administrator(0)Guys, just a reminder that free agents can only be picked up after 8:01 on Mondays, not 8:00. Any free agents with a time stamp before 8:01 (unless it is for the previous week) will be deemed null and void and will have to be resubmitted with a time stamp after 8:01:00. If the time stamp reads 8:01:01, then you are fine. Trevor's may read 7:01 because he is in Ontario. I may modify the program to test if it is Trevor that is logged in and add the extra hour so it will post as if he was here.


Hi guys,
Based on the feedback the following were the results of the votes.

  • #1 – Passed. There will now be a new transaction type called “Position switch”. You can make as many as you would like per week at a cost of $3 per player. This does not impact the Free Agent pick.
  • #2 – Defeated. The selection of Free Agents will remain the same with Monday nights 8:01 being the time for picking up of new free agents. The sitting by the computer on Monday night is mainly the first three weeks when most of us are most active. If you want get a jump on everyone, don’t pick up you agent right away, wait until the following Sunday and you will get the next weeks pick before anyone else (If you can accept delaying you picks for the 1st week)
  • #3 – Passed. The new scoring system/weekly payout will be put in place for this year. Except for the awarding of points for the bench, that was DEFEATED.

If you have any other items that you would like to discuss at the meeting, send them to me or Steve S. and we will add them to the meeting agenda. Reminder of the following dates.

Sept. 26th (Sunday) 8:00 pm – Deadline for submitting your protected list.
Oct. 3rd (Sunday) 7:00 pm – Meeting/Draft




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