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Rant Forum

You can put anything on here like players you have available for trade, looking for a positional player, your thoughts on anything going on in the NHL or other stuff!! The only rule of thumb is to keep it clean, no character bashing (other owners that is) and have fun with it.

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2020-03-21Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #23

Well after being out of the country for four weeks, things were getting pretty interesting in the standings. Then this Corona virus thing threw a bag of marbles in the dishwasher and now it might be broken.

Ted P. is driving hard to catch Aron and with the 2nd line win a some points on the 3rd line he was able to stack 22.5 more points on thier total and take the weekly win. Draisaitl popped in 8 more points to lead the way on the second line. This only leaves him 10 points behind Aron... but if the remainder of the season is over he will have to settle for 2nd best.

Second place goes to John Zettler who pulled off the 1st line win with a couple of 3rd line points and bonus points to stuff 18.5 points into the bank. That moves him up to 8th place leap frogging the Injured Reserves. Not entirely out of the money they still were only 24 points out of the money but with time running out it was going to be a challenge.

Once again Aron finished third with 17.15 points and retains their 1st place lead over Ted P. The thing is being in front now is a good thing for Aron. If the rest of the regular season is cancelled, these standings become the final standings and Aron will claim their 6th title. We all laugh at the number of deals he makes but the titles tell you they were worth it... all of them.

The next three were Jason K. with 15.4 points, Craig V. with 12.8 points and Tim H. with 11.3. Special mention has to go out to Cliff F. who has endured so many injuries and under performing players this year. They used their Detroit Duo to help them pull off the 3rd line win. Their first line win of any kind this year.

Now that the trade deadline is over, Charlie can take solace that only the changing of lines each week is all he has to keep up with.

We will be keeping a close eye on the Corona virus happenings and as soon as we find something out about picking up play we will pass it on to you. As well this will dictate whether the regular season is over. Keep your stick on the ice. Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2020-02-25Ron Sollows(1)Trade deadline breakdown
Ron grade B+:

Out Weber, Cirelli, Kakko and a 4th round pick
In Monahan, Tatar and a 7th

Monahan and Cirelli similar points but Monahan in a down season and still the Flames top center, Cirelli has a lot of stars in front of him for PP time Weber became expendable with the pickup and return of Ellis and the pickup of Ekblad The picks at this point not much of a factor when you are all in and moved all of your top picks already

Brad grade D:

Stayed with what he has while others improved, if he gets 1st or 2nd he may end up being the smartest of the bunch

Tim grade B-:

Out 1st round pick
In Ellers, Johanson and an 11th

Probably paid too much for the return but at this point where it is so tight he did upgrade on RW and if Ellers turns out to be the difference than the price was fine

Smicer grade A:

Not much on draft day but all his moves came prior to the deadline getting the likes of Backstrom, Perron, Theodore

Ted grade B+:

In Weber, Cirelli, Athanasiou
Out a 4th and Monahan

He upgraded his D which is always a need for most teams, could be a wash on the centers and if Athanasiou finds chemistry on one of the Oilers top lines he could workout

Jason grade B+:

Nothing on draft day but did upgrade with Zucker and Yamamoto dealing with the devil it cost him a 1st but Yamamotto could end up being a good young keeper as well as helping him the rest of this year. A grade of F dealing with the Devil but an A getting a potential good young keeper

Charlie, Steve and Trevor all get grades of A or A+

Charlie gets a 1st for Ehlers, Ehlers a potential keeper but the 1st could end up getting him a better player. Ehlers still has a bunch of stud in front of him for top PP time which hurts his production. Plus he upgraded some other picks prior to the deadline

Trevor continues to give up spare pieces for high picks and now I believe has 14 picks in the first 6 rounds, looks like I will be selling from the get go next season

Cooper still thinking top 5 but also getting higher picks a 2nd and 4th on deadline day for non-keepers. Who knows on Kakko pegged as a stud and those young guys if given the right chance could breakout in year two and become what experts expect if so a 2nd not a bad price for him.

Cliff grade C+:

Remains to be seen if the Kakko pickup was a good move if he hangs on to him it may turn out to be

John grade B:

moves for picks happened well before the trade deadline, but off the top of my head he picked up a 1st and 3rd for Josi and RNH, Josi a keeper but a 1st he can replace him with another good player, a 3rd for RNH sounds about right

Craig grade B-:

Moves made before the deadline but he does have some top keepers heading into next year Malkin, Rantanen, Kuznetsov, Chabot, Karlsson and Hughes

2020-02-24Trevor Silver(11)Best thing on the Internet today
Unless you are a leafs fan of course....


2020-02-22Managers(0)Week #20 Rant

Week #20

The Injured Reserves (Trevor S.) have been the hottest team over the last month and have claimed the weekly win with 22.9 points just barely edging out Ted P. They won the first line and picked a few points on the other two lines. After a terrible first half they have been packing on the points over the last month but still find themselves in 9th place. However they are now only 21 points out of the 5th place money spot.

Second place goes to Ted P. again with 22.5 points with a balanced attack pulling 9.0 points on both the 1st and 2nd lines and tied for top spot for the bonus points. They also leapfrog over Tim H. into 1st place which I think is the first time they have been on top of the standings this late in the season. As usual their Boston trio led the way and Draisaitl dropped a 10 spot.

Finishing third this week was Aron with 17.5 points and retains 3rd place. They like Ted had a balanced attack to hold off the Pirates

The next three were Brad S with 13.2 points, Coops Crew who won the 2nd line but had not other points for 12.0 points and Craig V with 10.2 points. Special mention to Tim H. who won the 3rd line and like Coops Crew couldn’t muster any other points. <

We had a five trades last week with Ron S. and Coops Crew having a couple each. Ron S. is constantly trying to fill holes due to injuries and Coops Crew picked up a couple of 2nd round picks.

The trade deadline is Monday 8:pm so get them done before that. Keep you stick on the ice. Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2020-02-15Trevor Silver(11)Available
Jason Zucker-LW available if anyone wants him. If interested, make an offer

2020-02-07Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #17 & 18

Once again this weeks winner is not one of the top five in the standings. The Injured Reserves who have had a hard time this year finding themselves as weekly winners finally had a good week by winning the 1st line and tying for the 3rd line win on their way to putting up 24.38 points. Leading the way for them was last years scoring champ Kucherov with seven points and their next Erik Karlsson (Quinn Hughes) adding 5 points. C Dubois had 7 points on their second line but no one else showed up or they would have been looking at a sweep. They will be playing the role of spoiler coming down the stretch and stealing valuable points that the top four are vying for.

Second place goes to Aron with 22.5 points and jumps them back atop the standings. With season ending injuries to Hamilton and Hertl they still are able to put up the points. A win on the 2nd line and 2nd place finish on the 1st line with balanced attack found Forsberg(5), Zibanijad(6) and Teravainen(6) leading the way. But they are fighting the injury bug again with Weber going down forcing them to go out and acquire Suter (Min) to help stop the bleeding. It's going to be a challenge to stay on top but Aron seems to be a wizard and just when you think you find an advantage he pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

Finishing third this week was Brad S. pulling in 16.55 points while finding themselves in the middle of the pack on all three lines. That was enough points to stay ahead of the pesky Coops Crew.

The next three were Tim H. with 16.38 who was able to share the 3rd line win with three others and holds on the 2nd place in the standings. Ted P. scrapped up 13.9 points which allowed them to move up 3rd place in the standings. Their points were mainly due to their second line RW Draisaitl putting up 8 points and taking over the top spot in the scoring race. Rounding out the bottom six was John Z. with 13.55 points. They gathered a few points on all three lines and creep ever so close to Coops Crew for 7th place now only one point behind.

Other notables were the Pirates who lost the wind in their sails while only putting up 6.9 points which dropped them from the lead down to 4th place. Still not that far out of 1st place however they lost their top center Barkov to injury so that isn't helping their cause. And we had another zero this week with last weeks weekly winner Craig V. coming up empty. It must be frustrating to finally get your first weekly win and get your hopes up and them bamm nada. But they have some young stars on their roster and next year will be a different story.

Once again there was only one trade on the trade front with Aron looking to sure up their depth by picking up C Nugent-Hopkins while giving up a 3rd round pick. They are moving a lot of top draft picks to set up for the stretch run. When you are in the race for a title why not put all the chips on the table. This week they lost Weber so they went out and snagged D Suter to fill that gap and also picked up the hot C Nelson (Nyi) to give them a little depth at center. Ron is definitely running away with the trading crown this year.

So we are a few weeks away from the trade deadline and teams are starting to watch the trade wire and seeing if they have any players that my get a boost by moving from a bad team to a contender. Coops Crew has a couple of players they own that they are watching closely. It is almost a given that RW Toffolli (LA) will be moved and Edmonton or Pittsburg are interested in him. The same teams are also interested in LW Tatar (Mtl). If those two end up with those respective teams, one will surely be with McDavid and the other with Crosby. That would certainly give a boost to their value. The next three weeks will determine if someone becomes a buyer or seller. Keep you stick on the ice.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2020-01-28Ron Sollows(1)Ronnies Corner
Elite womens 3 on 3 hockey was slow, boring and 97% of the shots were about 20 mph or less. They were the best female players in the world there to show us how skilled and awesome they were epic fail. Yes all the NHL personal praise and support them but in this day and age they have to be politically correct or they lose their jobs. The reality whether you agree with my assessment of their game or not there is no womens hockey league that will have 10,000 people fill the rinks each night and able to pay the players 100,000 dollar contracts

2020-01-22Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #16

Well this weeks winner is not one of the top five in the standings. Craig V. tied for the 2nd line win and won the third line and top bonus points to pull off his first weekly win of the year (more than I can say!!) and collected 23.5 points. Malkin(6) and Beauvillier(5) led the way on the 2nd line and Toews(9) points is having a rejuvenating year to power his 3rd line.

The Pirates continued their climb up the standings and with a tie for the 2nd line win and a bit on both the other lines they stacked on 22.9 points and with Tim H. and Aron (Ron S.) having down weeks the Pirates find themselves atop the standings for the first time in a long time. However this year they have the powerhouse Florida quartet as well the Philly trio towing the line and will be a force in the second half.

Ted Pecarski finished 3rd this week on the strength of his Boston crew bailing his ass out on the 1st line to put 17.75 points on the board but slipped down to 4th place in the standings.

The next three were Jason K. who won the first line again but his depth is causing him some concern so he only notched 15.1 points on the week. Like the Edmonton Oiler Connor McDavid, he can't do it on his own. Brad Simms had a decent showing on the 1st line and was able tack on 13.0 points to hold on to 6th place over the charging Coops Crew. John Z. scrapped up points on all three lines to gather up scraps for 11.15 points to keep only a few points behind Coops Crew.

There was only one trade on the trade front with the Pirates looking at getting some youth (Jones (Clb)) on the defense to sure up for their run to glory while giving up D Morrisey (Wpg) who appears to have lost his top PP unit job to D Pionk. The Injured Reserve continue to bank high round draft picks and will be back on the plane after the 6th round.

After the first half we have the closest races for top spot between four teams who are only four points apart. We have had a couple of times where two teams were duking it out but never four. And the next four teams are within 18-40 points of the lead. So one 30+ week by any of those and they will be right in the mix. Jason owns the top scorer in the league with McDavid and the top dman in Carlson. If he can get some secondary scoring the points will come. Brad Simms just got Crosby back who put up 8 points last week (lucky for us he was on the bench!!). Coops Crew have knocked it out of the park with their free agents this year with Killorn, Rust and JT Miller putting up career years and Pionk has taken over the top PP in Winnipeg and just for fun Fabbri (Det) is chipping in with some points for the third line. And their Habs combo of Danault/Tatar have been surprising in helping them win back to back and almost a 3rd weekly 3rd line win recently. John Z. is now healthy with MacKinnon, Matthews and Marner getting it going.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2020-01-14Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #15

Well, just like a couple of weeks ago when Coops Crew thought they were finally going to win the week. Tim H. had his Florida guys add three points to the top line and a couple on the third line and ended up winning the 1st and 3rd lines to swoop in and take the weekly win away from Coops Crew (who were leading both the 1st and 3rd lines going into Sunday). With a great showing on the second line Tim pumped up 32.48 points and rocketed up to 1st place in the standings.

Coops Crew had to settle for second place on the week again posting a respectable 21.3 points on the power of a 3rd place finish on the first line and was able to split on the 3rd line win. It would have been more if all 4 of their 1st line players who played on Sunday didn't get shut out. One goal with 2 points would have given them at least a tie on the 1st line. And the Pirates Florida foresome stomped out 6 points on Sunday bump Coops Crew down further on the 2nd line. (arrgg those Pirates). The Maples Leafs will have not chance at the cup when offering up 8 goals on Sunday. This did allow Coops Crew to leap frog over John Z. as they continue their assent up the standings and now sit in 7th and a mere 4 points behind Brad S. for 6th place.

The Injured reserves slipped into 2nd place on the 1st line and tied for 2nd on the second line to score 16.48 points and jumped over Charlie F. into 9th place. Still not familiar waters for the three time champs. But even though it appears they are rebuilding, they can still steal valuable points from the top teams.

The next three were Ted Pecarski whose 2nd line win was most of their 16.0 points while the Pirates squealed out 15.25 to keep pace with the top 4 guys. Cliff Flint makes the top 6 this week with 9.98 point have a 2nd place finish on the 2nd line.

There was only one trad on the trade front but is was a biggie. Ron S. (The wizard) move two aging stars (but certainly not over the hill) in Ovechkin and Tavares for a young new star in Panarin and a couple of top picks. It looks like Ron S. paid a steep price for Panarin but the he pots 5 points Monday night and validation stamp is pressed.

Not going to bother with the top scorers for the week anymore. You can see them in the weekly rosters/standings file. Just a reminder, that we are combining two weeks (Jan 20-26 and Jan 27-Feb 2) into one in leu of the bye weeks and the all star game. So all the games played over the two weeks will be combined into one week for us.

2020-01-12Trevor Silver(11)Anders Lee
Anders Lee (LW) has 5 games this week. If anyone is interested in him for a short term fix...... Lee and my 7th, for a draft pick back.

2020-01-02Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #13

Well, just when Coops Crew thought they were going to win the week the Pirates Florida foresome stomped out 10 points on Sunday and swooped in and stole (arrgg those Pirates) the weekly win with 23.85 points. They tied for the 3rd line win with Coops Crew and 3rd place on the 1st line with a few from the 2nd line and they jumped over Jason, Brad and Tim H. all the way up to 3rd place.

Coops Crew had to settle for second place on the week posting 21.0 points on the power of a 2nd place finish on the first line and as mentioned above a split on the 3rd line win. This allowed them to jump up one spot over the Injured Reserves into 8th place. Leading the way for them was the reaquisition of Hedman who plastered 8 points in 3 games. Just righting the wrong I say. But it did cost them the Washington combo. Hopefully it pays off.

Aron and Ted P. are still going toe to toe with Aron packing 18.53 points and Ted posting 18.18 points on the week. Aron tied for 1st place on the 2nd line while Ted won the 1st line but as it seems to becoming a habit for the 1st line winners, not much was to be had on their 2nd and 3rd lines.

The next three finishers for the week were Tim H. with 15.8 using their split win on the 2nd line, John Z. with 13.33 points and Brad S. with 12.33. We have another big ZERO this week thanks to Cliff Flint. Cliff has had a hard time with injuries and players just underperforming for him. Hopefully those guys will start to pick it up to give him some hope for next year. And if that wasn't bad enough, their top player Guentzel (Pit) just got injured and is out for the year. Work on those draft pick Cliff. And we would have had a first... two ZEROES in one week if the Injured Reserves hadn't scabbed a mere 0.33 on his third line to stave off the boo birds. After three years of total dominance they have come back down to earth with us commoners and has give us hope of a brave new world. Unfortunately we still have to deal with five time Champion Aron (Ron S.) who currently lead the pack.

On the trade front the Pirates are sending a message that they are all in for the race to number one. They picked up C Backstrom and RW Kessel from the rebuilding Injured Reserves (that sounds so strange) moving RW Kassian and a 1st rounder. Then the Injured Reserves moved Kassian for a 5th pick from Jason who need to add some depth in order to keep with the pack.

Not going to bother with the top scorers for the week anymore. You can see them in the weekly rosters/standings file. Just a reminder, that we are combining two weeks (Jan 20-26 and Jan 27-Feb 2) into one in leu of the bye weeks and the all star game. So all the games played over the two weeks will be combined into one week for us.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2019-12-25Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #12
Week 12

The battle for 1st place this week was a close one with the Ice Hawks winning the 3rd line and coming out on top with 20.65 points on the week. Like Coops Crew last week they did not move up the standings still sitting in 10th place but are now closer to three teams just ahead of them and will be looking to make the jump up a spot or two in the standings next week.

Right on their heals for 2nd place for the week was the Pirates who flopped with a zero last week but had their Florida guys get hot again pulling in 2nd place on the 2nd line and they were 2nd place on the 3rd line as well which was good enough to add 20.4 points to remain in 6th place.

Third place went to Tim H. Who is trying to stave off the Pirates by stacking 18.75 points onto their total to remain in 5th but inch closer to Brad S. For 4th place.

The next three finishers for the week were Jason K. Who won the 1st line again but their familier problem is their depth scoring just isn't there. They did however score 17.85 points to creep to within 4 points of Ted P. who with their almost zero (0.4 pts) dropped to 2nd place in the standings. Aron was able to scratch our 13.83 points for the week which allow them to jump into the lead and be in 1st place by Christmas time. Nice present eh!. Brad S. Had 11.63 points which was enough to hold off Tim H. and still holds 4th place

On the trade front Coops Crew is still trying to find the right combinations and obviously regretted moving Hedman and the Winnipeg duo of Scheifele and Wheeler to Ron and gets them back but had to give up their 1st line combo of Ovechkin and Kuznetsov in the process. In another separate deal Coops Crew picked Dallas dman Klingberg from the Pirates (Steve S.) for Pavelski and Theadore. Looking to corner the market on the Dallas power play. Now it just has to wake up. Theadore not that big a name however he is the top PP dman in Vegas and he put up a 5 spot last week.

Scoring is way up again with Huberdeau pounding out 10 points last week. Other big performers were Zibanijad(5), Seguin(5), M.Tkachuk(5), Nyquist(6), Keller(5), Lindholm(5), Johansson(6), Duclair(5), Josi(7), Kane(6), Schwartz(5), Perron(5), Ekman-Larsson(5), Schmaultz(6), Matthews(7), Marner(5) (those last 3 all on John's 2nd line), Bjorkstrand(7) (on John's bench), Dubois(5), Jones(5) and Ellis(7) whaattt!

With the three day break I don't know what to do with myself... ok eating and drinking and listing to Christmas music. Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a safe New Year.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2019-12-24Ron Sollows(1)Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas to all
And to all my players a 3 point night

2019-12-23Steve Cooper(2)Another year lost
Well its Christmas time and I haven't won a week or 1st line yet. Having big names doesn't convert to winning. Even when you have Ovy, Kuzy, Scheifele, Wheeler and Hedman it wasn't cutting it. All were having their worst career years. So. I'll cruise along with hopes of a top 5 finish but even that looks like a stretch. Will I ever see a title again? Probably not. Gave McDavid away a few years ago when I could have started my rebuild properly. But hey at the time I traded him for the top 2 scorers in the league, Tavares and Benn

2019-12-17Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #11
Week 11

Well, (Aron)Ron S. flexed their muscles and totally kicked some serious ass last week putting up 47 player points, tying for the 1st line win, winning the 2nd line and 3rd place finish on the 3rd line to pack on a hugh 33.5 points this week to pull to within two points of Ted P. for the lead. Interesting thing though was going into Sunday, They were leading on ALL three lines. But then Craig V. scratched their way to a tie on the first line and really funny was, on the 3rd line Aron had a two point lead over Coops Crew and the Ice Hawks (Charlie F.) but had no one playing. Both teams only had one guy playing (Theadore and Suter). Not being offensive juggernauts the lead seemed pretty safe. Bamm, both defensemen registered three points to knock Aron down to 3rd. (insert tear here... not)

Second place goes to Coops Crew despite not garnering any points on the 1st line, they managed 2nd place on the 2nd line and shared for the 3rd line win to add 18.0 points to their total. They did not move up in the standings from 9th but now are within reach of a couple of more teams in the standings. Leading the way for them was their two latest free agents who have been white hot. Killorn (TB) had 4 points and Rust (Pit) had 5 points. Even another free agent Fabbri potted 3 points although was on the bench.

Third place went to Tim H. who was doing nothing until Sunday when his second line picked up 7 points with 1st star of the week Pacioretti (Vgk) having 4 points and Kane (Chi) slipped in an empty net goal to add 3 for the day. So they went from 0.0 points to stealing 13.5 points which allowed them to slip into 5th place in the standings.

The next three were the Ice Hawks who tallyed 13.3 points and stole/shared the 3rd line win with Coops Crew. Last place Craig V. (Not any more!!) had an impressive 1st line and was able to share the 1st line win with Aron. With 12.75 points there wasn't anything else on the other two lines. But hey this has to at least give them a smile knowing that, hell yeah I can do this.

Not much action on the trade front. But Coops Crew who has traded half of their team must be reeling by now with four of the players they traded to Aron all had at least 4 points. Coops Crew players... well lets just say I think all four of their players had 4 points combined. They did pick up Reinhart (Buf) who has been a nice compliment with Olafsson and Eichel and did chip in a few points. The Pirates (Steve S. did move Nylander (Chi) to the Ice Hawks in turn for Schwartz (Stl) who has started to pick things up lately. And it wouldn't be us with out mentioning any Oofers (zeros) that pop up from now and then. The Pirates who were the weekly winners last week followed up with a dissapointing goose egg. Their Florida tandum has been carrying them had a complete flat week and that sunk their ship (see what I did there... I kill me). Anyway, not too worry, Huberdeau (Flo) slapped down a 4 point night last night and the boys are finished downing a few rums on the poop deck and appear to be back in business.

I will be away in Toronto (Newmarket) from the 19-27th but will have access to email or text. If you have any questions, I will be able to respond to any trade offers. Maybe someone will look at plopping something in my stocking to help move me back up the standings. Would be nice jump a spot or two before the big guy comes. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2019-12-09Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #10

It was a low scoring week until the weekend and the guns started firing. The Pirates Florida contingent opened up on the weekend as they stole 1st place on a hugh Sunday and winning the week with 23.2 points. That moves them up into a money spot in 5th place.

Second place goes to John Z. who pulled off the 3rd line win and with some points on the first line was able to post 20.5 points and move up one position in the standings to 7th.

Third place went to Ron S. with a scattering of points to pluck 14.7 points to add to their total and remain in 4th place.

The rest of the points were relatively spread around with Brad Simms (13.0), Coops Crew (11.95) and Ted P. (11.7) points. Both Ted P. and Jason K. shared the 2nd line win but were not able to muster much else. As for movement, as mentioned above, Brad S. moves up into 2nd place bumping Jason K. down to 3rd. Pirates move up to 5th bumping Tim H. down to 6th. John Z. move up one space letting the Injured Reserves drop to 8th place. The Injured Reserves are NOT used to hanging around with other have-nots below the money line. Coops Crew finally made a move up to 9th place and hoping to repeat last years pattern. Last year they were in 11th placed in December only to start their move up the standings all the way to a 3rd place finish. I think their road will be a little tougher this year as they are almost 40 points behind a money spot. With every week spreading out the points it will be a challenge for anyone to make any significant moves in the standings.

Finally things have slowed down on the trade front with only a single trade seeing the Pirates pick up Schwartz(Stl) for Nylander (Chi) with the Ice Hawks (Charlie F.) picking up a 4th round pick. For the first time ever (before the new year) there were absolutely no free agents picked up this week. There usually is only a handful of free agents that usually add value to your team. Coops Crew picked up Killorn (TB) last week who was injured... well until he came back Tuesday and potted 5 points last week and of course he was on the bench. They also picked up Fabbri (Det) who since being traded from Stl is now on the top line and PP. As well they picked up Rust(Pit) who also has been bumped up to the top line and PP playing with Malkin. Killorn, Rust and D Schultz all returned last week for Coops Crew so if they can get the big boys going and having those three back should help the depth scoring. R. Strome (Nyr) was picked up by Aron and is doing well offensively. Donskoi who the Injured Reserves picked up landed on the top line with MacKinnon and has gone on a scoring spree as did Burakosky. Danault despite not getting any PP time (picked up by Coops Crew) is potting points here and there but Coops Crew just hasn't been trusting him.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2019-12-04Managers(0)Weekly Rant - Week #9

Once again Brad S. is the weekly winner with 22.5 points powered by their 1st line win just barely edging out Coops Crew and Injured Reserves by one point and moving up one spot in the standings into 3rd place. With back to back weekly wins Brad now has top place within sight.

Second place goes to Coops Crew despite have the top players points for the week they were only able to put 17.5 points on the board. Normally if you are the points winner you are guaranteed over 20.0 points. But sometimes it is all about where those points are positioned in relation to everyone elses.

Third place went to Injured Reserves (Trevor) who managed to scrap up 14.55 points but wasn't able to move up in the standings. As in many weeks the points were spread around quite a bit.

Rounding out the top six well behind were the Ice Hawkes (Charlie) with 13.85 points, Aron with 12.6 and John Z. with 12.00 points.

Top performances last week were E.Karlsson(5), Tavares(6), Ovechkin(6), Kuznetsov(6), Parise(5), Eichel(6), Laine(5), Krejci(5), Panarin(6), Voracek(6), Malkin(8), Guentzel(7), Point(5), Perron(5), Couturier(5), Pastranek(6), Horvat(6), MacKinnon(9), Kucherov(8), Donskoi(6), O'Reilly(6), Oshie(5).

Injury News - Bergeron(Bos), Dahlin(Buf), D.Strome(Chi), Burakovski(Col), Landeskog (Col), Werenski(Clb), Mantha(Det), Nugent-Hopkins(Edm), Koivu(Min), Spurgeon(Min), Mete(Mon), Drouin(Mtl), Arvidsson(Nsh), Grandlund(Nsh), J. Hughes(NJ), Namestikov(Ott), Schultz(Pit), Hornqvist(Pit), Rust(Pit), Crosby(Pit), Blais(Stl), , Tarasenko (Stl), Killorn(TB), Marner(Tor), Edler(Van), Backstrom(Was), Little(Wpg) and Byfugulin(Wpg).

There was another fleury of going on this week. Once again Ron lead the way with four trades. The big one was with Coops Crew moving Sequin (Dal) and Karlsson (SJ) for Scheifele and Wheeler of the Jets. Coops Crew didn't have the patience to wait for the Jets to kick it in gear. After watching last nights games it appears they may have turned the corner and this might be a trade Coops Crew will regret making. But they did improve thier top Dman situation and with Kuznetsov at a #1 center Seguin was swithed to the RW and move to the top line. When Dallas turns things around and the pick up of Radulov as well they should be ok. The Injured Reserves (Trevor) continues to bank higher draft pickes picking up a 4th round pick. Tim H. was looking to sure up his depth by picking up #1 Dman Josi for a 1st round pick and the hot Donskoi as well. John Z did well by adding a 1st and 2nd round pick to their draft selections. With all the injuries they have endured early they have looked at rebuilding the ship.

Remember we are determining what a free agents position is at the time of pickup. We have agreed that we would be using The Hockey News - http://www.thehockeynews.com under the "Depth Chart" link for each team to determine a player/’s position. UPDATE ** The position will be the one stated on the "Dept Chart" web page.

2019-12-01Steve Cooper(2)Patience ran out on the Jets
Finally got tired of waiting for the Jets to launch. Wheeler gets moved away from Scheifele and goes all to hell points wise. Dallas is still cold on the PP like Winnipeg. May have just traded bad for bad. It is a matter of which team will get their shit together. Need the Dallas owner to start calling out his top players again. When he did that the took off.

2019-11-27Managers(0)Week #8 Rant
This weeks winner (Not Ted) was Brad with the 3rd line win and 3rd place finished on the 2nd and 3rd line to punch 26.0 points on their total and moves them up two spots on the standings up to 4th place. They used a balance attack on all three lines to pick the maximum points.

Well this is just becoming a tired record. Ted's Bruins go on a tear once again leading to the 1st line win in a big way with 20 points and being near the top on the 2nd line allows Ted to pack on 23.25 points and pull even further away from the pack. His Bruins which have been white hot from the start of the season put up 16 points and Doughty chipped in 4 points. I'm not going to tell him to spread the power around because... where I am in the standings who am I to give any kind of ideas.

Jason pulls in 3rd place this week with a tie for the 2nd line win and 2nd place finish on the 1st line to have a solid week with 21.5 points which bumps him up to 2nd place in the standings.

Rounding out the top six well behind were Tim with 11.05 points, Craig with 10.5 and Pirates 10.10 points.

Top performances last week were Teravainen(7), Connoly(5), Burakovsy(5), Perry(5) (both on my bench grrr), Eichel(5), Eichel(5), Suter(5), Malkin(5), Nelson(5), Ekblad(5), Marchand(7), Bergeron(5), Draisaitl(5), Bjorkstrand(6), Aho(5), Dubois(5), Cirelli(5), McDavid(7).

Injury News - Bergeron was back for the week but is now day/day, Dahlin(Buf), D.Strome(Chi), Landeskog (Col), Rantanen(Col), Mantha(Det), Nugent-Hopkins(Edm), Drouin(Mtl), Arvidsson(Nsh), Namestikov(Ott), Schultz(Pit), Crosby(Pit), Hertl(SJ), Tarasenko (Stl), Stamkos(TB), Marner(Tor), Backstrom(Was), Little(Wpg) and Byfugulin(Wpg).

There was a fleury of trades this weeks. A few teams appear to be slipping into rebuild mode... Trevor... WHATTT and John. I thought it was a little early for this but with Ted dominating the standings and not looking to slow down barring a whack of injuries... oh wait Bergeron is down... nah not giving us much hope. Actually the way my guys are performing or lack their of maybe I should be doing the same. Still 16 weeks left and if my star players get back to playing like they can I think I should be able to make a run at a money spot at least. Oh yeah, back to the trades. Ron and Coops Crew lead the way with three trades each. Ron picked up star dman in Karlsson from Trevor and picks up the hot Burakosky from Coops Crew. Meanwhile Coops Crew swapped Washington centers (Backstrom for Kuznetsov) to get a little younger. They also picked up D Ekblad(Flo) for some more youth on the back end. Trevor has done nicely on picking up some high draft picks, two 2nd's and a 5th. The thing is he still has enough stars to finish in the top five. We shall see. Ted picked up Lindblom (Phi) to add a little depth and Jason picked up D Giordano (Cal) and Rakell(Ana) to give them some more options in the middle lines.

2019-11-12Ron Sollows(1)Don Cherry
I do not necessarily agree with the reason he was fired because everyone knows he walks a fine line but I believe it was the right time for him to go. What do you people think?

2019-10-30Steve Cooper(2)Weekly ramblings now on the website
This weeks ramblings are now on the website. I am looking to try and make them informative and a bit entertaining without harming any egos. But I wasn't successful this week on the Tarasenko thing. But hey, he is above me in the standings and probably will be for awhile.

2019-09-12Managers(0)Dates for Meeting/Draft & Protected lists due
Hi guys, hope you had a great summer. The hockey season is around the corner and below are the dates for our projected list and the draft.

Sunday Sept. 22 - Protected List due

Tuesday Sept. 24 - Frozen NHL rosters sent out.

Sunday Sept. 29 - Draft

Monday Sept. 30 - Free agents open up (8:01 pm) Location and time to be determined for draft. If no one offers up their place we can do mine as a default. I think guys should have a chance to host this event Coop

2019-09-12Cliff Flint(6)Newely appointed GM
Boys, just want to say thank you for your warm welcome into the League, as I embark on my new career as the GM for Team #6 I'm looking forward to learning as I go, flying by the seat of the pants stuff, so bare with me as I grow into the role!

2019-08-23Trevor Silver(11)Kuznetsov
Available for trade! One slightly used, slightly high Russian center! hahahahahah

2019-08-12Trevor Silver(11)Flight Booked
Gotta love seat sales! Flight is booked for the draft.... here's hoping we are having the draft on Sept 29th!!!

2019-04-08Ron Sollows(1)congrats
Congrats to the top 5.

No trading for me next year!!!!

2019-04-07Trevor Silver(11)New Commish
Hello everyone. With the season now over, i've decided that now is the time for me to step down as commish. I've been at the helm for a number of years now and becasue our constitution requires a degree of interpretation I've always felt that there should be a different voice from time to time making those interpretations.

With that said if there are any volunteers, please reach out to the league and the "perverbial" keys can be handed over to you.

See you at the draft!

2019-03-01Ron Sollows(1)They finally figured it out
How to shut Kucherov down


2019-02-25Trevor Silver(11)Trade deadline reminder
Hey everyone. Just a reminder today is deadline day. All trades must be completed by 8pm, or forever hold your peace. Any questions, drop me a note! Happy hunting

2019-02-16Trevor Silver(11)Monday roster - early game
Sorry for the late notice. On Monday, there is an early game. Rosters will be due by 5pm!

2019-02-13Ron Sollows(1)players available
Just over a week until the trade deadline I have some big names to help the contenders or possible keepers for some other teams

C Zibanejad, C W. Karlsson
LW Pacioretty
D Seth Jones, Barrie, Yandle

I would be looking to move a player and a lower pick for a higher pick and possibly a lesser player, my lowest pick is the 9th round so not too bad.

2019-02-10Trevor Silver(11)NHL Trade Deadline
hello everyone. Your first reminder about the upoming NHL trade dealine, which is Monday February 25th. The actual real life deadline is 3pm (toronto time), but as per our rules we allow trades to be completed up to 8pm; this allows you to time to figure out the impact of the NHL trades to your fantasy squad.

Keep in mind we are strict with the time deadline. If you complete your deal at 8:01 pm, too bad, you missed the cutoff. So....if you are working on something right up to the deadline (this is the Cooper rule) you had better have either Charlie and I on the phone or be able to type fast to get it entered in the website with a "good" time stamp on it!

After the deadline has passed, no trades can be completed until after the REGULAR season has ended. And the last thing... if you are completing trades with draft picks, please make sure you actually own the picks you are trading. And if a trade puts you over the roster limit (22 players), please be sure to include the player you are dropping.

I think that is it; I will send a reminder out as we get closer to the deadline. If anyone has any questions, please reach out anytime..

Happy hunting!

2019-02-02Trevor Silver(11)Ducks
So this has to be the night Randy Carlyle gets fired right?

2019-01-28Tim Hartnett(7)Ron's rhymes banned in 27 countries
I have taken it upon myself to surpass the voting process for the betterment of the league on this topic. MC Ronnie (always) Sollows will be banned from rapping on this site or any other site for the sake of humanity.

2019-01-28Ron Sollows(1)break over time to get it going again with a rap
Mikko do you love me are you scorin’
Say you’ll never ever leave and go on IR
Cause I want ya and I need ya scorin’
And I’m down for a hat trick always

MB (matthew barzal) do you love me are you scorin’
Say you’ll never ever leave and go on IR
Cause I want ya and I need ya scorin’
And I’m down for a hat trick always

2019-01-15Trevor Silver(11)Schedule for week of Jan 21 to Feb 3
A little bit of early warning. Next week, which would be "week 17" only has games scheduled for Monday - Wednesday due to the all-star break. As a result, we are going to combine two weeks so that we have enough games to constitute a full week.

So, when submitting your rosters for week 17, the "week" will run Jan 21 to Feb 3. Adjust your rosters accordingly.

Oh, and next week is my birthday so it's only proper if you all just let me win the week.

2019-01-13Steve Cooper(2)I get no respect !!!
Well over the years you all used to give me a hard time for keeping all the old guys. I finally make a deal to significantly reduce the age of my team and not a word of encouragement or congratulations. Why do I try to appease my critics. Is Jagr still available :)

2019-01-03Ron Sollows(1)Do not fret over the World Junior loss
The top players in the NHL are still mostly Canadian Kucherov, Rantanen, Gaudreau, Malkin, Ovechkin, Karlsson, Eichel, Pastrnak, Tkachuk(s), Pettersson, Vasilevskiy, Rinne and Panarin to name a few. We are still in good shape.

2018-12-29Trevor Silver(11)Lineups on New Years Eve
Just a reminder, there are early games on Monday, December 31. Lineups will be due to Charlie by 1:30pm.

2018-12-23Trevor Silver(11)lineups for the week
Don't forget, there are no games scheduled until Thursday, so your lines are not due until Thursday 8pm.

For the following week, starting Monday, December 31, there are early games that day, so your lines will be due at 1:30pm. I'll send out a reminder as we get closer to that date.

Merry Christmas everyone

2018-12-19Ron Sollows(1)Mind boggling
Trevor mentioned Carolina in this weekly rant I agree and would fire their GM too. Complaining about the fact they can not score when they traded Skinner and Lindholm in the off season. Even when Skinner was there why was he on the 3rd line and 2nd PP unit when he was probably the best goal scorer on the team, would have been more suited on the top line with Aho . Also you trade for Hamilton who’s a proven point producer especially on the PP but Faulk gets the first unit PP and is doing nothing again this year.

2018-12-18Trevor Silver(11)Christmas Schedule
I'll send another reminder on the weekend, but please make note of the NHL schedule next week over the holidays.

There are no games scheduled on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (Dec 24th to 26th), they return to action on Thursday, December 27th. As such, rosters are not due until 8pm on Thursday, December 27.

Free Agent schedules will work the same (8:01pm kind of deal), but unlike most weeks, any Free Agent you pick up prior to that Thursday 8pm deadline can be inserted into your lineup. My Christmas gift to you!

Any questions, please send me a message.

Regards, Trevor

2018-12-08Ron Sollows(1)Fire sale
Players available:

LW Pacioretty
C O’Reilly, Karlsson, Hayes
RW Lindholm, Konecny
D Theodore, Suter, Ristolainen

If you’re out of it and see a potential better keeper make an offer or if you gunning for top 5 and need to upgrade a few spots make an offer. Will be looking for higher picks for these guys and it’s basically one of these players and a lower pick for a lesser player and a higher pick. If you offer a player I would keep I would do 2 or 3 of these guys for 1 upgraded player

Email offers to rdsollows@gmail.com or text

2018-12-03Steve Cooper(2)Well that didn't last long
That was short lived. Quite a tight race at the top. Only 13 points separate the top 6 teams. Smicer must be reeling. Two weeks of 20+ points on the first line and not a line win to show for it. Scoring has been absolutely nuts. The Colorado and Winnipeg top lines are scoring at a lights out rate. Lots of scoreboard watching. Even catching a game now and then. I find if I watch my guys, they normally do nothing. Turn of the TV and the numbers start to flow.

2018-11-27Steve Cooper(2)Wow, forgot what the view looked like from up here
Well it has been a long time coming. I looked back to when it was the last time I sat atop the standings and it looks like it was back BEFORE the lockout season in 2003/04. Many seasons I had the top PP players on their teams but for what ever reason, these players had bad years or other players were having career years that were not on my roster. I think this year I made a couple of trades which have given me some depth (Skinner, Chabot, Horvat) and my 1st round pick (Couturier) has finally picked up where he left off last year. Some crazy scoring going on lately (Laine 11 points). That is just not normal. Smicer had 20 points on the 1st line last week and ended up 3rd on the line. No justice there. I will ride the wave and hope my guys keep it up and end the 15 year drought.

2018-11-14Ron Sollows(1)signs of life
Pietrangelo 7 points in his last 9 games.

Pacioretty should start getting hot soon, of course 1 point in his 3 games this week would be hot for him.

2018-11-14Trevor Silver(11)LA Kings
I think I am no more than two more knee injuries away from being the LA Kings starting goalie.

2018-10-21Charlie Flemming(4)Leafs.....
Maybe it's time to sign Nylander .... ASAP !!!

2018-10-20Tim Hartnett(7)Anyone out there?
Where did all the Leafs fans go? Haven't heard much the last few games lol Cancel the cup parade. Habs bandwagon is accepting all applicants.

2018-10-11Steve Cooper(2)Blockbuster deal
Well if doesn't peak your interest. Ovy for Giroux should be a wash. Hoping Giroux stays healthy. Pietrangelo 2nd PP behind Dunn ... yeah I know .. who. Sedins gone heres hoping Horvat hangs on to top line with Boeser.

2018-10-11Ron Sollows(1)hard to keep up
I am happy when one of my players gets a point but now you need your players to have 4 or 5 point games just to keep up with the high flying players.

2018-10-05Trevor Silver(11)Early games monday
Games start at 2pm on Thanksgiving Monday, so rosters will be due at 2pm for week #2

2018-10-03Trevor Silver(11)Lineups
Just a reminder....rosters are due today by 8pm. Good luck!

2018-10-02Managers(0)Website fixes completed
Guys, there were some of the website functionality (Rants, Free Agents, Trades and Positions switches) that were not updated from last year. So if anyone was logged in and roaming around you may have noticed listing from last year. Anyway, all has been corrected and we even got Craig's email fixed (which was ok before we updated it with a wrong email address). If you notice something not working, let me know. Coop

2018-09-30Trevor Silver(11)Reminder
Free agents can be picked up at 8:01 PM Monday night. If you do choose to pick someone up prior to Wednesday’s first games, they are eligible to be put in your first weeks roster. Speaking of which, your rosters for the week are due on Wednesday evening by 8pm. Please send those to Charlie. And as usual, one Free Agent per week and once selected you cannot change your mind. So if you choose one this week, you will not be eligible to select another free agent until Monday October 8th at 8:01 pm.....

2018-09-13Tim Hartnett(7)Studs
Young stud and former Moosehead Nikolaj Ehlers could be yours for the bargain basement price of a pick. Superstar Mark Stone could also be had for a pick. Who knows maybe a 2 for 1 deal could be done. Contact me for a great deal . 9022926623 or timhartnett13@gmail.com .

2018-09-13Trevor Silver(11)Keeper Lists
Reminder, keeper lists are due this Sunday 8pm. Don't forget to indicate the position of the player as well. Thanks!

2018-09-10Ron Sollows(1)Pacioretty
Could have his best season ever surrounded by more talent than before and in VEGAS of all places.

Looks like a rebuild for the Habs so may be tough to wear any Habs logos this season.

2018-08-30Steve Cooper(2)Skinner ... Eichel ... could be magic?
Well Skinner didn't land in Pittsburg like I had hoped but landing in Buffalo pretty well guarantees he will be playing with Eichel. What to do, What to do. If Keller lines up on the RW I may be able to keep him.

2018-08-29Trevor Silver(11)Dates
Hello everyone. I am a bit early with this, but I am heading to California next week so didn't want to wait until I was back before sending this out.

The season is fast approaching so wanted to give you all the pertinent dates so you can be prepared:

1) The Draft date is Sunday September 30th, at 6pm. Different location this year, John has agreed to host. His address is 455 McCabe Lake Drive Middle Sackville (Just off that new exit off the 101 in Sackville)

2) If you have any agenda items you want brought up at the draft please let me know

3) PROTECTED LISTS are due Sunday September 16th by 8pm. The maximum amount of protected players is 6, but you can protect less if you want - you will get extra draft pick at the end of a round to "catch" you up.

4) Please remember to include the position of the player you are protecting. As per our rules you MAY have an option on where a player slots on your roster. Craig, this will be new to you, so let me explain using an example. As you know, we use the Hockey News site (TEAM DEPTH CHART page) to determine our forward positions. Right now, if you go to Carolina's page, Sebastian Aho is listed as a Center. In our pool, Aho is currently on Ron's roster as a Left Wing. Ron will have the option when protecting him to either list him as a Center or Left Wing (assuming of course he is still listed at C on the website in a few weeks when Ron submits his list)

5) Any players NOT PROTECTED will go back into the draft, and their position becomes locked into whatever the Hockey News has them listed at

6) Sometime during the week of the Sept 17th I will send out the list of Frozen positions. This will lock the player into whatever position the Hockey News has them at for our draft. This is only done so that you can have a couple weeks to make your lists, by position, without having to worry that some guy you really want switches to a new position at 5pm on the Sunday of draft day. After the draft is complete, the "frozen list" is no more, and a position is determined by the Hockey News.... clear as mud?

7) Fees - Please be sure to bring your $60 annual entry fee with you.

We'll see you in September, any questions, let me know, and good luck to everyone.


2018-08-11Ron Sollows(1)The Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide
Is now in store bitches.....

2018-06-24Steve Cooper(2)Skinner to take it to the next level
Rumour has it that Pittsburg are in on the running for the services of Jeff Skinner. Could be that LW that Crosby had been looking for. Looks like that throw in player on the trade may turn out to be worth much more ... wishful thinking but one can always dream.

2018-06-22Trevor Silver(11)Draft Date
Hello everyone. NHL schedule was just released, the new season will start on Wednesday, October 3rd. Therefore, our draft will be held on Sunday, September 30th. I'll be sennding out a calander appointment in the near future, for now, please mark this somewhere so you don't forget.

2018-06-19Trevor Silver(11)Hoffman to the Panthers
Now this looks like a Ron trade. Hoffman gets traded to another team two hours after being acquired by one team :)

2018-06-19Ron Sollows(1)Hoffman to the Sharks
good move by the Sharks to add some more scoring. Looks like a Trevor trade in this pool Sharks got the best player and a higher pick

Shortly after the trade Joe Thorntons wife got a comment on her instagram that she was a skank and better watch out. I think this is going to work out fine for the Sharks.

2018-06-13Ron Sollows(1)now I know why the Sens are shopping Hoffman
Crazy story Eric Karlssons wife claims Mike Hoffmans girlfriend has been harassing them online since November, saying things like I wish you were dead like your baby and be nice to see someone take out Eric’s legs and end his career.

Even though they are all just regular people it is still weird to think that went on all season. Sure I do it all season to Cooper in this pool but he deserves it.

2018-05-29Trevor Silver(11)Player Dropped
Hello everyone, Please note that Tim has dropped D-Colin Miller from his roster to get back under the player limit.

2018-05-06Trevor Silver(11)1st Round
I’ve decided that the Injured Reserves, with their 12th overall pick in the 2018 draft will be proud to select, from the Pittsburgh Penguins, Left Winger Jake Guentzel. But it will be Playoff Jake Guentzel, not Regular Season Jake Guentzel. That guy sucks

2018-04-02Ron Sollows(1)The Sedins are retiring
The Sedins are retiring I had Henrik when he led the league in scoring around 110 points I believe. I also recall trading him to Trevor a few years later for washed up Brad Richards (NYR), Trevor also asked for and got a 1st round pick, Seguin, Eric Karlsson and Tavares in the deal or something like that.

2018-03-07Ron Sollows(1)weekly rant
“Go Pens” this forum is not for promoting your own teams and players. That is totally inappropriate, it is lewd, lascivious, salacious and outrageous!

2018-02-22Ron Sollows(1)Hate to part with Pacioretty
I recall in November when he got me a point.

2018-02-16Trevor Silver(11)Early games
Hey everyone. Please note, there are early games on Monday. Rosters will be due 2pm Nova Scotia time.

2018-02-14Steve Cooper(2)Welcome to our new General Manager
As you have all heard, Marty will be handing his team over at the end of the year to our newest GM, Craig Velemerovich. Welcome aboard Craig. I have modified the website to notify Craig when any Trades, Free Agents, Positions switches and Rants are made. Craig, let me know if you receive this notice. You can just do a reply all to let all the guys know you are now connected. Welcome aboard. Marty, don't go trading all his keepers!!

2018-02-13Trevor Silver(11)Trade Deadline
I'll send this out again as we get closer, but please keep this in mind. Trade deadline is fast approaching – February 26th this year. Just so there is no confusion, the NHL deadline usually is around 3pm (or something like that). In our pool we allow trades up to 8pm just so that everyone has ample time to process what happened in the NHL. But we are STRICT with that timeline. No deals are accepted at 8:01pm. So, if you are working right up to that 8pm deadline you had better get Charlie or I on the phone in case you make a deal right at 8pm. That way you can call us with the details instead of quickly typing on the website and possibly making a mistake or taking too long to type.

2018-02-01Ron Sollows(1)draft picks buying selling etc
I think the problem is not the format but is the fact it is the same people using this strategy season after season even without it those are the same ones that always play full out start to finish. Anyone can do it one way or the other but some do not bother others are not willing to or will not do it that early and the problem this year is a few guys sold early, their choice, but we are probably looking at a trade deadline where not many big moves will be made because they were made months before.

This year it looked like Trevor was going to run away with it leading Tim to sell early, Tim is still right there are as far as the top 5 so perhaps if he waiting and seen Trevor slowing down of late he would have had second thoughts and made a run. Everyone is different Tim decided do I want to battle for top 5 and maybe not even finish in the money or put myself in a better position with a lots of high drafts picks next season. I was in a similar position last year and started selling off players for picks but it was probably a mistake, traded Josi, Faulk, Skinner and others for higher picks had I kept them I could have made a decent run at top spot and where I finished 3rd I most certainly would have finished 2nd had I hung in there so lesson learned it is a long season and this year I am doing the opposite and battling until the end.

It is a fine line for those that play this way when do I sell or buy. Where Tim was selling really early this season I decided I had as good a shot as any team so I bought before others near the top did.

A thought that came to mind while writing this if we want to change it at all would be you can not deal picks during the season until a certain date, late December or January 1st, this would keep teams in it longer and they may have a change of heart when they realize they can take a run at top spot this would also make the trade deadline more of a frenzy as the sellers and buyers would be doing everything in January and February. The off season you could still deal picks as we do now.

2018-01-27Trevor Silver(11)Schedule
Hey everyone. Just so you know. There are no games schedule on Monday because of the all-star break. Rosters will be due Tuesday at 8pm

2018-01-14Charlie Flemming(4)Monday Jan.15 Early Games
Reminder .... There are some early games tomorrow Jan.15. Rosters are due by 2:00pm.

2018-01-08Trevor Silver(11)Line Combinations
Going to be some interesting line combinations this week!

2018-01-02Trevor Silver(11)Schedules
In case you haven't looked ahead yet, there are 13 teams that only have 1 game scheduled for next week. Brutal!

2017-12-30Trevor Silver(11)Rosters -early game
Just an FYI, Monday January 1st, rosters will be due at 2pm Nova Scotia time. There is only one game scheduled and it’s early.

2017-12-27Trevor Silver(11)rosters
Don't forget rosters due tonight by 8pm.

2017-12-13Charlie Flemming(4)Injuries.....
Trevor, I didn't hear anything about Pietrangelo's UBI in your weekly rant, although you mentioned other injuries. Heck, more icetime for Parayko I hope !

2017-12-13Ron Sollows(1)watch out for karma
Trevor mentioned it was good news Oshie and Schwartz are out. Karma is a bitch!!!!!

2017-12-08Ron Sollows(1)BURN!!!
Actually as strange as it sounds if I had Scheifele and his 9 points last week I would have ended up with less fantasy points, would have had Patch, Scheifele and Wheeler on line 1 so would have won it but would have had 7 less player points on the 2nd line.

As for the BURN yes I know Scheifele is the best player in the deal and will end up with the most points of the players involved and many would never make a trade if they were moving the better player in the exchange but I improved on LW took a hit at center although Barzal looks really good. Seen a piece on Barzal last night prior to the Islanders/ Pens game he looks really good, great puck handler and very fast was clocked around 39 KMs just a bit slower than the fastest in the league McDavid. Machessault did it last year when given a chance and is again this year. Points to date: Marchessault 4, Barzal 4, Scheifele 9, Baertschi 1 so yes if you just look at Scheifele it looks bad but I look at the entire deal.

I make lots of trades so I know some will be wins and some will be losses but regardless I just move forward once a deal is done and at this point on this deal I’m fine with it, Scheifele will continue to be good but I think Marchessault and Barzal will continue to produce as well. As for the Winnipeg Jets come this Monday they will be dead to me.

2017-11-27Charlie Flemming(4)Week-8 Standings...
Weem-8 Standings are out !! Let me know if you didn't get them ! Charlie

2017-11-20Charlie Flemming(4)Week-7 Standings
Hi....Week-7 Standings are out. If you didn't get an email, let me know! Charlie

2017-11-16Charlie Flemming(4)Roster File Week-7
The Roster File has been sent out. Hopefully everyone got it! If you didn't get the email, please let me know. Thanks.

2017-11-15Steve Cooper(2)I'm a lot younger
Well that will reduce my average age

2017-10-24Ron Sollows(1)re: Habs sucking hard
I predict a Montreal win tonight!!!!

2017-10-23Steve Cooper(2)Hab sucking hard
If is wasn't for Arizona, the Canadians would be the anchors in the NHL. Time to do what Toronto did and bring up the AHL team and see how they would do. I mean Toronto made the playoffs with that team last year!!

2017-10-16Steve Cooper(2)Really 'Cap'italized on my boys last week
Well all was well in the house of Coops Crew for the week. My Caps were just way too much for the rest of the NHL last week. Just maybe I might see myself on top of the Standings in a week or two. Been a looong time since I have seen that ! Even battled injuries with Josi and Getzlaf (except 1 game) missing the entire week. Could have seen a sweep. But I'll take it .

2017-10-11Ron Sollows(1)No worries with Pacioretty
he had a slow start last year and went on one of his hot streaks and ended right around his norm of 35 goals 65 points. Its the same issue every season for the Habs not enough depth and trouble scoring yet Pacioretty still does his thing, plus this year he’s playing with a young talented player on the rise, last year he played with no one and was still good. No worries on Pacioretty he’ll be fine and I’ll wait him out.

2017-10-11Ron Sollows(1)FAs in the first week
I agree it was interesting no frenzy as guys waited I had a group of players I was watching so wasn’t too worried if someone grabbed one before me because I had others I could take. I too like Trevor and others waited and wanted to see a game or two to see ice time, PP time and line combos and decided on Larkin who looks like he may be returning to his rookie form, I recall last year he ended up as a 3rd line winger with no PP time which was kind of mind boggling considering he is young had a good rookie season and the RedWings lack high end talent regardless that worked out for me because he wasnt drafted so I got to pick him up in week 1 and he is the 2nd line center seeing decent PP minutes and the early returns are good 3 points in 3 games. At this point I dont mind sticking him in there any given week and you have to love that when a FA pickup becomes a player you can actually use and get production out of.

2017-10-07Steve Cooper(2)Go Caps go!!
Three goals in 2 1/2 minutes. I feel an 8 spot coming on. Looks like the "Price" is right.

2017-10-07Trevor Silver(11)Player Positions
I'm pretty sure there is no confusion, but in case there is. The list I sent out a few weeks back, freezing player positions, was for the Draft only. You should now be using the Hockey News - Depth Charts as your source for determining a player's position.

2017-10-07Trevor Silver(11)Early Games - Oct 9th
Please note that on Monday, October 9th, there are early games scheduled. Your weekly rosters will be due at 2pm (N.S. Time). As per usual, Free Agents can be picked up at 8:01pm.

2017-10-04Trevor Silver(11)Lineups Due
Don't forget, first game is tonight, rosters are due by 8pm Eastern. Good luck!

2017-10-02Managers(0)2017 Draft picks
Hey guys, I have updated the draft picks (our yearly spreadsheet) to include the 2017 draft from last night. On the website, look to right side and click on the Draft Picks link.

2017-09-26Ron Sollows(1)Hischier
He is looking good, he may be a 1st round pick in our pool as well.

2017-09-25Trevor Silver(11)Draft - Reminder
Hey everyone. Just a reminder, our draft is scheduled for Sunday October 1st, 6:30 pm. I sent out the protected lists, player positions, as the draft order last week, if you did not receive that, please let me know I will re-send to you directly.

I know that Ted will not be there, he is travelling, but am expecting everyone else so if you won't be there please let me know and what arrangements you have made for your team drafting.

I believe we will be at Cooper's Condo again, Steve if that is correct can you send the address for everyone?

2017-09-21Ron Sollows(1)Has the season started yet???
Guentzel 5 points last night!!!

2017-09-14Trevor Silver(11)Protected Lists
Please remember, protected rosters are due this Sunday, 8pm Nova Scotia time. When submitting to me, please indicate the position as well as the player name.

Once I have all the names I will send out the complete rosters. And I will also send out the "frozen" NHL rosters as well next week. Once you have those we are locked in for what player positions will be at the draft. This allows you to make your lists without worrying about a player switching positions the day of our draft.

Any questions, please give me a shout

2017-09-10Managers(0)Not sure what going on with the website
Just received 4 emails from the website. One from each form on our website. Some one may be trying to hack into the site.

2017-07-20Trevor Silver(11)Injury Prone
Very rarely do I get concerned enough with being "Injury Prone", to the point where I won't draft or trade for someone, but Nolan Patrick is seriously testing me on that!

Now he has an infection in his face? What the hell does that even mean? This guy might actually be held together with duct tape and prayers

2017-06-29Trevor Silver(11)Upcoming Draft
You may have noticed a calendar invite from me for October 1. The new NHL season starts on Wednesday the 4th, so as per tradition our draft will take place on Sunday the 1st. Please put this into your calendar/notebook, tie a ribbon on your finger, whatever you need to do in order to remember.

Both John and I are planning to fly down for the weekend so you'll finally be able to meet JZ and you'll be able to witness in person the draft that propels me to my second title in a row!

2017-06-01Ron Sollows(1)another game winner
For Guentzel the playoff goal leader and nearly a PPG pace. I think we can start the bidding at a 3rd round pick for Guentzel and a 6th

2017-05-06Charlie Flemming(4)Fantasy Concussions
From now on when I want to bang my head against a wall, I will put on a helmet! It will go a long way to prolong my fantasy career !!

2017-05-06Trevor Silver(11)Concussions
Concussions are a huge problem in contact sports. Hockey, football, all continue to see great players missing time with concussions. You have to have concern for the players well being after their time in sports come to an end. But an under reported issue is the dilemma with concussions in fantasy sports.

Come on, we've all seen the signs, we just don't want to talk about it. You wake up and check your email and there it is. An trade request received at 3 in the morning, when an un-concussed person should be sleeping. And then you look at the offer. Your three best players for two guys named "Stan". "But Stan had two points last night and your guy went scoreless to start the season 3 years ago" the email will read. We should have know there were concussion issues at that point, all the signs were there.... confusion, delusions, sleepless nights. And then yesterday.

Guentzel will be a superstar. There is no longer any doubt. Ron may have to retire from fantasy hockey. My best guess is that is the 37th concussion he's suffered. That would explain everything we have experienced over the past 10 years.

2017-05-05Ron Sollows(1)Players available
Leddy (He is steady)
Krug (breakout season)
Guentzel (what a chance at the Pens newest superstar)
Backlund (that is the good Backlund on the Flames)
Yandle (can any team handle Yandle as a keeper)
Joe Thornton (can JOE be BIG one more time next season)

The great thing is I would be looking for upgraded picks as well but the picks I would offer in return with these players are all in the top 6 rounds!!!!!

2017-05-04Ron Sollows(1)Crosby
Time to retire, nothing left to prove and it is not if he will get another concussion it is when. That is 4 and counting and each new one damages the brain some more and adds to the chance you will have issues when you get older, cant come back 20 years from now and blame the NHL for your problems, that is 4 and although tough he has to pack it in.

As for the hit not a dirty play at all, Crosby slid into him and Niskanen put his stick up to protect himself he didnt go head hunting for Crosby, unfortunate but not a planned attack, yes a cross check and probably a 2 minute penalty, I have seen Crosby do worse with intent and not get a penalty, Karmas a bitch.

Like the guy and hate to see any player go out that way especially a top one but it happens.

2017-05-03Trevor Silver(11)Players Available
I have some players available if anyone interested.

LW- Palat, Landeskog, Larkin

C- Kuznetsov, Staal, Reinhart

RW- Arvidsson, Toffoli, Spezza

D- Josi, Klingberg, Doughty

2017-04-18Charlie Flemming(4)PLayoffs....
4 O/T games last nitht in the NHL ! 4Proline Ties would have paid huge!

2017-04-18Trevor Silver(11)Playoffs
If the leafs actually win, I may have to move. Am guessing with the Preds up 3-0, and the leafs up 2-1, there are a lot of playoff pools about to blow up.

2017-04-11Steve Cooper(2)Players available
Here are the players I have available for draft picks Lw Steen C Zetterburg C Koivu Rw Zuccarello Rw Perry Rw Nyquist Re Oshie (maybe) D Carlson D Faulk D Fowler Looking for draft pick upgrades

2017-04-04Ron Sollows(1)Nico Hischier sweepstakes
Looks like Marty is trying to tank for last and the first overall pick.

Gaudreau, Burns, Carter and Simmonds on the bench, injured players Vatanen and Mantha in, there is no doubt the tank is on. Too late now but you could have picked up Lupul for your 1st line.

2017-04-03Ron Sollows(1)too little too late
Tavares and Karlsson injured, Kuznetsov slowing down once again, Seguin and Benn all Dallas has for forwards now so their numbers not where you would have expected.

If only there were 4 weeks left in the season who knows what would have happened.

2017-03-31Trevor Silver(11)Standings
So i keep track of the points on a daily basis (don't judge), and what is funny this week - Coop is winning 1st and 3rd lines, but is actually further behind 5th place than before the week started!

2017-03-29Trevor Silver(11)Or.....
As a counter to Ron, trade the draft pick and that way you ensure you get the player. Just sayin'

2017-03-29Ron Sollows(1)Remember folks
No need to trade high draft picks in the off season for players people are not keeping because they will be going back in the draft anyway, keep your higher pick and still have a shot at that player.

2017-03-24Charlie Flemming(4)End of Season Madness
Just jammin ya. We all need a vacation. Playoffs are right around the corner though !!

2017-03-23Charlie Flemming(4)Cry Me A River....
Trevor in 1st Place and Ron in 3rdPlace and surging. Give me a break guys, and stop your Belly-Aching !!

2017-03-22Steve Cooper(2)Soaking up the sun
Guys, I am in the Dominican Republic as we speak. I will get the account balances by the middle of next week and let you know what you owe. Go CAPS Go!!!

2017-03-21Trevor Silver(11)End of Season
Here's something I don't say very often, I agree with Ron. Season can end anyday now. I've barely watched any hockey over the past three weeks, I could stand a nice 72 game season I think. Looking forward to when the playoffs start and I can root for my team (Thank god the Oilers will finally make the playoffs) instead of my players!

2017-03-20Ron Sollows(1)Time for a break from hockey
Saturday night I check the Ducks/Sharks score at midnight or so and it was 1-1, I woke up around 2:30am and checked again thinking the last time I checked it was 6-5 Sharks and my Sharks had 5 points so I was just checking to see if the Sharks got the empty net goal, the final was actually 2-1 Ducks. I must have had a dream that the Sharks were up 6-5 late, I think I need a vacation

2017-03-09Tim Hartnett(7)Letang
Might as well sit Letang til the playoffs. Keep him fresh . What do you think Coop?

2017-03-01Steve Cooper(2)Wow what a dead trade deadline.
This is the first time ever we didn't have one trade on deadline day. I know a lot happened last week but cmon. Brad almost had one with Norm but ... Norm tried to trade a player he didn't own and a draft pick he didn't own. Nice try Norm.

2017-03-01Steve Cooper(2)Look in the rear view mirror boys
Skinner back this weekend, Oshie back next game, Niskanen is now back. Letang taking practice. Next week the guns will be loaded. I'm coming to get a top 5 position!!

2017-03-01Trevor Silver(11)Deadline
One hour to go before the deadline. This is your last warning, so if you are working on something, please be mindful of the time. If you are up against the clock don't forget you can email or phone Charlie and I with the particulars, if you dont have time to login and post to the site

2017-03-01Brad Simms(3)Disappointing
My my......it's trade deadline day and I had three solid offers out and none of which responded. I don't get it? For those of us that enjoy this day and our league I would have thought you stay by your phone.....check your email.....reply to trade offers.....send out offers.....with hopes to better position yourself for a run or upgrade your team. I realize people have to work but we had days leading up...... Just venting a little here but that's what this rant page is for.....lol.

2017-03-01Ron Sollows(1)our trade deadline day
Way more exciting than the NHLs, hello, hello is anybody out there?

2017-03-01Trevor Silver(11)Trade Deadline
Deadline day is here. I still have my 1st and 2nd picks, who wants em'!!!! :)

2017-02-28Charlie Flemming(4)Trade Deadline Fire Sale
Trying to sell some players I am not protecting. C-Zajac (NJ) 8 pts in last 5 games C-Spooner (Bos) 11 pts in last 12 games RW-Bailey (NYI) 4 pts in last 2 games LW-Vanek (Det) might be traded at trade deadline D-Barrie (Col) plays gets lots of icetime. All good 2nd, 3rd liners. Looking for draft pick upgrades, not necessarily top 6 rounds. Mobile # is 902-430-8430

2017-02-28Trevor Silver(11)Trade Deadline
Hey guys, just a reminder that our trade deadline is Wednesday March 1st (Tomorrow night) at 8pm Nova Scotia time. If you are working on a deal right up to the last minute be mindful that you might not have time to enter it into the website prior to 8pm. If that is the case, be sure to either send an email confirmation of the trade to Charlie & Trevor or give one of us a call with the details. You can enter into the site after notifying us and you'll still be ok if the site is a minute or two past the deadline. This will ensure your deal is official before the deadline passes. Good luck, and here's hoping none of your players have the mumps! Cheers!

2017-02-27Ron Sollows(1)Manager Of The Year
A huge week my best this season I believe yet Marleau, Thornton, Pavelski, Scheifele, Wheeler and Suter on my bench, they will all be back in this week and I’ll probably get 6 fantasy points for the week, go figure. I think Trevor mentioned it before about how picking up FAs is huge, when I looked ahead and a lot of my top guys were out this week I picked up Frolik, Geuntzel, and Danault just for this week, 2 of the 3 were factors. I probably will not win the pool this year but I am pushing for Manager Of the Year based on upgrading all my draft picks, still in there battling for a money spot and preparing for and winning last week knowing all my top guys only had 1 game. Trevor may win the pool and that is enough for him, do not give him Manager Of The Year as well.

2017-02-26Charlie Flemming(4)Sell Mode
FYI I am officially in sell mode for anyone that is interested in beefing before the trade deadline!

2017-02-24Trevor Silver(11)Injuries
But to be fair to Ron, it was only a matter of "when" and not "if" Letang got injured. That boy is made of glass.

2017-02-23Steve Cooper(2)Injuries
Geez Ron, thanks for the bad luck. Niskanen, Letang out the same night. At least I don't have to figure out which Washington dman to put in now!!!

2017-02-21Trevor Silver(11)Injuries
Blasphemy! I think I paid my injury dues about 5 years ago. Now the hockey gods are skipping me. Besides, Reinhart had the flu last week and missed two games. What more do you want?

2017-02-21Ron Sollows(1)injuries
Time for some other team(s) to feel the pain of injuries, Hoffman, Stone and Marner out how about Seguin, Kurcherov and Tavares

2017-02-17Trevor Silver(11)Weird schedules
There are almost as many games being played this Saturday and Sunday as there will be for the entire rest of the week. And next week has 5 teams with only one game. Very weird scheduling this year

2017-02-08Trevor Silver(11)Retirement
Damn.... Martin Havlat just retired. He was my dark horse for the stretch run!

2017-01-25Ron Sollows(1)Lines
I just go with my gut and who is hot but for the most part my best players go on line 1 and so on. There was a time a while back when I would avoid the top line that was when Brad had Ovie and Crosby and they were the two best in the league, not the case anymore and no top line is that good now that I would try to avoid them.

2017-01-25Steve Cooper(2)Stacking the 2nd line!!!
It may have appeared that I tried to stack the 2nd line with my Washington players but in fact, they had 3 games last week and all of my 1st line players had 4 games and all have been producing pretty good so far this year. So I thought if they could have a half decent week and grab some points on the first line, my Washington guys should be able to haul in a good amount on the 2nd line. Little did I know that Tim was going to put his Pittsburg guys (who did have 4 games) on the second line. I will be putting my top guys on the first line when the number of games are even.

2017-01-22Craig Velemerovich(5)Players Available
Besides Gaudreau Burns and Carter, Everyone is available . Looking for draft picks and/or players. Willing to take injured players who I would consider keepers for next year too. Text or email me with offers. Thanks

2017-01-16Trevor Silver(11)Early games reminder
Don't forget, rosters due early today. 2pm NS time

2017-01-10Trevor Silver(11)Early Games - Monday January 16th
Please note there are early games on Monday the 16th, so rosters will be due early. 2pm Nova Scotia time (1pm for John and I).

2017-01-01Steve Cooper(2)Early games tomorrow (Jan 2)
Happy new years guys. Just to let you know that there are early games tomorrow (Monday, Jan 2nd). So your rosters will have to be in by 2:00 pm

2016-12-27Managers(0)Reminder rosters due by 8:00
Rosters due tonight

2016-12-23Trevor Silver(11)Roster Deadline for next week
Just a quick scheduling note with the Holidays coming up. No short weeks to consider, but the NHL will be shut down from Saturday the 24th to Monday the 26th. Therefore rosters won’t be due until Tuesday the 27th at 8pm Nova Scotia time.

2016-12-22Steve Cooper(2)Managers page progressing
Another thing I have been working on is a Managers page (when you login). Right now it shows the standings (highlights where you are in the standings). And now it lists all of the transactions that you have made this year with a sub total of your costs as well. Some time down the road I hope to have everyones roster players by position listed for your. That way if you want a summary of your team, you simply go to that web page and you can print it out.

2016-12-22Steve Cooper(2)New Position Switch functionality
I have created a new piece of functionality to our website. We were having to add position switch type transactions under the Free Agent functionality. I have created a new separate Position Switch functionality to allow us to keep track of them separately. So now on the website there is a new line - Pos. Switches. As well now when you login to the website, there is a new option for Position Switches. So no longer use the Free Agent link to add Position switches. (I have also removed all those Pos. Switch transactions from the Free Agent lists.

2016-12-12Trevor Silver(11)Oops, I did it again
Funny enough, coop and I were recently talking about how his trading getzlaf and perry last season might have caused me the win last year. Remains to be seen if these two being traded again will cost me twice. But safe to say I officially hate Ryan getzlaf and Corey perry

2016-12-12Ron Sollows(1)Players available (formatted better)
Players available, I would be looking to move my 11th and 12th round draft picks into the top 6 and my 7th up as well. There could be potential keepers there for some and some upgrades for teams battling for position. The players will be moved and if not they will be destroyed so no one gets them ever again!!!!!

C Carter, Rask, OReilly
RW Wheeler, Oshie
LW Skinner, Steen (can be moved to center), Lucic
D Josi, Gostisbehere, Giordano, Faulk

2016-12-12Ron Sollows(1)Players available
Players available, I would be looking to move my 11th and 12th round draft picks into the top 6 and my 7th up as well. There could be potential keepers there for some and some upgrades for teams battling for position. The players will be moved and if not they will be destroyed so no one gets them ever again!!!!!

C Carter, Rask, OReilly
RW Wheeler, Oshie
LW Skinner, Steen (can be moved to center), Lucic
D Josi, Gostisbehere, Giordano, Faulk

2016-12-12Ron Sollows(1)well it was a good season
But with the deal Tim just made I think 1st place has been decided. Congrats

2016-12-09Steve Cooper(2)Nylander and Strome top rookies!!??
Reading through the rants and came across yours. Boy did you miss the bus on that one. Strome is in the minors and Nylander on the 3rd/4th line and now gone from your roster.

2016-12-09Steve Cooper(2)Wrong week number for trades and free agents
As some of you have probably noticed that occasionally when you entered a free agent or a trade that it ends up on the wrong week. Right now I need to manually update the week number on both of these web pages. I plan to create a table which contains the proper week number based on the current date which will automatically load the proper date. For now it will be done manually and I will try and keep on top of it.

2016-12-04Steve Cooper(2)A crack in Brad's armour
Well for years we all have tried to pry Ovechkin, Crosby and Malkin away from Brad with not success. In one week, two of them have been released. Is this a partial rebuild after all these years. Laine and Eichel will be superstars in the very near future so he will be in good shape. Will be interesting to see how these deals pan out. Game on!!!

2016-12-02Tim Hartnett(7)Washington lineup
Coop good call . Any goal they score you will get at least a point. Which is good because they'll never get shutout....wait..umm...

2016-12-02Steve Cooper(2)Washington top PP Unit
If you would have told me at the first of the year that I would have Ovechkin, Backstrom and Kuznetsov on my roster I would have told you to go smoke some pot but VOILA. Here they are. If their PP gets it going the points are going to roll in. If they don't ... rebuild again :(

2016-11-29Tim Hartnett(7)EICHELLLLLL
Jack Eichel with two points in the first nine minutes. At this rate he will have ...........a...lot of points. Get him while he's hot

2016-11-24Trevor Silver(11)Responding
I'm getting complaints again about people not responding to emails. Please, when you receive an email, try not to take 2 weeks to respond. Some acceptable responses to trade requests, feel free to use any. 1) "No thanks". 2) "No, but how about this....". 3) "Got your email a bit busy right now, will get back to you in a few days." 4) "Have you fallen down and hit your head?". 5) "You obviously are a moron if you think I would ever, in a million years accept this deal". 6) "Ron, this is the fifth time in the last two weeks you have offered me your 6th best left winger for my best player... not gonna happen. I don't care how many points he had last night. One more time, i'll file a restraining order".

2016-11-23Ron Sollows(1)DeAngelo
This years Gostisbehere and Klingberg. 89 points in 55 games his last year in the OHL, as a D man!!!

2016-11-17Steve Cooper(2)Backstrom 5 points !!
Now that is what I mean by elder statesmen picking up the pace. Now I just need Getzlaf and Perry to put up three a piece tonight.

2016-11-16Trevor Silver(11)MRI
MRI's for Hall and Stamkos today. Let's see if two fantasy teams are destroyed by wonky knees.

2016-11-10Steve Cooper(2)Norm having a tough week
Just looking at the totals so far this week and until Hedman's point tonight Norm had zero points on all three lines. Going to have to have a monster weekend Norman!!!

2016-11-07Steve Cooper(2)Website problems fixed
Guys, I had some one hack my website for entering the CMS portion which allow you to enter free agents. It has been fixed but you will have to clear your website browsers cache memory to get rid of the corrupted code.

2016-11-01Trevor Silver(11)Blockbuster
Interesting video on a leafs-Oilers trade from 1991, and how it carried forward for almost 20 years. Unless, as a leafs fan you would be upset that you could have had Luongo. Should do this for one of our trades this year and see how it looks. The Eichel, backstrom deal maybe. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/branches-oilers-leafs-blockbuster-1991/

2016-10-27Trevor Silver(11)Rosters next week
Hey guys. Just looked at the schedule next week, and there are no games on Monday - Halloween. Therefore, rosters will not be due until Tuesday night at 8pm. And because you can pick up a free agent at 8:01 on Monday night, you will be eligible to put him in your roster for next week. Merry Christmas.

2016-10-26Steve Cooper(2)Trevor, you can read the future
I am always amazed how people can see the future. But sometimes it isn't soon enough. That Spezza prediction on the home page is scary. You said it and ... bam it happened. Good thing I got Kadri cause it looks like Getzlaf is out now. Watching too many big name injuries.

2016-10-26Trevor Silver(11)Good News
Good News for Leaf fans. At least you did not blow a third period lead again last night. Progress!

2016-10-20Steve Cooper(2)My boys are waking up!!
First week we laid a big goose egg. This week Panarin pops in 3 points. Then last night watching the Leafs/Jets with Toronto up 4-1 it was time to go to bed. Woke up this morning and hear Jets win 5-4 in OT. Hoping Laine scraped up a point or two. Read the summaries... hat trick. Laine 1, Matthews 0 in head to head. Good start to the day!!

2016-10-19Steve Cooper(2)Panarin
Ron, just think how bad I would have felt this morning if I would have traded Panarin to you yesterday!!

2016-10-17Trevor Silver(11)Free Agents
Remember, Free Agent period opens up tonight at 8:01 pm. When you login, there is a clock near the top that gives you the time. Do not post early, if you do your pick is invalid, you'll have to enter it in again. Only allowed one pick per week, so make it count, and please confirm the position before you post - if you guess at the position and it is incorrect you will have to take him at the position listed in the Hockey News site. And finally, once you are done posting your pick, please go onto the site and make sure no one beat you to the punch by a second or two. If that did happen you do not own the player, someone else does (tie goes to the person closer to the bottom of the standings), go in and select someone else, we will take care of deleting your original pick.

2016-10-17John Zettler(10)Might not get another chance...
To mention that I'm in 1st place so I'm going to take advantage of the opportunity. And wanted to test this out because Coop sent me the login details.

2016-10-14Steve Cooper(2)Heeerrss Johnny
Well after just a couple of days the new guy Johnny Z is making a great first impression. If not for Ron's third line John would be leading all three lines. I know it is early but he's got to have a good feeling about his team. And MacKinnon isn't even in his lineup!!

2016-10-13Trevor Silver(11)Day 1
After day one, Auston Matthews is on pace for 328 goals, and John is in first place in the pool. I'm living in bizarro world!

2016-10-10Steve Cooper(2)Parenteau given the boot!!
Well, took a flyer with my last draft pick on picking up Parenteau. All preseason he played on the 1st line with Tavares. Logical thought that he was staying. Nooo they had to wait until the last friggen day of camp to say ahhh nahh we don't want ya anymore. I am sure it has pissed of a few draft people. Maybe he will get picked up by ... oh never mind, wishful thinking. Damn!!

2016-10-09Trevor Silver(11)Huberdeau
Smicer, tough luck with huberdeau. 3-4 months is not a nice way to start the season.

2016-10-04Charlie Flemming(4)Changing Picking Free Agents
By not picking a FA before the season starts ensures that each Team has at least 3 full lines after Draft Day to start the season. Changing it from 8:00pm to 7:00pm basically allows you to add a FA in Week-1 and insert him in Week-2.

2016-10-04Ron Sollows(1)Provorov
What are you guys talking about, Nylander and Strome are going to be 1,2 in the rookie race!!!!

2016-10-03Charlie Flemming(4)Provorov
Not getting my hopes too high, but Broad Street Hockey is certainly making a good case for him to stay.

2016-10-03Trevor Silver(11)Provorov
Looks like he is set to make the flyers. You might have the steal of the draft Charlie

2016-10-02Trevor Silver(11)Draft day
Should we even bother? I am obviously going to win i would hate to waste everyones time

2016-10-02Ron Sollows(1)this is it
Happy Draft Day!!!

2016-09-29Steve Cooper(2)Reminder of Draft
Hi guys, reminder of our Meeting - Draft - Sunday, Oct. 2. 6:00 pm (At Steve Cooper's condo). Address is 64 Cumberland Drive, unit 105. We have a common room with tables that we can use. If you have any items you would like to bring up at the meeting, send them to Trevor or myself (Coop)

2016-09-21Trevor Silver(11)MacKinnon
Hey, John, can I have MacKinnon back?

2016-09-17Trevor Silver(11)Rosters
This is your 24 (and a half) hour reminder. Protected lists due tomorrow (Sunday)

2016-09-15Ron Sollows(1)Sorry in advance
Nice new feature with the emails for transactions and posts and I'm sorry in advance for the 36 trade emails notifications you will get from me during the season. ok I just wanted to try it

2016-09-12Managers(0)Website notifications are now up and running
Hi guys, I have completed the auto notification upgrades to the website. Now when you submit a free agent or add a trade or post a Rant, you will be notified by email to keep you in the loop quicker. Use our Rant section to tell us what you think of the World Cup pre tournament games.

2016-09-11Steve Cooper(2)World Cup - Canada/USA
Well you tell me the game on the 20th won't draw a few viewers. Both exhibition games were nasty as hell.

2016-09-11Ron Sollows(1)World Cup
Yes and great to see your fantasy players doing well although fingers crossed none get hurt.

2016-09-09Trevor Silver(11)World Cup
Really enjoyed watching the young guns team last night. I wish all hockey was played that way.

2016-09-06Charlie Flemming(4)1st 3 Draft Picks
I certainly hope so Ron, but I doubt it .

2016-08-22Ron Sollows(1)top 3 draft picks decided in our pool
looks like they will be Matthews, Laine and Vesey

2016-08-08Ron Sollows(1)it is so
Trevor that may be best I took a look at your team and based on who I think you will be keeping it does not look good. I see your keepers as:

C Brassard
LW Kreider
C Plekanec
D Jones
C Zetterberg
RW Marner

2016-08-05Trevor Silver(11)It is so
Well I guess there is no point in me playing this year. Anyone want my team?

2016-08-05Ron Sollows(1)it is so
I just made my yearly hockey magazine purchase The Hockey Pool Guild Book. Point projections Seguin (73) Kuznetsov (80) Forsberg (65) and D. Sedin (58) I think those are pretty bang on.

2016-07-26Trevor Silver(11)Trade
Yes we did, but will probably be the only one we do this year. We always think the other is trying to screw us. Plus we usually have the same opinions on players making it hard to come to terms

2016-07-25Ron Sollows(1)OMG
Trevor and I made a trade with each other!!!!!!

2016-07-19Trevor Silver(11)MacKinnon
I would give you MacKinnon but you have been telling me for years how terrible he is, I would feel bad unloading that heaping pile of trash on you. I think it only fair I keep him and suffer in silence

2016-07-19Ron Sollows(1)deal
Trevor based on most of your dealings I am sure you could talk most into that deal but I think I am going to pass for now.

For a 2nd round pick I would do it for MacKinnon, you dont lose much a 50 point player easily replaced.

2016-07-18Trevor Silver(11)trade
Hey Ron, Ottawa and Rangers just swung a deal. I say we do the exact same deal in our pool. Brassard and a 7th for Zibanjad and a 2nd. Lets do it!

2016-07-05Trevor Silver(11)Strombo
I know I am in the minority, but I never really had a problem with Strombo. I guess because the host does not really do too much anyway. I did not like MacLean on the Hometown hockey thing though, I thought that was a waste of his talents. My big problem is that Don Cherry is still around, and the quality of announcers and analysts. Again, I might be in the minority, but listening to Nick Kypreos, Bob Cole, Mike Johnson, and Paul Romanuk is just painful. I would take Strombo over any of those guys any day of the week

2016-07-02Ron Sollows(1)recap
Subban will get his points he always does but will his D be better will his teammates like him will he put the team first. I dont think Subban is much of an upgrade you gain some on O and lose on D I think they will want him gone after 2 seasons

I agree thank god Ron MacLean is back but I do hope he wears skinny jeans

Taylor Hall for an ok stay at home D man they could have got more. Halls value is low Brad how about straight up for Landeskog

No Stamkos for the Leafs no problem stay the course they have a bunch of young talent will be a good team in a few years.

Eriksson to the Canucks a winger for the Sedins i may have to keep Daniel one more season. On a sidenote the Sedins are available

Too many players changed teams to mention them all but the most improved team I believe are Montreal Florida Buffalo. Some say Edmonton but Hall is better than Lucic and the D man ok but one stay at home top 4 D man not enough I think they simply improve due to talent a full year of McDavid and the other young studs they have.

2016-06-30Trevor Silver(11)Wow
In vancouver on vacation, check my phone late in the day and BAM..... The whole hockey world blows up. Brad, you cannot be happy with Hall in Jersey. This makes Adam Larsson now draftable, but I think he will get drafted pretty high, maybe a few rounds too early. Subban will likely do a bit better in Nashville. Should be good for Forsberg and Johanssen i think. Nashville PP is better than Montreal so good opportunity for some more PP points I think. Poor leaf fans too. So close to stamkos yet so far. Now we will have to sit through 2 years of John Tavares to Toronto talk on TSN and sportsnet

2016-06-28Steve Cooper(2)Strombo
He wasn't that bad but Ron MacLean is THE textbook on not just NHL hockey but World, Junior even the minor leagues. The man just knows everything hockey. Good thing it only took them two years to figure it out. George is fine. They signed him to a 5 year contract so he gets paid for three years for doing nothing. Just like getting a government job... just kidding people.

2016-06-27Charlie Flemming(4)Its about Freakin Time
I was wondering how long George would last hosting HNIC. Thank the Lord he finally got the hook. They should fire the person who hired him in the 1st place and signed him to a 5 year contract.

2016-06-13Trevor Silver(11)MVP
But the flip side is, if Kessel was playing against every teams best defence pair, he would not have had the point totals he did. He was insulated quite a bit, playing on 3rd line. Crosbys line got Vlasic, Malkins line got Burns, Kessel got Polak. I cannot really skate, but I might have been able to put up some points against Polak.

2016-06-13Ron Sollows(1)MVP
removing deserving D men, goalies, and leading playoff scorers from none winning teams, I am talking a forward on the winning team in most cases that is the leading scorer. Put it this way if Crosby led the Pens in playoff scoring and a Pens forward other than him won MVP his supporters would be crying bloody murder but him getting it and not being the leader scorer on the team people are trying to justify it and 19 points 24 games from the best player in the world is average at best. If Malkin was next best with 19 points in 24 games Kessel or Murray would have won it I am 100% sure of that. Considered the best player in the game but was hardly head and shoulders above any other player, Crosby got it because he is Crosby.

2016-06-13Trevor Silver(11)MVP
I would have had no problem, had Joe Pavelski, Brent Burns, Martin Jones, Logan Couture, Joe Thornton, Phil Kessel, Matt Murray, Kris Letang etc etc won the Conn Smythe. Heck I could have even bought it if there were some votes for Nick Bonino. I also had no problem that Crosby won either. For many of the games, I did feel he was the best player on the ice whether he got any points or not. I really do not think he won because he is Crosby, from what I saw he played really well during the playoffs. Nobody really ran away with it in my humble opinion. As for how often the leading scorers does not win the Smythe. 2015 Chicago won, Kane led in scoring, Keith won Smythe. 2014 LA won, Kopitar led in scoring, Justin Williams won Smythe. 2013, Chicago won, David Krejci was the leading scorer, Kane won Smythe. 2012, LA Won, Kopitar leading scorer, Quick won the Smythe. 2011, Boston won, Krejci leading scorer, Tim Thomas won Smythe. 2010, Chicago won, Daniel Briere leading scorer, Jonathan Towes won Smythe. 2009 was the last time the leading scorer won the Smythe and that was Malkin.

2016-06-13Ron Sollows(1)undeserving MVP
I know Crosby is local and one of the best players in the league but he just won the Conn because he is Crosby not because he was the best player in the playoffs. Kessel and Murray should have been the front runners for the award and even Couture and Pavelski in the running even though they lost also you could throw Letang in the mix.

How many times does a team win and a forward that did not lead them in scoring win the award, plus if Crosby led the Pens in playoff points no one else would have stood a chance he would have been hands down the winner.

2016-06-02Ron Sollows(1)or at least
That MacKinnon becomes the star many expected him to be rather than just an average 50 point player that gets hurt every year.

2016-05-27Trevor Silver(11)Centre
Now I just have to hope that either MacKinnon or Kuznetsov gets switched to a wing position!

2016-05-26Steve Cooper(2)My view
Well here is my mind set on the trade. LW for a center always if same for same in points. I had three protectable centers. Kuzy had 5 pts in his last 20 games. Panarin had 22. Kuzy is still the #2 centerman, Panarin #1 LW. Both are very talented and if Kuzy gets moved up with Ovy then his value skyrockets.

2016-05-26Trevor Silver(11)LW over a C
Steve really needed a LW, and I did not really need another Centre, so yeah, a premium to pry a first line LW had to be paid. Plus we all know wingers are harder to come by than centres so two players with the same point totals, usually the more valuable one will be the winger. At least in our pool of course, not necessarily in real life. I would like to think no one makes trades they do not like. I almost did that one time, thankfully Smicer let me back out of it.

2016-05-26Ron Sollows(1)Trevor at it again
Gets a young player with the same point total for another young player but he upgrades picks to a 3rd rounder which should be decent and I am the one to watch out for?

Trevor never makes a deal he doesnt like.

2016-05-26Ron Sollows(1)Bastards
All the years I took the Sharks in playoffs pools and they let me down now they decide to win

2016-05-26Trevor Silver(11)Stanley Cup Winner
You just saw your Stanley Cup winner last night. San Jose Sharks will be the winners this year. Book it!

2016-05-13Ron Sollows(1)Stone deal
Not a normal deal for Trevor he usually comes out noticeably on the good end of most of his trades, but he is right it is going to be tough to move decent non-keepers so get what you can although letting them go back in the draft not a bad move either as it makes the draft stronger which means you could get them back or at least get another decent player.

As for Stone solid 60+ point RWer a position which can be tough to fill, so a good deal for the new guy. I made him some offers and my impression he knows his stuff so no BS offers have to make sense.

2016-05-13Trevor Silver(11)Stone
Wanted more for him, but there was not a market. I think he will have a real good year coming up but I guess no one else really thought that. I tried to move him for a better return, just could not get it done

2016-05-12Steve Cooper(2)John has been Christened!!
Well, didn't take John long to get his feet wet in the trade pool. Trevor already taking advantage of him. Well, not really. I would do a 5th rounder for Stone if I didn't already have six protectables.

2016-05-12Trevor Silver(11)Playoffs
As long as the caps lost, that is all that matters. As a hockey fan I like to see Ovechkin lose. As a person I feel bad for him. But then I get over it pretty quickly..... that might be a character flaw on my part, enjoying his misery

2016-05-12Ron Sollows(1)way to screw over playoff pools
None of the top 4 teams made it to the 3rd round. Thank god for the regular season where even a Leafs player is valuable if he can get some points.

2016-05-12Charlie Flemming(4)PLayoffs
The Stars played well despite missing Seguin. Too bad their goaltending let them down in game 7. Should be a good one tonite. Go Nashville!

2016-05-05Ron Sollows(1)NHL playoffs
Hardest sport to predict come playoffs but that is also why its the best. If the Blues and Pens win the top 4 seeds will all be out by the end of round 2.

2016-04-30Ron Sollows(1)1st round pick
Wait a second you have a 1st round pick!!!!!

2016-04-29Trevor Silver(11)Radulov
I see Radulov is on his way back to the NHL. I see my first round pick shaping up nicely.

2016-04-28Ron Sollows(1)The Cup
Caps are due and they and Ovie deserve it

2016-04-27Steve Cooper(2)Ducks in trouble
Just looked, down 2-0 early. Not comfy with that. If Nashville wins then I want the someone who hasn't won the cup to win.

2016-04-26Ron Sollows(1)top 4 picks
not looking good with Nashville knocking off the Ducks in game 7!!!!

2016-04-21Steve Cooper(2)Top 4 picks
Made it into two playoff drafts. My top four were Anaheim, Chicago, Washington & Florida. Hope Chicago comeback. I have 5 of them in my other pool including Kane & Keith. Getzlaf & Perry lead our pool. Had Washington as #1 team but those guys disappeared quickly.

2016-04-19Trevor Silver(11)Playoffs
First round viewership is down 61% in Canada. According to the Hockey News, "Attempts by thn.com to reach Scott Moore, president of Sportsnet and NHL properties for Rogers, were not successful". I would image his head is somewhere near the inside of a microwave right now. Cannot imaging how much money Sportsnet has lost since they bought the NHL rights. Could not have happened to a nicer corporation.

2016-04-14Trevor Silver(11)Trust
Gotta love when someone puts in the time on a good burn! That was awesome

2016-04-14Ron Sollows(1)who to trust
Trevor 7-3-5
Ron 13-12-8

for fun looked at our trades for the year, may have missed a few but based on my opinion I decided whether the deal was a W,L or T. Ties thrown out and Trevor wins 70 percent of his deals to 52 percent for me.

2016-04-13Ron Sollows(1)playoffs
No problem Trevor I went in 6 playoff pools so enough for both of us and I still doubt I have the right combo of teams for the final 4.

If I had to pick a final 4 I would go Caps Florida Dallas LA. Ask me tomorrow and the West may be two different teams.

2016-04-13Trevor Silver(11)Playoffs
Could not work in any playoff pools this year, so it should be much less stressful when my teams get knocked out. For the record, I have Anaheim, St.Louis, Florida, and Pittsburgh as final 4. What say you?

2016-04-07Trevor Silver(11)4 points
I wish I could not track it daily. Then my life would be much less stressful. 4 points now after last night. I will continue to update you if I close the gap anymore. If I fall back (which I will) I will become very quiet and you will not hear from me.

2016-04-07Ron Sollows(1)only 7 points behind!!!!
I dont look at overall points night to night too much can change early on during the week. Although I have noticed you are doing very well this week but tonight is a big night with a lot of games as is Saturday once those have been played I will see where you are in relationship to me. I am just looking to grab 10 points this week thats all.

2016-04-06Trevor Silver(11)Thornton
He is the second leading scorer (after Crosby) since Jan 1, so that is why some media heads are saying it. I think it is more them needing something to talk about to fill airtime then anything. I agree that Kane is the MVP, with everyone else a distant second. FYI - I am only 7 points behind you after Tuesday night games.

2016-04-05Ron Sollows(1)not even close in my opinion
Some "experts" picking Joe Thornton as the league MVP. He had a good season but really over Kane, you dont see 100 point players much anymore and he was really never challenged and good all year. Plus I dont think big Joe is even the MVP on his team I would go Burns or Pavelski.

2016-03-24Ron Sollows(1)ACC
Shows how stupid the Leafs are going no where and hurting their chances at the 1st overall pick. TANK!!!!

2016-03-24Steve Cooper(2)ACC
If memory servers me right, the Leafs have won 5 of their past 7 games. I think that is more than the Oilers and Habs combined. Losers!!!

2016-03-23Trevor Silver(11)ACC
If you are flying 2 hours to watch the leafs, I hope you are drunk. For your sake!

2016-03-23Ron Sollows(1)Saturday night
I will be at the ACC to watch Bergeron tally 3 points vs the lowly Leafs. Trevor if you see me drunk at a bar later that night yes it is me.

2016-03-19Ron Sollows(1)Seguin
Not worried a fluke getting cut by a skate could happen to anyone plus bonus its past the trade deadline or I probably would have moved him for a lesser healthy body or two

2016-03-19Charlie Flemming(4)Seguin ...
Could be yearly Ron. I remember him getting injured late last year when I traded him to you before the trade deadline. Hope Spezza gets more pp time.

2016-03-18Ron Sollows(1)The damage is done
Karma has struck so I can talk about now. Seguin injury could happen to anyone so the way it goes not a yearly thing like Malkin who is a pretty good bet to miss 20 games a year now.

2016-03-18Ron Sollows(1)Karma
Just mentioning it can cause harm because I know you are loving it. Hopefully I built a good enough lead and bench to deal with it and I picked up Zibanejad mainly because you cut him and I may use him to beat you.

Not a bad exchange Malkin and Seguin out in my draft in another pool I had Malkin and the guy trying to catch me has Seguin. Not a keeper pool just a yearly draft I have a 20 point lead but have 186 man games missed due to injury and he has 88 be a miracle if I win that one too.

2016-03-18Trevor Silver(11)Karma
Now Seguin is out for the rest of the regular season. See Ron, this is totally because you commented on Malkins injury. I wont comment on either just to be safe!

2016-03-12Ron Sollows(1)Sweet
Malkin done for the year. Crunch time now so I will take it and pretty sure no one cries when my guys get hurt.

2016-03-11Ron Sollows(1)Limping home
Looks like we could be limping to the finish line. Brad is down to two healthy D man and they are Green and Streit. I lost Henrik and Klingberg and Landeskog to a suspension. Trevor lost Ekman-Larsson and Saad. Plus points have dried up Seguin the Oilers and now the Sharks. Trevor has the most guys producing right now and may pull this out. of course next week is a new week so who knows.

2016-03-09Trevor Silver(11)protecting 18 players
Will not be a problem. First, petition to ammend our constitution to remove the rule that you cannot own more than one team. Second, find two owners who want to exit the league and offer them a large sum of money to buy their team. Third, trade your excess players to these new teams, and bam! Problem solved

2016-03-09Ron Sollows(1)If I am unable to move players for picks
No problem I will protect 18 players!!!!

2016-03-08Steve Cooper(2)Protected players
You guys with all those extra players left may be out of luck. Most of the lower teams have already traded for the higher draft picks and may not let them go.

2016-03-08Trevor Silver(11)Protected
You better believe it! 13 of my players were protected last year. I can only do 6 so some of them gotta go. No reasonable offered refused!

2016-03-08Ron Sollows(1)I bet you do Trevor
Have all kinds of offers lined up for the end of the season with your non-keepers to snag back some of those higher draft picks you no longer have.

2016-03-03Ron Sollows(1)World Cup
Yes it is nice Russian jersey right? Plus a better hockey tournament than the Olympics no Germany and Norway type teams that lose 8-1. Canada will have the best roster for sure but the other teams all look good. I may put my fantasy team in the tournament I just need a goalie.

2016-03-03Trevor Silver(11)World Cup
I am liking the jerseys for the World cup. Not enough to buy one mind you, but I like the look.

2016-03-02Steve Cooper(2)Deadline Day
We had more action in trades than the NHL did!!

2016-02-29Trevor Silver(11)Deadline day
Wow... that deadline day was a dud.

2016-02-29Ron Sollows(1)Sunday Sunday Sunday
I disagree with Trevor not only should Sundays count but I like the old saying "and twice on Sunday". Should be double points on Sunday games.

2016-02-29Ron Sollows(1)WTF
The Leafs getting high draft picks for total crap similar to watching Trevors trades

2016-02-28Trevor Silver(11)Leafs
Charlie, I said low low price.......so it will happen, you just gotta believe

2016-02-28Charlie Flemming(4)First Round Picks for Leafs Rookies !
Be surprised if you got any takers Trevor, but I guess you never know!

2016-02-26Trevor Silver(11)Leafs
And they can both be yours for the low low price of a first round draft pick

2016-02-26Ron Sollows(1)Go figure
Trevor and I own the two best Leafs in the pool!!!!

2016-02-26Steve Cooper(2)Letang
Trevor, now that is just mean. You got your hat trick from Forsberg. Let me have my day. Letan will get 8 pts next week.

2016-02-25Trevor Silver(11)Next Week
Next week is a whole 5 days away. Letang will be on IR by then

2016-02-25Ron Sollows(1)next week
or your entire 1st line gets 12 points and the Sedins alone on the 1st line get 14 points!!!!!!

2016-02-24Steve Cooper(2)Next week I crush you all on the first line
Next week Pittsburg has 5 games and Washington has four. My first line will crush you all.

2016-02-23Trevor Silver(11)trades
Then trade them to me. I need high draft picks

2016-02-23Ron Sollows(1)crazy trading going on
I just traded two high draft picks to the Leafs for crap

2016-02-21Trevor Silver(11)Trades
Ron, I wish that were true. A few I would like to have back. And it looks like it is too little too late. Pretty sure your lead is too much for me to catch you.

2016-02-20Ron Sollows(1)Trevor your streak continues
Every trade you made this year hugely in your favor well done!!!!

2016-02-17Ron Sollows(1)i am still open to offers
I recently put Charlie in a nice Little Zuccarello at a reasonable price.

2016-02-17Trevor Silver(11)Help
No problem Ron. Anything I can do to help.

2016-02-17Ron Sollows(1)thanks Trevor
for leaving all your top guys on the bench this week. Hanzal and Goobsnotter (not sure on the spelling).

2016-02-13Ron Sollows(1)Wheeler.Bergeron
They can beat on each other all they want as long as the points keep coming!!!

2016-02-13Charlie Flemming(4)Wheeler Bergeron Fight
Ron...You gotta tell your players not to beat up on each other. Cant believe Bergeron got in a fight with his past concussion issues. Wheeler is a big guy too.

2016-02-11Ron Sollows(1)the week is getting even better
Palat has the flu of course with just 16 points on the season he may have had it all year.

2016-02-11Ron Sollows(1)this week
So far so good things are getting back to normal

2016-02-11Trevor Silver(11)boo!!!
This week sucks. I want a do-over

2016-02-09Ron Sollows(1)bought low on Stone and Plekanec
if you mean gave up shit for them than yes!!!!

2016-02-04Steve Cooper(2)Wideman
I didn't see 20 games coming. Refs get ploughed into all the time against the boards. The problem was Wideman had his head down and at the last minute when he brought his head up the ref was right there. They both ended up going left and guess who is going down!! 5-6 weeks lost for Brad.

2016-02-04Ron Sollows(1)Wideman
Deserved, crazy play so yes I believe he was dazed and confused but never sent to the dressing room or missed a shift so Flames could be in trouble for not following concussion protocol.

Also I think it is a good idea to give some players from Team 3 a 20 game rest prior to the playoffs!!!

2016-02-03Trevor Silver(11)Suspension
Wow..... did not see a 20 game suspension coming for Wideman. Figured 10 at best.

2016-01-30Trevor Silver(11)All star
Neal has 30 points but whos counting

2016-01-30Ron Sollows(1)brutal
No hockey for days what am I going to do?? Also brutal James Neal an all-star he has what 18 points on the season?

2016-01-29Ron Sollows(1)61 trades
I can top that especially with recent deals that have gone down. Send me your offers all will be considered!!!!

2016-01-28Trevor Silver(11)The Reason for The Bob Morrison Memorial Award
We joke about the amount of trades that Ron and Steve do all the time. But to put into perspective, and the explain why we name this award after Bob Morrison. In 2007 Bob completed a whopping 61 trades. That is absolutely crazy. And there are no stats on the site before 2007 so who knows what the numbers were before that. The closest I can find after that 61, was Ron completing 42 trades in 2009. I am pathetic, my personal best was 19 in 2013.

2016-01-13Trevor Silver(11)Most Traded
In case you were curious (And I know you were). Brandon Saad and Marcus Johansson lead the way this year as they have both been traded 5 times. Come on guys.... someone has to get traded one more time to take the lead

2016-01-12Ron Sollows(1)The Sedins
Steve now that they have picked it up again I will take them back to help you get younger I have young Arizona phenom Tobias Rieder!!!!!!

2016-01-11Trevor Silver(11)Rant
Admitting you suck is the first step to recovery. Bravo!! And yes I use facebook. Am always eager for a new forum to share my hockey wisdom!

2016-01-11Steve Cooper(2)OK, I officially suck
Half way through the year,I lead the way in trades and free agents and I am 3rd from the bottom. If the old guys don't pick up their socks I may be looking at 1st overall. Well Austin Matthew would take the sting out of it a bit but the pride is taking a beating.

I have noticed that only a few of the guys are using the Rant page. I would like to get everyone involved in this and get some ribbing going on and some insight is also interesting to see where peoples heads are.

2015-12-18Trevor Silver(11)Trades
Honestly, since 2009 when Malkin was traded FIVE times in the same year, nothing surprises me anymore. Makes it fun right!!!

2015-12-18Ron Sollows(1)Kessel
And you thought Kuznetsov would be gone first. Kessel lasted a total of 0 games on Coopers team, nice return though.

2015-12-17Ron Sollows(1)re: Kuznetsov
Ya right I doubt he lasts that long!!!!

2015-12-17Trevor Silver(11)Kuznetsov
0 points in his last 2 games.... I give him another week on your roster

2015-12-16Ron Sollows(1)goodbye Phil
Kessel was with me for 5 years. I hope Kuznetsov is good enough to last that long as a top keeper.

2015-12-14Steve Cooper(2)RE: Vote
All will be ok. Ron and I just exchanged half of our teams. So if the numbers continue for the players involved, I should start claiming all the points Ron has been taking and he in return will get mine. That should tighten up the standings a bit!! Ready to begin my accent up the standings.

2015-12-14Ron Sollows(1)re: A vote
Long way to go yet. Still injuries to come and if top players move like they did this weekend who knows. But I am keeping my foot on the gas.

2015-12-14Trevor Silver(11)A vote
Sorry Ron, the league has taken a vote and you have been asked to leave the league. Unfortunately this means you will no longer be in first place. There.... problem solved

2015-12-13Ron Sollows(1)moves
big names moved this week wow!!! And yes Carlson is good but the next Karlsson has arrived in Klingberg.... I hope, or maybe Faulk wow again.

Regardless this is far from over and some huge moves just made.

2015-12-12Steve Cooper(2)Tavares sent shopping... is that alright?
Well I didn't think I would ever let J.T. go after giving up Connor McDavid for him. But with floundering in the bottom of the boat, I am taking a chance on the Sedin's (yeah I know, 35 each) will find their touches of gold for a couple of more seasons. They are signed for a couple more years. Carlson is the next Karlsson and having Backstrom & Ovy running the PP, I am sure lots of points are in his future

I do have quite of very promising youngsters in Ekblad, Reinhardt, Bennett, Kuznetsov and Ristolainen so I still have some major building block for the future. I will miss J.T. and I am sure he will pay dividends for Ron for years to come. But when you get a chance at two top 10 forwards and a top 10 dman in a deal, duh!!! gotta make the move. Top 4 here I come.

2015-12-11Ron Sollows(1)bye I am going to miss you
You crazy Sedins but time to move on, who do I have now I have no idea?

2015-12-11Trevor Silver(11)Whining
I will not stop whining!

2015-12-11Ron Sollows(1)re: shitty nights
I know I wish Trevor would stop whining

2015-12-10Steve Cooper(2)re: Shitty nights
It does suck when you have a shitty night. But unfortunately, I have had nine shitty weeks!!! Quit yer whinin eh. Eight weeks of 20+ points does not allow you to whine for at least three weeks. Suck it up buttercup. Go Preds!!!

2015-12-09Ron Sollows(1)re: Shitty Night
but one big surge on the weekend and all is good.

2015-12-09Trevor Silver(11)Shitty night
What a shitty shitty night. A bunch of games, a bunch of goals scored and my guys come up empty. At this rate, a fire sale will be happening soon!

2015-12-08Ron Sollows(1)trades
I make a lot of trades so I know I will not win them all, looks like the Nashville one I could lose but I was seldom going to use Weber over the top 3 D I have so it was basically Forsberg for Saad to me and I still may lose on that one. You win some you lose some and you move on.

2015-12-07Steve Cooper(2)Coops trades synopsis
Let's make one thing clear... Ron made the Nashville pair trade offer. All I said was YES really quickly making it sound like I was taking the risk. Weber 2 points tonight. Trevor you forgot to mention that I got the lowly Kunitz (3 pts when I picked him up) for Jokinen (14 pts). He goes out and gets 6 pts last week. I had heard they were moving him up with Syd and took a chance on him. And moved Tatar for Buffalo's new budding superstar dman Ristolainen. Might move up to the top 8 soon :)

2015-12-07Ron Sollows(1)Nashville players
A good week but I think back to their normal struggling to score this week vs Bos, Chi, Chi and Col, Forsberg and Weber may get a point each vs Col.

2015-12-03Ron Sollows(1)re: Time to rewrite the weekly updates!!
Not much happening this week at all so far. With everyone against me time for my guys to come through with a weekend surge and steal a line or two!!!!!

2015-12-02Steve Cooper(2)Time to rewrite the weekly updates!!
OK guys, are you with me. Time to rewrite the weekly results by winning some points on our own. Every week and I mean every week Ron gets over 20 pts and all of us (well some of us, I plan to partake some time soon) seem to fight over what is left.

2015-12-01Trevor Silver(11)Update
I did not have time on Monday to do the rant so put that up as a temp until I could get to it. But in reality, there is not much more I could say than that so it is probably best to leave that up for a week

2015-11-30Ron Sollows(1)excellent update this week
freed up some time for me to send out trade offers!!!!!!

2015-11-27Ron Sollows(1)Happy US Thanksgiving
and may all my players get 3 points today/tonight

2015-11-25Ron Sollows(1)my recent trades
in the end on my top 3 lines all I changed was Saad for Forsberg. The rest were just shakeups on who I have on the bench. So is Saad going to be better than Forsberg not sure but I hope so although it could be close in the end but right now the Preds are not scoring at all. Also once Torts drives Johansen out of town someone has to be the top player for the BlueJackets!!!

2015-11-17Trevor Silver(11)Drug testing
I am all for having Ron take mandatory drug testing if that is what the masses want

2015-11-17Ron Sollows(1)Steroids
Yes I make the steroids in my basement similar to Breaking Bad than I send them to the players on my fantasy roster, my last batch has made Zuccarello mini Mairo

2015-11-16Charlie Flemming(4)Recipe for Success
There is one thing that will guarantee success and it is the same thing that Ron uses. Steroids.

2015-11-12Steve Cooper(2)1st line players not guaranteed success
Gotta post this. When I built my team in the draft, my top three lines contained ALL 1st line players and where am I in the standings... 11th. That recipe obviously doesn't always convert into success. So I tried switching up for other 1st line players... still not working. I am going to have to just step back and see if they all actually wake up some time soon.

2015-11-09Ron Sollows(1)Thanks for the praise
Still a long way to go and have to stay on top of things. Just trying not to over trade like in some previous years, fine line for me because I like trading.

2015-10-29Ron Sollows(1)younger
Steve you can get even younger when I trade you Pastrnak and Lindholm for Tavares!!!!

2015-10-26Steve Cooper(2)Getting younger!!!
Ok, moving Getzlaf & Perry just may bust me or move me into the younger generation of stars. Hoping Kuzzy will become permanent beside Ovi and RNH has to be able to ride coattails with McDavid and that other guy that he plays with ... Hall isn't too shabby when he is healthy. Time will tell.

2015-10-22Charlie Flemming(4)New Dongle...
Glad to here you got a new dongle Steve !!

2015-10-22Ron Sollows(1)re: in hockey heaven
not to out do you but speaking of that I drafted Krejci!!!!!!

2015-10-21Steve Cooper(2)In hockey heaven
Took the next leap into the technological world and loving it. 1st - Decided to split the cost of Rogers center ice package with a buddy... $100 for a whole year ($8.25 per month) which gives me every NHL game (except local blackouts) for the entire season...PLAYOFFS INCLUDED. 2nd - Bought a wi-fi extender $35 (4 full bars in the bedroom and COTTAGE piggy backing off my brother-in-laws wi-fi from across the field) 3rd - Bought a Chromecast dongle to cast my notepad apps to my tv. With my notepad, dongle and a Wi-Fi connection I can bring the NHL WHERE EVER I go.

2015-10-15Steve Cooper(2)Jagr !!
He said he would play til he was 50... but it would not necessarily be in the NHL.

2015-10-14Ron Sollows(1)Cooper your 2022 1st round pick decided
I just read where Jagr says he can play until he is 50

2015-09-28Trevor Silver(11)Draft
Thanks for the offer Ron, I am sure I could trust you with my picks. Lucky for me though, I will be there in person

2015-09-28Ron Sollows(1)Trevor if you can not make the draft
I can pick for you. I have a bunch of 4th line players lined up you may like.

2015-09-17Ron Sollows(1)Karlsson
ok that sounds right

2015-09-16Trevor Silver(11)Leading scoer
Oops, I mistyped. According to TSN, Karlsson will be MY leading scorer with 65 points. That is not good

2015-09-16Ron Sollows(1)Karlsson leading scorer
He will not lead the Sens in scoring let alone the league. Turris leads the Sens with 70 points

2015-09-14Ron Sollows(1)Weird
First trade of the season and a big one at that and it did not include me

2015-09-14Trevor Silver(11)leading scorer
According to TSN, Erik Karlsson will be by leading scorer this year at 65 points. Uh-oh..... lets hope they are wrong and that I am smarter than they are

2015-08-20Trevor Silver(11)Summer Trading
We never have much activity during the summer months. Everyone seems to check out June to August. But if you really want to swing a deal, Charlie, I have Zetterberg just sitting there waiting for someone to give him a new home!

2015-08-19Ron Sollows(1)Charlie if you want to trade this summer
How about

Wheeler for Tarasenko

Call me crazy Wheeler has been more productive the last 3 years

Disclaimer – this was not an actual offer unless he takes it.

2015-08-19Ron Sollows(1)ban on DP trading
Yes not many trades but how many did we have in previous seasons when we could trade draft picks in the off season a few.? In the end it will put good players back in the draft which was the goal. If putting back DP in the off season it just gives the top teams more of a gap as they can deal lesser players that they can’t keep but others may and besides their top keepers they get more high picks making them even stronger. Yes not much going on in the off season but there have been a few offers going around that I know of and even with DP in play it may amount to 3 or 4 trades in the summer if that. It seems like a long summer but it’s almost over our draft is not too far off now.

2015-08-18Charlie Flemming(4)Ban on DP Trading !
Not Liking this ban on trading Draft Picks in the summer.... Not much happening in the SSFantasy world. Except reading the BullCrap rants about Semin ....Who?

2015-07-29Ron Sollows(1)Semin
If Semin were on my roster I would keep as one of my top 6. Who is drafting in the top 3 or 4 spots you better take Semin or he is mine!!!!

2015-07-28Trevor Silver(11)drafting Semin in the first round
please do please do please do please do please do please do please do please do please do please do please do please do please do please do

2015-07-27Ron Sollows(1)Semin to the Habs
great signing Habs need more scoring. Plus Semin is still young and playing for a long term contract I expect 30 goals and 65 points I may draft him in the first round.

2015-07-22Ron Sollows(1)my two cents worth
Don’t see much upside with Williams or Stewart, but you never know. Some other notable ones:

Kessel 3 of last 4 seasons with Leafs around a PPG playing with no one now will play with either Crosby or Malkin and will be on the top PP unit with them I’m thinking 40 to 45 goals 80 to 85 points and those numbers could be low. Plus a lot less pressure as he was blamed for everything that went wrong with the Leafs goaltending sucked D sucked not enough talent all Kessel’s fault Pens will be good so no worries there plus bigger stars to blame.

Oshie was good with St. Louis but they had a lot of depth now he’s probably on a line with Ovie and/or Backstrom and certainly on the top PP unit with them

Dougie Hamilton with Calgary if paired with Giordano on the PP could take another step up into 50 point D man territory

Lucic with LA if he’s on with Kopitar and Gaborik he could get around 30 goals and 60 points

Sharp with Dallas they are loaded up front with Benn Seguin Sharp and Spezza. Could be a rebound season for Sharp

Mike Green with Detroit can’t see him being any better than with Washington

O’Reilly with Buffalo may not do as well as he did with the Avs could be a second line center behind Eichel and the team not enough talent yet. Actually that applies to everyone on Trevor’s team (smiley face).

Also ripple effect with Lucic gone in Boston a guy like Pastrnak may step up as he looked good last year. Spezza was decent last year and now may get a more talented LWer in Sharp plus still on the top PP with the big guns. JVR takes a hit in TO with no Kessel and he’ll probably be shit on as their new best forward who will probably struggle.

2015-07-22Trevor Silver(11)Who is Watching
I have been watching ..... soon time for another mid summer update from me as well. A lot of movement this summer. Looking at Pittsburgh and surprisingly, they have switched out 7 of their 12 forwards over the summer, but really have not replaced many of them from outside the organization. They will be very top heavy this year, and those top 2 lines could score a crap load of goals. Guess I have to keep Letang now for those 60 games he will be healthy. Toronto looks to be a hot mess this year, looks like they may have a hard time scoring goals. And I have no idea what the hell is going on in Boston... I think Don Sweeney is trying to set the record for shortest employed GM in history. Looking at Buffalo who has Oreilly, Eichel, Girgensons, and Reinhart as their top 4 centres. Someone will have to switch to a wing at some point, assuming Reinhart actually makes the team, which is not a sure thing. New coaches always mess things up as well. No one can say for sure what line combos will be in Detroit/Edmonton/Philly/SJ/Tor etc etc. I always find that new coaches tend to throw away what we have all become used to as far as combos and try and reinvent the wheel. I keep reading about how Chicago will be fine and still have no holes in their lineup, but I look at their left side and see one gaping hole. Saad and Sharp gone, replaced with Mark Dano and Artemy Panarin (KHL)? That looks like a hole to me, especially if Coach Q sticks with his plan to play Teravainen as a centre. And they still have cap issues so are likely to trade someone else soon - most talked about name being Bickell who is also a LW, so another hole on the left side. Lots of moves to digest in the offseason for sure, and more likely still to come. Going to make the draft very interesting I think.

2015-07-20Steve Cooper(2)Just checking who's checking the website
Lots of free agents changing teams which should make for a few decisions in September. I had not one but two players get traded to better teams. RW Williams get traded to Washington and RW Stewart to Anaheim... nah, not enough to make them keepers though. Give me your thoughts on the summer free agent movements.

2015-06-26Ron Sollows(1)awards correction
Cooper got the award for Hudler although did not have him all year. I actually drafted Johnny Hockey so should get the RoY award. Please fix ASAP.

2015-04-21Trevor Silver(11)Redraft
Agreed Ron, if we redraft next years standing should not be used as it would likely lead to tanking. Drawing names or using the average finishes over the past six years to determine the order would be my recommendation

2015-04-21Ron Sollows(1)redraft revisited
Good points Trevor. I am fine with 2 keepers or a complete redraft. If a complete redraft I think we should draw for draft position instead of using next years final standings.

2015-04-20Trevor Silver(11)Redraft
Yup, 2 keepers is a way to go. But I guess I go back to why reward anyone? It is a fair argument of course, yes there are people who put more time into this league than others, no argument there. If the point is to try and redistribute talent and make a more competitive league (which should be more fun for everyone "in theory") than might as well go whole hog. For me, the top teams are the ones who will and should feel the pain, and therefore are the ones who need to make the biggest sacrifices. So yes 2 keepers would put a bunch of players back in the pool, but there are still plenty of talent still gone. With 2 keepers the following would likely still be unavailable to "redistribute" the wealth. Seguin, Kessel, Tavares, Benn, Crosby, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Voracek, Sedin x2, Hossa, Hedman, Giroux, Getzlaf, Nugent-Hopkins, Palat, Toews, Kane, Stamkos, Nash, MacKinnon, Karlsson, Johansen, Subban. I just think if we do this, best to go whole hog then try a limit reduction of 2 players and find it did not work. I am less concerned, I guess, than with rewarding a few GMs who have worked hard to acquire a couple good assets, then I am with trying to find a way to get everyone engaged and with a shot to compete. Not that I am even sure a redraft would get more engagement, just a theory I guess. Especially after this year when I watched what Brad was able to do. And, Brad, this is not a shot at you, quite the opposite in fact. This is a testament to what you have been able to build. Brad was able to make only 2 trades, and picked up a free agent that ended up quitting the league and because his team was so top heavy, he did not even have to drop that player (Gagne) from his roster). I just wonder if I am at the bottom of the league watching that, am I still fully engaged knowing that my only hope is Ovechkin back to the KHL and Crosby with another concussion. Reading this over, and even talking about redistributing the wealth, maybe I am a communist!!! I am struggling with this a bit. I like finishing top 4, but as the same time, I do think it would be fun to see others up there too. We still have not heard from many on this topic, so hopefully this week, we can get more feedback.

2015-04-20Ron Sollows(1)redraft
I like the idea of 2 keepers that way top teams that have built up a good set of keepers do not lose everything and the draft will have plenty of good players that could shake up the top teams and even things out.

2015-04-18Trevor Silver(11)Redraft
Agree Charlie. Am just wondering if managers who do not participate is partly to do with them not feeling like they can compete. Still hoping to hear thoughts and opinions from everyone on the subject.

2015-04-18Charlie Flemming(4)Re-Draft Thoughts
I dont think a Re-Draft will solve the the parity issues. Over time, the managers that are more active and spend more money will end up with the better teams.

2015-04-16Steve Cooper(2)The Redraft - thoughts
We have talked about a complete redraft in the past and it would be the most drastic move. I am afraid that if we do that, we may loose a couple of managers over it. I would propose that the protected list be reduced to two players (for just one year). At least that way, those who put in the hard work over the years to build their team would still have the cornerstones to rebuild with. That is my two cents worth.

2015-04-13Ron Sollows(1)re: I am ready to roll next year
Plus Jagr just signed with Florida for another season so you have a RW keeper now.

2015-04-12Steve Cooper(2)I am ready to roll for next year
Well I did a test to see how I may line up with the big boys next year and I think my boys made a statement. At the half way point I hand no one in the top 50 scoring. Now I own the top two scorers in the league. But I know Jason K. is going to be picking 3 of the first 4 picks and is going to build a strong young team and will be a force in the coming years. Playoffs hear we come.

2015-04-11Charlie Flemming(4)End of the NHL Regular Season ... Saturday
There are 15 Games on tap today. Dont see that very often.

2015-04-03Ron Sollows(1)I just need an extra month to make a run
Players on the top teams dropping like flies, an extra month and I could be there

2015-03-30Steve Cooper(2)Stuck in the middle with ...
Well there is only two weeks left and I could move up a couple of spaces or could move down a couple. Kind of stuck in purgatory if you know what I mean. All my top guys only have two games this week so not thinking on moving up this week. Will try to play spoiler. This will be the week when my Florida guys will shoot the lights out and win me the 1st line. Been a tough year. I think I only cracked the 20 point week count twice. Middle of the pack most weeks but that will now win you a title.

The race for the title has never been closer with five teams still in the race. Time is running out with only two weeks left. Ted and Charlie are looking for their first title while Brad, Tim and Trevor are looking to add to their title count.

2015-03-27Trevor Silver(11)Gotta Love the Weekend
So going into the weekend, Tim is only 3 points back of Brad for the overall lead. Will be interesting to see how this weekend plays out!

2015-03-11Trevor Silver(11)Toronto Sports Media
After the leafs collapse, the current raptors collapse, and the Blue Jays dropping like flies in spring training, the sports media here has determined that Toronto must have been built on an ancient burial ground!

2015-03-09Ron Sollows(1)on the bright side Steve
You ended up with some good keepers.

2015-03-06Steve Cooper(2)Another zero week !!!
Unless i have a great weekend i could be looking at a big goose egg again!!

2015-03-01Steve Cooper(2)Brick wall!!
Looking like a zero week after gaining ground for three. May be all for not.

2015-02-28Trevor Silver(11)Offers
Well yes Ron, When I think of the term "fair offer" I instantly think of you!!!! Hehehehehh

2015-02-27Ron Sollows(1)Kane offers
Sure Trevor he could take your offer for Kane. Probably something like Tatar and injured aging Zetterberg or he could get him for Kessel or take my other offer and upgrade at RW without losing him at all. Hmmmm tough call

2015-02-25Ron Sollows(1)re: The Cup
Habs vs Kings

Habs have the best goaltending good D and hopefully enough scoring up front. A lot of solid teams in the West but once again the Kings have got it going and may be a lower seed but one that may be the most dangerous.

2015-02-24Trevor Silver(11)The Cup
As Charlie pointed out, end of season is not that far away. Who you got for winning the cup? I am starting to like what Washington is doing.....

2015-02-24Charlie Flemming(4)End of Regular Season.....Week-27
FYI....... The Regular Seaon ends on Sat. April 11/15 (Week-27) ! This leaves 7 Weeks including this week.

2015-02-12Ron Sollows(1)similar to offers made to you
You are over analyzing again. Myers sucks they have him for depth on D he will not unseed anyone on the PP. Perreault is red hot and not going anyway as is Buff and Enstrom and Trouba both better than Myers

2015-01-28Trevor Silver(11)Another trade
I have my eyes on 6th or 7th actually. Fingers crossed

2015-01-28Ron Sollows(1)another trade
WOW Trevor is on fire. I think he is taking a run for 5th.

2015-01-27Trevor Silver(11)Trade
I know, finally pulled the trigger on a massive deal. But Norms Tatar did not cost me 14 other players and my first round pick, which is why I grabbed him this time

2015-01-27Ron Sollows(1)Congrats
Trevor made a trade!!!. Picked Tatar apart when I offered him 10 times but who cares Trevor made a trade!!!!

2015-01-19Steve Cooper(2)Candidate for dumbass move of the year
Here I was with all my stats and analytics trying to find and edge for this weeks elongated week. By numbers, Pittsburg and Buffalo have 6 games. So at the last minute, I give up a round on a draft pick to get Ennis (Buf) and insert him into my lineup... brilliant move I am thinking. On my way home from work I hear that Buffalo is off til after the allstar break?? I am thinking wtf, they have six games. Check it out when I get home and sure enough... 3 games not six. And I pulled Stepan (Nyr) who is a point per game pace who had 4 games. Nuff said

2015-01-08Ron Sollows(1)best draft picks
my thoughts

Ron - Schwartz (just stay healthy)
Steve - Hudler (but I have him)
Brad - Carlson (better than Green)
Charlie - Hamilton (better FA pickups than most of us had draft picks)
Marty - Dubinksy (now that he is healthy)
Norm - Leddy (and Boychuk or was Leddy a FA)
Tim - (none I can recall but some good trades)
Steve - Forsberg (and now I have him)
Ted - Tyler Johnson (WTF 3rd in the league in points)
Jason - Nash (should have kept him Steve)
Trevor - Shattenkirk (kept Letang and Karlsson yet Shattenkirk your best)
Jason K - Vrbata (may turn into a keeper)

Topic suggestion for next week - biggest disappointments on each team. For example MacKinnon for you.

2015-01-02Trevor Silver(11)Good news / bad news
Thanks Ron.... I always did prefer to have the good news first

2015-01-02Ron Sollows(1)Good news bad news Trevor
Good news Staal returns tonight bad news you picked up Staal

2014-12-05Trevor Silver(11)Weekly Rant
No smarty pants, I did not mean Brodie. He will be a superstar soon, and Girodano will soon be back in the KHL where he belongs. I kid of course. But it is funny when I look at my roster.. based of PPG, Karlsson is my 4th best defenceman.

2014-12-05Ron Sollows(1)Giordano...
Also in your rant you mentioned Giordano would slow down, did you actually mean Brodie?

2014-12-05Charlie Flemming(4)Gaborik ....
Enjoyed your Rant this week.... Just to clarify, Gaborik has a upper body injury. Probably cut himself shaving.

2014-12-04Steve Cooper(2)The rebuild continues!!
Three first round picks and counting. If you have a 1st rounder available lets talk!!

2014-12-03Trevor Silver(11)Weekly Ramblings
Sorry for the delay in getting the weekly rambling posted this week. Been a busy work week so far. Plus I need a bit of time to properly put into words the beauty and magistracy of my teams performance over the past seven days. It is hard to put into words how awesome I am sometimes. Hopefully tonight I can get something posted

2014-11-28Trevor Silver(11)If the season ended today
Followed by Gonchar and Zidlicky in the second round.

2014-11-28Ron Sollows(1)if the season ended today
My guess is you draft Boyle and Jagr 1st and 2nd overall

2014-11-27Steve Cooper(2)If we ended the schedule today!!!
If we ended the NHL schedule today, I would have 1st & 2nd overall picks. McDavid and Eichel, you are mine!!!

2014-11-25Ron Sollows(1)Oilers
Want to trade Perron for a top center. First off Perron is not getting you a top center and why not continue sucking for one more year and get a shot at McDavid or Eichel. Or teach their forwards how to play without the puck and get a better goalie and D, other than Schultz he is awesome.

2014-11-10Charlie Flemming(4)FYI....NHL announces partnership with DraftKings
NEW YORK –The National Hockey League (NHL®) today announced a multi-year North American partnership with DraftKings, one of the largest U.S.-based destinations for daily fantasy sports. Hockey fans will be able to take part in free to enter daily sports fantasy games on DraftKings.com for a chance to win numerous prizes, including trips to premier NHL events – 2015 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic®, 2015 NHL® All-Star Game, 2015 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™ and 2015 NHL Awards™.

2014-11-09Steve Cooper(2)At least I have one gold nugget
Well sitting here in 12th place, I at least have one gold nugget in my basket. The 1st place team (Brad) came a knocking to see it Giordano was available. I said only if one of the big three were involved. LOL was his response. So at least I have one thing I can brag about. I am currently leading the first line but we still have Sunday to go!!

2014-11-06Ron Sollows(1)my number 1 pick in our 2021 draft

2014-11-04Ron Sollows(1)Drouin
All about timing, early on no one interested in Gaudreau, now I have had a couple offers for him. Early on you could have got a lot more for Drouin than you can now, will he be good I think so but it may not be this year or next, just look at Yakupov. Not always easy to predict when making the jump to the NHL even the experts get it wrong otherwise the Oilers would have never taken Yakupov, Daigle would have never went 1st overall and Datsyuk and Zetterberg would have gone a lot higher. So yes I have made some offers but right now they would be less than I was willing to pay early on, I believe when he was injured to start the season I offered Schwartz, would not offer that now.

2014-11-04Trevor Silver(11)Drouin
12th round eh? So does this count as your one offer per week that you make for him?

2014-11-04Ron Sollows(1)Drouin
3rd line no PP time and less than 10 minutes a game, I could go my 12th round pick for him.

2014-10-30Ron Sollows(1)Also
You should not tell others not to trade with me, no singling out one team. What would be acceptable is Ronnie Rocks, Ronnie Rules, Go Ron Ron Go

2014-10-30Trevor Silver(11)Stand Corrected
Coop, you are correct, I should have commented on the 3rd place win. The ramblings have been corrected to mention your 3rd place victory. You are welcome :)

2014-10-29Steve Cooper(2)Hey, where is my credit!!!
I won the 3rd line in week #3. That has to be worth some mention!!

2014-10-21Charlie Flemming(4)Tampa Bay
Watched TB at Van last Saturday....real good hockey game. First time seeing Bishop and he was impressive !

2014-10-17Ron Sollows(1)Oilers upside
Next year they could be sucking with Connor McDavid

2014-10-15Trevor Silver(11)End of my rope
thats it. The Oilers have done me in. Its not that they keep losing, but the way they keep losing. They are not even competitive. Why not lose a game 3-2? Why is every loss 6-1. Time to get rid of everything edmonton in my life. Players, jerseys, hockey cards.... they all gotta go!!!! grrr!!!!

2014-10-14Ron Sollows(1)When do you panic
Me I panic shift to shift if my guys do not get a point when on the ice

2014-10-10Steve Cooper(2)Nash sucks!!!
Do i protect Nash or Richards... Richards projected to play with Kane, Nash sucks in yhe playoffs. Easy Richards. 1st night, Richards placed on third line, Nash moved to top line and bags 3 points. ARRGGG!!!

2014-10-09Ron Sollows(1)no points for Kessel last night
My McDavid watch has begun.

2014-09-30Trevor Silver(11)Re-Build
Your rebuild will last 2 weeks until you make your first trade. Plus, you have the youngest team in the league so I think your rebuild is already done

2014-09-30Ron Sollows(1)Well that is it
I am rebuilding for next year!!!!

2014-09-29Steve Cooper(2)New GM starts off with a bang
Well it didn take long for the new GM Jason Kayes to make a big splash. First day after the draft and POW... Giroux and Duchene moved for Tavares and Subban. Could be the biggest trade of the year. Welcome aboard Jason!!

2014-09-29Ron Sollows(1)down year for me already
first trade of the season and I wasnt involved, although I did have an offer out for Giroux

2014-09-21Ron Sollows(1)Not what I planned
all excited woke up checked the hockey news and Johansen got an offer, but it was from the KHL

2014-07-30Ron Sollows(1)an off-season trade and I wasn't involved
We can't have that, I'm sending out 11 offers right now.

2014-07-02Charlie Flemming(4)No Hockey....
Hate this time of year....NO NHL HOCKEY. OK if you don't mind watching Soccer or MLB....I Don't ! Just Sayin.

2014-06-16Trevor Silver(11)Off-Season
I love this time of year when all the rumors start flying about where people will sign... and all the trade talk heats up right before the draft. Love it!!! And if Montreal gives Markov 3 years at 6m per year, Bergeven should be run out of town. Just sayin......

2014-06-03Trevor Silver(11)Playoff Pool
Let's see.... works out to 8.5 points per player. I'm gonna go with yes!!!!

2014-06-02Steve Cooper(2)Your the only one who can catch me in the pool
Trevor, think you can muster up 34 points in the playoff pool? You are the only one who can catch me. I think I was better off with Chicago loosing. Ron picked up 8 points with his Chicago guys over the last two games. Now neither of us (Adam as well) have any players left.

2014-05-27Trevor Silver(11)Richards
Mike Richards playing 4th line C in Los Angeles. Do we think he now offically become fantasy irrelevant? I think he's been on the border for a year or two.....

2014-05-14Trevor Silver(11)Pittsburgh
I'm no expert, but I am thinking there may be some changes in Pittsburgh next year. Bylsma out and Trotz in I think for one will happen. Niskanen gone likely to happen too. I think they would be wise to dangle Malkin (before he bolts to Russia with Ovechkin) to a western conference team to see what they could get to help out on the defensive side of the puck. Paul Martin sitting in your top two is not inspiring. I know it won't happen, but how cool would a Malkin for Weber deal be!!!

2014-04-15Steve Cooper(2)Drafting the old fellas
You guys all laughed when I drafted Jagr this year. He outscored a many of your 3rd liners this year. But Whitney should be riding off into the sunset after this year. Hey, I did pick up Kuznetsov & Barkov to lower the age average of my team.

2014-04-14Brad Simms(3)Ovie...
I would miss Ovie..... lol. On a different note I would like to say thanks to all who take part in our fantasy hockey pool. We had another exciting year and I for one really enjoy the league and look forward to defending my title next year...lol. Charlie, a special thanks to you, as always you did a great job. I have Marleau, Byfuglien, Semin, Bergeron, Wisniewski, available and Cooper for you I have the ageless Whitney that I know you would consider protecting....lol. Brad

2014-04-14Ron Sollows(1)Congrats to Brad and everyone else
Pretty much start to finish, not much excitement for you. And I must say me ending up in 2nd almost as satisfying as winning, you weren't going to be caught and halfway through the season I didn't think I could get a money spot. Congrats to Ted and Charlie as well, it was fun and a battle between the three of us near the last few weeks and Charlie scared me the final week, good thing I had a little lead. Some big injuries certainly came into play but we all have to deal with them, Kane and Toews huge blows for Ted. Charlie lost Tarasenko and scrambled to fill that spot plus Kunitz and Ladd the last couple weeks. I was ready to sell the farm when I dealt for Datsyuk and Zetterberg and both ended up injured shortly afterwards, plus I was dealt a double whammy on RW with Ryan and Okposo going out late, so we all dealt with some big injuries but hung in there nicely. Just goes to show it's a long, long season, was a time I was looking up at the two Steves wondering if I could catch them, and looking over my shoulder at Tom who was hanging in there all season. The new guy Marty played all year and was really involved so a good addition, he actually has some big names for next year if they can stay healthy, The Sedins, Datsyuk and Skinner. Tim returned and did a lot of wheeling and dealing and has some good keepers as well, Norm ends up with a big guy in Zetterberg plus some decent D men from some deals. Jason lost Stamkos early so lost interest as well, tough blow. Tom battled all year, a little more attention to his team and he could have been top 4. Last (in the standings as well) but not least (when you see all the high picks he has) Trevor, cleaned house early, has a few big time keepers in RNH, MacKinnon and Karlsson so with all the top picks he'll be in good shape next year, although I'll have Mackinnon and Karlsson by November, as I go into my 3rd consecutive rebuild mode.

2014-04-12Charlie Flemming(4)Ovechkin.....
I don't think he will be missed by many.

2014-04-11Trevor Silver(11)KHL
Rumour has Ovechkin heading back to the KHL. 7 years and $70 million left on his contract, think Washington would like to get out from under that? What do you think? Will Ovie pull a Kovalchuk and head back home. I tend to go back to where there's smoke there's fire.....perhaps this will happen???

2014-04-02Steve Cooper(2)Barkov
Just trying to bring down the average age of my roster!!

2014-04-01Trevor Silver(11)Best trade
My best bonehead trade was moving Bobby Ryan for Yakupov. That was the start of why I had to move everyone else and pack it in

2014-04-01Charlie Flemming(4)Kadri ....
Tim did OK getting Kadri for cheap from me late last year. I probably could have traded him for Pavelski, who he didn't protect. Oh well, that's what makes it interesting !

2014-04-01Ron Sollows(1)bonehead move
Mine would have to be Kopitar for Kadri, proven 70+ point guy in Kopitar for a 2nd line Leafs guy, a solid keeper for a non-keeper. Oh well when you trade as much as I do you won't win them all, just have to dust yourself off get up and keep going.

2014-03-31Steve Cooper(2)God, I feel like the Leafs
I am starting to feel like the Leafs. My guys just can't seem to put enough pucks in the net for points. Yes, I still have a chance at 4th, but depending on how Ted did last week (I know he won the 2nd line), it might be quite bleak. Never should have unloaded Vanek for Skinner. That is my bonehead trade of the year. And no, the Sedin's isn't because O'Reilly is doing ok and Richards... well NYR still don't score much but he has scored more than the injured H. Sedin. May have to pick up some young guns and play the patience game.... yeah right, me patient. NOT

2014-03-27Trevor Silver(11)hahahaha
Oops.... I will accept all criticism this week. But kessel is there.... you just have to spell his name with a G... and then a ETZLAF after the G.

2014-03-27Ron Sollows(1)commentary a disgrace this week
I know Kessel has slowed of late but he's still 3rd overall in the league yet not listed in the top 5 scorers

2014-03-26Trevor Silver(11)commentary
Sorry for the delay in the weekly rambling. Buying a house (Closes on Friday) so have been busy with last minute house stuff. Try to get something posted tonight... and I won't pick on Coop this week :)

2014-03-25Ron Sollows(1)A glimmer of hope
Malkin out for the rest of the regular season. Would have to gain about 25 points a week for the final 3 weeks but it is possible, unlikely given the rest of his players and his lead but possible.

2014-03-25Ron Sollows(1)My vote
Leafs will make the playoffs, just make it, need Bernier back quickly though.

Clarkson, figured with better players he could score 30 goals and be a decent 2nd liner for them, didn't expect much from the other two.

2014-03-24Trevor Silver(11)Time to Vote
Two questions. Will the Leafs make the playoffs? #2 - who is the most disappointing free agents signing this year? Clarkson (Tor), Weiss (Det), Brunner (NJ), or someone else?

2014-03-20Trevor Silver(11)Good Advice
I will scratch Hall/Eberle off my list right now. How many points do you think Kessel will get in 4 games?

2014-03-20Ron Sollows(1)playoff advice Trevor
Avoid The Oilers I don't think they'll make it again this year. Kessel a nice late round pick for you though

2014-03-20Trevor Silver(11)Playoffs
Ron, thank you..... Now I understand and can start planning to dominate Smicer's playoff pool

2014-03-20Ron Sollows(1)playoffs
top 3 from each division, so lets take the East Boston and Pitt the two division winners and they would play the two wildcard teams in round 1, Boston the top seed getting the worse wildcard team. 2nd vs 3rd in each division play in the first round so right now Tampa vs Montreal and they would stay that way for round two, winner of the Boston series plays winner of the Tampa/Montreal


2014-03-19Steve Cooper(2)Greetings from the DR - oh yeah Kuznetzov
We had 32 degrees today. Went on a snorkeling tour today to Catalina Island. I actually not thinking hockey during the day. Just picked up Kuznetsov to have for next years draft. Seeing him put up 4 points last week on only 9:00 min per game is promising. I might even slide him one week if Washington has 4 games.

2014-03-19Trevor Silver(11)Playoffs
Does anyone know how the playoff seeding's work this year? I understand the first round... Right now it would be Bos vs. Columbus, Pitt . vs. Toronto, Montreal (2) vs. Tampa (3), and Philly (2), vs NYR (3). Now lets say Bos, and Pitt. win. And then Montreal and Philly win? Who plays who? Or even weirder... Boston, Toronto, Montreal and Philly win? We would 3 from one division and one from the Metropolitan? Who plays who? I'm so confused

2014-03-19Trevor Silver(11)T.Dot
Here on the 29th eh? I'll alert the guards at Pearson to see if I can get you cavity searched or something!!!

2014-03-19Ron Sollows(1)Kessel vs The Redwings
On the 29th in TO, I'll be there. You can buy me a Kessel jersey as a peace offering.

2014-03-19Trevor Silver(11)Going Good
Yes Ron, I am not saying it is Kessel and kessel alone. All I am saying is there is a link and when Kessel was on fire so were you. Last two weeks Kessel has come back to normal production and so have you. And I think everyone needs their best players going well to move up the standings, and Kessel is your best player. I stand by my statement.... if Kessel gets red hot again, so will you.

2014-03-19Ron Sollows(1)not just Kessel
You need more than just one player going well to compete

Desharnais although he only has 43 points it seems like he's had 1 or 2 points every game for me.

Landeskog has been solid, so has Stastny and he's back now

FA Nyquist has been really good and Palat looking good as well

Vanek and Koivu disappointing to date but both with 3 point nights last night so should be good moving forward

Okposo's been close to Kessel like with or without Tavares

My D, I always seem to find decent enough D

I think I have enough to stay in the top 4 and hopefully a spot or two higher

2014-03-18Steve Cooper(2)Ears listening from the DR
It's called the world wide web (www) for a reason. I've got my ears on Trevor. Albeit they are warm at 28 degrees not -15 :)

2014-03-18Charlie Flemming(4)Trashing Coop...
Trevor,...Just enjoyed your weekly fantasy synopsis. Dont have to trash Coop while he's away, you do a fine job each week....hahaha.

2014-03-16Trevor Silver(11)Present for the refs
I had no rooting interest in last night's ottawa/montreal game, but if I am a habs fan, I would definately buy those refs a Christmas present this year

2014-03-09Trevor Silver(11)Trades
I love when there are controversial trades made and I had nothing to do with it

2014-03-07Steve Cooper(2)The Sedin's philosophy from the horse
Well here is the way I saw it. The Sedin's went 1 point in 14 games. Tortorella is a defense first kind of coach. I don't think he is going to change the game that much. As for Richards... as soon as I saw St.Louis go to the Rangers, I was pretty sure he was going to be back with Richards and sure enough, they are put together. O'Reilly is playing on the 1st line with Duchense and both have been putting up the numbers. That my thoughts.

2014-03-07Brad Simms(3)Sedins
I hear what your saying Ron but He got Richards back and he too is 33 years of age. I guess its preference but I would have taken my chances with the Sedins.

2014-03-07Ron Sollows(1)Sedins
Real tough call, only 33 so certainly could have some big years left or will this decline continue, me I think I would have done what Steve did got the best I could before it got any worse. Once I see see signs of older guys slowing down I usually dump them, did it with the Sedins, St. Louis, Datsyuk and Zetterberg, doesn't always work out St. Louis still really good years later. Also look out for Marty if these stars have a few more years left, The Sedins, Datsyuk and so on.

2014-03-07Brad Simms(3)Sedins
Steve...you sent out an email saying the Sedins were available but you weren't giving them away......I think you just gave them away. You got less in return than what you gave up and you got them for cheap. I know.....they are having a horrible year but I think a lot of good players are. Its really been a little bit of a strange year for some of star players. I have several players on my team that are under performing. It seems the depth has been the difference this year either through draft or trades. If you relied mainly on your six protectables to get it done, it would have let you down for sure. Ron...I have to say every year, year in and year out you seem to stay at the top and I had you with that roster of yours somewhere from the middle to the bottom of the standings at year end. I should of known better....lol.

2014-03-06Charlie Flemming(4)Ottawa...
I gotta say that McLean hasn't had much to work with. Murray hasn't done much to make this team better. Ottawa will remain a have not team until Murray is gone.

2014-03-06Ron Sollows(1)re: Ryan
Yes I was thinking that, about 55 to 60 this year, maybe 30 goals, but can't help but think top line, top PP and more minutes and his numbers go up. Still only 26 so maybe, just maybe next year.

2014-03-06Trevor Silver(11)Ryan
I don't know, what do you think? Is Bobby Ryan simply a 60 point player that everyone thinks is capable of 50 goals and 100 points? Career high has been 71 points, and only one other time has he cracked 60.

2014-03-06Ron Sollows(1)re: Hemsky
One game no points so time to change it up MacLean, same chance Ryan got. No playoffs and MacLean is gone in the off season. MacLean is dead to me!!!!

2014-03-06Steve Cooper(2)Hemsky
Watched that he was playing with Spezza last night. Just what I wanted as I picked up Hemsky from Trevor for a mere one draft round pick later. Hoping that he and Spezza find chemistry. I think Ryan is a one way player. Every time I see him play, he only seems to pick up the pace when they are on the offence.

2014-03-06Ron Sollows(1)WTF
Time to fire MacLean, Sens can't score and they have their top goal scorer, Ryan, on the 3rd line, Hemsky comes in with his 26 total points (Ryan 22 goals) and Hemsky' on the top line and gets more ice time and PP time than Ryan. Ryan and Spezza barely a chance before they pulled the plug on that. Must be something wrong with Ryan, lazy, bad on D or something, regardless he's still your best chance for a goal so he should be out there on the top line and top PP unit.

2014-03-05Steve Cooper(2)Sedin's gone!!!
Jesus, I had to dump them. One point in 15 games for each of them. Just poison on the team and keeping me up at night (very late. Waking up at 3 to check the late game only to see Vancouver was shut out again or held to 1 goal). Trevor, you mentioned Richards should get help from St.Louis and if Hemsky can get with Spezza... That was the madness when I decided to get both of them. Just hoping that Kesler goes to Pittsburg but it doesn't look like it happened.

2014-03-01Ron Sollows(1)Draft pick
No good having all those high picks if you only have 2 decent keepers. I'll tell you what I'll trade you a couple better keepers in the off season for your 1st overall pick, you're welcome

2014-02-28Trevor Silver(11)Draft Pick
I really want another 1st round pick.... Anyone want to give me one for Hemsky? He's going to look good when he gets traded to Pittsburgh. :)

2014-02-23Trevor Silver(11)Back to the NHL
Probably one of the most dominant canadian teams ever. Very weird, not used to a canadian team being that focused on defence....and to be that good at it, was impressive. If you had of told me that crosby and toews would have 2 goals combined at the end of the olympics I would have thought a 5th place finish at best. But now that the all star games are over, back to the playoff races!!!!

2014-02-21Ron Sollows(1)Canada vs USA (men)
Toughest test yet and time for top forwards to show up, you mention Kessel's 3 goals vs Slovenia doesn't count, Crosby two assists total vs Norway, Austria and Latvia

2014-02-21Ron Sollows(1)Women's hockey
A friend of mine said they would dominate a Q league team, I watched yesterday and a guy like Drouin would get 10 points a game against those teams IMO. They can skate but it's north south no moves and the shots are no where near men's or even top junior players.

2014-02-20Steve Cooper(2)Canada's Olympic women's hockey
Holly shit, what a finish to that game. Lucky that I had some time this afternoon to watch the last period. What a finish. I must admit, I was surprised the girls pulled it out. But, the Americans did what the Toronto Maple Leafs did when Boston came back and beat them. They stopped skating and kept giving the possession back to Canada and try to defend. How many times must a coach learn that when you are ahead... keep the foot on the pedal and skate the opposition into the ground. I should have been an NHL coach!!!

2014-02-20Ron Sollows(1)Olympic hockey
Hate to say it but I think the USA is the best team right now, although Canada playing against top NHLers it will be back to a style of hockey they know so that may help. I think the USA pull the upset, although I'd like to see Canada win.

Women could be in trouble too, I think the US could beat them as well

2014-02-20Steve Cooper(2)Olympics - Canada vs USA Mens
The Americans are getting all the hype. Canada is getting things done to keep moving. The Americans have not had to deal with the defense that Canada has. I don't think you are going to see much scoring in that game. I have Canada winning 3-1. Yeah, Kessel might sneak one in on the PP. You heard it here first!!

2014-02-17Ron Sollows(1)Olympics
Pretty sure those points still count, just like playing the Oilers in the NHL

2014-02-16Trevor Silver(11)Olympics
Hat ticks against Slovenia count for nothing.

2014-02-16Ron Sollows(1)Olympics
Trevor you watching any of the hockey, who's leading the scoring race and the best player there so far?

2014-02-15Charlie Flemming(4)Standings....
Thanks for updating the Standings Steve....been battling the flu bug all this week. Will try to complete the financial statement within the next few days too. Awesome game this morning between US and Russia!

2014-02-14Steve Cooper(2)Standings updated
Standing have been updated.

2014-02-14Ron Sollows(1)updated standings????
I have reason to look now

2014-02-13Ron Sollows(1)One final Kessel thought
Looking at the top scorers, Crosby the best regardless, but Getzlaf has Perry, Tavares with Okposo and Vanek, Kane with Hossa, Toews, Sharp and Keith, Ovie with Backstrom, Kessel has Bozak and JVR, that's why his numbers this year are far more impressive than most up there. Don't build around him than who Phaneuf, you build around your best player and that's Kessel not every team has a Crosby to build around, give Kessel the supporting case others have and you get better, Bernier has helped this year.

Ask yourself this is any player right now more valuable to their team, you take Crosby out which we've seen before and Malkin lights it up, Kane is good but you still have Toews, Sharp, Hossa and Keith, you take Kessel out of the Leafs lineup and they are done.

2014-02-12Trevor Silver(11)Kessel
Yes, your arguments make complete sense. It's not Kessel's fault (entirely) that the Leafs have not won in the playoffs. And 21 points is a good number in the playoffs. My apologies that it seemed like I was blaming Kessel for the team failures. But, does Phil Kessel give anyone that warm fuzzy feeling inside that says this is the guy we should build our franchise around... that this is the guy who can lead the team to greatness? And I ask this honestly, as a non-leaf fan. I don't follow them religiously so I'm not privy to how he is perceived by die hard fans, or those close to the team.

2014-02-12Ron Sollows(1)Kessel/Playoffs
I think it's unfair in some cases when people say ya but he does nothing in the playoffs, fact is the Leafs haven't been good enough to go far in the playoffs let alone make it most years, one player isn't winning it for you so hardly Kessel's fault. His playoff stats 21 points in 22 games so right around a PPG like he is in the regular season, fact is the Leafs as a team just aren't good enough.

Ottawa hasn't gone anywhere in the playoffs must be Karlsson's fault, oh wait he sucks in his own end so I actually may be on to something there.

2014-02-12Trevor Silver(11)Praise for Kessel
I sure did mention Kessel's entry into the top 5. I even commented that he passed Kane this last week. And I think you are forgetting that heartfelt tribute a few weeks back on the main page. Where I commented about his prolific scoring ability, his courageous battle with cancer, and his stunning playoff success. Huh... something sounds a bit off with that last statement, but can't put my finger on it. I like Kessel, don't get me wrong. Do I think he is a top 5 scorer in the NHL? Ummm no. I think Kessel is a top 5 goal scorer in the league, not top 5 in points. I would say his ceiling is 40 goals, 80 points on a regular basis. Not to say there couldn't be a year or two where he dips above (or below) those numbers, but I think over the course of his career, his most productive 5 or so years will probably be in that range. Crosby/Stamkos/Ovechkin/Malkin have locks on top 4 players in the league, and are in a category all their own (Superstars). The next tier of players is where Kessel belongs. I consider those the "Star" players And there are a lot of good players in that tier that in any one year can put together a great season. I am thinking of Tavares, Getzlaf, Perry, Kane, Backstrom, etc etc.... a lot of those guys are scary good. My biggest problem with kessel is that I don't think he's the guy you build around to make a winning team. And by winning I mean playoff success He's not the guy that makes the rest of the team better. For me, Kessel is the guy you add to an already winning formula. And unfortunately for leaf fans, they have chosen to build around Kessel and Phaneuf. And I think you should build less around Phaneuf than you do Kessel. But what do I know, I am a long suffering Oilers fan once again, waiting for next year.

2014-02-12Ron Sollows(1)Weekly commentary
I noticed you just listed the top 5 scorers in the league and zero fanfare for Kessel who's moved into that group, abused early on by you but not now.

Interesting Olympic stat, if the practice lines remain the same for all teams the highest goal scorer line in the tournament is not Crosby, Kunitz, Carter, it's not any team Canada line, it's the USA line of JVR, Pavelski, Kessel

2014-02-11Ron Sollows(1)Letang
Ya scary stuff, Niskanen is still on the top PP unit correct?

2014-02-11Ron Sollows(1)STOP the Olympics
You're probably looking forward to the Olympic break Steve, give your guys a chance to regroup and get healthy (Sedin, MacArthur), I'm the opposite my guys have been rolling so I want to keep it going, not a two week break and god forbid one of your players get hurt playing over there. Still 7 weeks to go so not sure if I can keep up my charge with a lot of no names and unheard of guys (until now) (Desharnais, Niskanen, T. Johnson, Nyquist and so on, hoping Palat (TB) joins the charge) they've been good for me so far but it can go south just as quickly, could actually challenge for 2nd or end up 7th.

2014-02-10Steve Cooper(2)Limping into the O'limp'ics
Well, my last four weeks have been a disaster. The Sedins need to go back to peewee to remember scoring. Who would have thought 1 point in 15 games would be a label both the Sedins would honour. Will just have to plunk them on the third line until they wake up. All my decent free agents (Hudler, MacArthur, Sekara) have dried up... all at the same time. Hopefully the break will wake some of the up when they look at their stats. Now out of the money spots looking in, still lucky that I am still in the race for a few of them. If Brad doesn't suffer a few injuries, it looks like he will walk away with the title.

2014-02-08Trevor Silver(11)Letang
That's some scary shit, the stroke suffered by Letang.!

2014-02-08Charlie Flemming(4)Olympics a Distraction ... Just Sayin.
Rick Nash and John Tavaras both played in a Winter Classic game and are preparing for the Olympics. 1 point between them since Jan.25. even after firing close to 40 shots!

2014-02-07Trevor Silver(11)Olympic Hockey
I would not be surprised at all if any of Canada, Russia, US, Finland, or Sweden won gold at the olympics. To say it's a joke because lesser countries are competing with players that are not up to the caliber of those who did not make other countries, I do not completely agree with. By the same argument, Edmonton, Calgary, Florida, Buffalo make the NHL a joke because they cannot compete with Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, Anaheim , etc.

2014-02-07Ron Sollows(1)Olympic hockey a joke
To say it's the best hockey in the world, of course we like it because were Canadian and have a good shot, but look at some of the players that didn't make it, Giroux, E. Staal, Neal, Bobby Ryan, Fleury, Hall, Eberle, RNH, Okposo and even MacKinnon are better than every player on these teams other than maybe Vanek and Kopitar, Austria, Czech, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland

2014-02-06Ron Sollows(1)Actually I'm sorry about my Sedin comment
I should just worry about my own players, The Sedins can just keep doing what they're doing.

2014-02-05Trevor Silver(11)Sochi
Ron, you might be right with the Sedin injury prediction. Did you know that nobody named Sedin has scored a goal in 2014?

2014-02-05Ron Sollows(1)Sochi injury prediction
Trevor went with Malkin. I'll go with Daniel Sedin, he hasn't been hurt this year so he's due. Sorry Steve but I am trying to catch you afterall, plus you won't even miss him he hasn't had a point in 8 games!!!!

2014-02-05Ron Sollows(1)back by popular demand
Twas the night before trade deadline, when all through the house
Not a player was scoring, not even the Sedins
The stockings were hung by the goal net with care
In hopes that St. Louis soon would score there

My players were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of goal scoring danced in their heads
And mamma in kerchief and I in my Habs cap
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap

When out on the ice rink there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter
Away to the window I flew like a flash
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash

The moon on the breast of the ice rink with snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a scoring machine and a winger and center

With a little old wrist shot, so lively and quick
I knew in a a moment it must be Phil Kessel
More rapid than eagles the players they came
And Phil high-fived and cheered and called them by name

Now Kadri, now Nyquist, now Landeskog and Niskanen
on Johnson, on Markov, on Okposo and Seabrook
To the top of the crease to the top of the slot
Now score away, score away, score away all

2014-02-05Trevor Silver(11)Christmas poem
You took down the poem!!! That was awesome, you should have left it up.

2014-02-05Ron Sollows(1)not a pretty picture painted of me recently
Devil, Jekyll and Hyde, liar, my god.

Devil: The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him

Jekyll and Hyde: I am not, yes you are, no I'm not, yes you are.....

Liar: I always tell the truth. Even when I lie

2014-01-31Trevor Silver(11)Birthday present
Aaahhh... Ron, you shouldn't have. What a generous gift.

2014-01-31Ron Sollows(1)Happy belated birthday Trevor
and my present to you is a 7th round pick for Karlsson, no need to thank me.

2014-01-30Ron Sollows(1)Standings
I noticed that but didn't say anything as I was hoping next week I would be in 1st and Brad in 7th

2014-01-29Charlie Flemming(4)Week 17 STANDINGS....
Oh well, that didn't work too well. Ha. Can't get anything by the auditor. There you go Ted, your back in 2nd place now.

2014-01-29Trevor Silver(11)Ted - Down the Standings
Charlie, I know you'd like to finish higher in the standings, but still no reason to put Ted down to 8th on the Standings page!!!

2014-01-23Ron Sollows(1)Leafs/Kessel
At the end of the day I'm a Habs fan so really don't care if the Leafs choke in the playoffs matter of fact I like it, unless of course I took some Leafs in a playoff pool. I just need regular season points from the best PK in the league, Phil Kessel.

2014-01-23Ron Sollows(1)Carolina
They played and Faulk got a point so things are fine with our Canes Steve

2014-01-22Brad Simms(3)Trevor on Phil Kessel

2014-01-21Steve Cooper(2)Carolina... Phew
Just read that they pushed the game to Wednesday. No games lost this week.

2014-01-21Steve Cooper(2)Carolina... game postponed AGAIN!!!
Well damn. for the 2nd week in a row, Carolina has their game snowed out. Of course I have Skinner on my top line. Luckily I didn't have Sekera in this week. Hopefully it will turn a 3 game week into a 4 game week. Or better yet, a 5 game week.

2014-01-21Trevor Silver(11)The Leafs
Don't worry, the Leafs will break your heart again. You see.... the leafs don't just lose when the end comes, they lose in EPIC fashion. Like last year's game 7 collapse against the Bruins.

2014-01-21Ron Sollows(1)Hey Trevor
How about them Kessel led Leafs???

I'm thinking your next weekly commentary should be entirely dedicated to Kessel, starting from a young boy to him leading the Leafs charge for a playoff spot this season and how he's given me new hope of getting back in the race for a top 4 spot

2014-01-21Ron Sollows(1)Bottom
Started from the bottom now we're here
Started from the bottom now my whole team f*cking here

I'm coming for your Cooper

2014-01-20Trevor Silver(11)Chirping
If you can't have fun while at the bottom, then life's just not worth living. :)

2014-01-20Steve Cooper(2)Sedins
I do believe I hear some chirping for down below in the ranks. I can't hear that well. It sounds like it is coming from way down. Nah, must just be in my head :)

2014-01-20Trevor Silver(11)Hank
The good Sedin is injured too. Probably has broken ribs and likely done for the year. I'm not a doctor or anything Coop, but you might want to trade the damaged goods now before the real news of the injury leaks out. I wouldn't believe this day to day thing they are saying right now. I'd be happy to trade you Perreault for him... Ooooh... how about Brassard? He's scored a goal lately.

2014-01-20Ron Sollows(1)Sedins
Time to move them before their value goes down anymore, use to be a lock for a PPG, not anymore. I'll take them, make me an offer.

2014-01-19Steve Cooper(2)Love those Sedin's
If someone offered you a bet at 100 to 1 that the Sedin's had 4 games in one week and neither one of them would score a point, would you take the bet !! (based on that fact that they were actually playing in all 4 games. Not me. Damn, I could have made a shit load of money!!!

2014-01-17Trevor Silver(11)The Leafs
I like Kessell too.... but anyone who knows me, knows I will never...ever....ever... pass up a chance to get in a good leaf slam. And I do not think they will make the playoffs. I will bet $500 imaginary dollars on it.

2014-01-17Ron Sollows(1)Karlsson
Oh ya I forgot about him, he's not bad. Brutal Kessel has the Leafs higher in the standings though doesn't he?

Lots of McDavid hype but similar to MacKinnon he's good but he's no Crosby, you may be looking at 2017-18

2014-01-17Trevor Silver(11)How bout?
Karlsson and anyone else? That should equal kessel. My team is built to dominate in 2015-2016 after I draft connor mcdavid

2014-01-16Ron Sollows(1)crap
Correct me if I'm wrong but Kessel is hot and the Leafs are in a playoff spot. Plus which two keepers do you have to equal his point total?

2014-01-16Trevor Silver(11)Crap
And you still won the trade!!!

2014-01-16Ron Sollows(1)crap
I just traded Kessel to my mother for a box of Corn Flakes

2014-01-10Trevor Silver(11)rebuild
I never doubted you would blow it all up again. But I do like how my name has been turned into a verb.

2014-01-10Ron Sollows(1)See Trevor
I was serious about dealing everyone, doing a rebuild like you

2014-01-09Ron Sollows(1)Postponed Carolina-Buffalo game now Feb. 25
I predict Skinner on IR by then. Sorry but you were happy Parise got hurt.

2014-01-08Ron Sollows(1)my goal is to return like Cooper
He was down and out for a bit, didn't have all his picks at the draft but he's back near the top once again. I've been down the last two seasons and will RISE up again. Need to be smarter in my trading for sure, you're welcome Tim, nice rebuild and set of keepers for you.

2014-01-08Steve Cooper(2)Staying pat can spell disaster
Well, I learned one year that standing pat at the deadline can be deadly. I remember a certain someone blew buy me on the final week when I still thought I had a large enough lead to win. That one stung for awhile. So, this year I have gone back to spending more time following the games/stats and player patterns and moving players to upgrade my depth. So far it has done me well to have me in the top four. It is going to be tough to keep up with Ted & Brad but I will take a shot at them.

2014-01-08Ron Sollows(1)See things the way we do
Not so much for me the last two season, but on a bright note once again my fire sale has begun.

2014-01-08Trevor Silver(11)Trading 101
I give props to both of you. I may not always agree with what you do, but you guys usually see things I don't, and then they happen. I wish I had your ability to wheel-n-deal like you do.....

2014-01-08Steve Cooper(2)Trading 101
Well, as you said, it is easy to critique a deal a few weeks into it. Skinner is on fire right now and it looks like a steal for me... until Skinner gets one good knock and has his 3rd concussion and gone for the season. We have watched you make deals and shake our heads only to be watching you raise the championship trophy... (Why don't we have a championship trophy!!) for the forth time. Like you said, you give up one keeper for two more experienced keepers which gives you more depth which we both know wins championships. I never second guess the trades you make because you have shown in the past to have seen the potential way before the rest of us. That is why you and I are the only 4 time champs (although I have been removed for a very long time and the competition is better).

2014-01-08Ron Sollows(1)Trading 101, or not
Easy after the fact for example to look at what Tavares is doing compared to Zetterberg and Datsyuk and say that was a brutal deal, but at the time he wasn't and it could easily be reversed, reason I never dwell on a bad deal, plus I've seen many that look good for one team after making it and turn out better for the other the following year, doubt this one will but Tavares can break his leg too. I'll always try to improve my team and I like to trade but yes that means a lot of the time I get burnt so I won't try to justify any deal I've made and I just pick myself up and move forward with who I have and maybe next year I'll be a little smarter and keep the top guys I have..... no probably not. Also one other major point for me is I'm never playing for 4th I'm always trying for 1st so when I pack it in with 4th maybe still in reach it's not what I'm after, giving up 4th this year for a shot at 1st next year I do in a second, of course with the teams Brad and Ted have not so easy to do that anymore, maybe I should be playing for 3rd or 4th, nah. So yes some of us do deal a lot but would you rather that or the guys sitting there doing nothing, never changing lines and having injured guys in their lineup all year, might as well pack it in if it gets to that point.

2014-01-08Ron Sollows(1)Keith
The problem with him for you Steve is similar to Visnosky, you'll be pumped and keep him as a top D man and he'll return to a 45 point guy

2014-01-07Steve Cooper(2)Karma's a bitch
Yeah, you are probably right about that. Not trying to make Ron... now Tim feel shitty. But it still cost me a 1st round pick and now all I have to show for it is the top scoring Dman in the league... :)

2014-01-07Trevor Silver(11)Game Cancelled
The game was cancelled because in your previous post you were happy that Parise was injured. The hockey gods do not take kindly when you are happy about another fantasy owner injury. Karma. :)

2014-01-07Steve Cooper(2)Buffalo/Caroline game cancelled!
Well talk about a piss off. Game cancelled because of storm. The funny thing is, the Carolina team had made it to Buffalo and are ready to play. But I bet the money hungry owners know a lot of people would not attend the game and the beer sales would be kaput. So what do they do... reschedule the game at a later date ... oh maybe when the temperature is 70 degrees and beer sales will skyrocket. Yup, I am bitter. Skinner is the hottest (well maybe behind Tavares) player and on my top line. Zaappp!!!

2014-01-02Steve Cooper(2)Parise out!!!
Well, that made me feel a little better about the deal although I lost Hertl for the rest of the year probably. At least I still have Keith who survived the injury bug and now leads the league for dman scoring and was able to move Hertl and get Cammalleri. Good enough for a number 3/4 LW. Gonna be a hard task keeping up with Brad and Ted although his St. Louis guys have been hit with the injury bug. Time to see how his depth holds up for him. Looking in the rear window at Charlie as well.

2014-01-01Trevor Silver(11)FA
First one to pick up Liles as a FA now that he got traded to Carolina?

2013-12-23Ron Sollows(1)re: Merry Christmas
Thanks Steve. I'm getting NHL 14 for xbox, could be my hockey highlight this season the way my guys are going.

2013-12-23Steve Cooper(2)Merry Christmas to all
Hope you and your families all have a safe and wonderful holiday season. May Santa bring you that free agent that comes from nowhere to help you finish one position below me :). Merry Christmas to all!!

2013-12-11Ron Sollows(1)Solid top to bottom
When healthy Brad's team tough to beat as he can roll out two lines with superstars on them. Ted is doing it as well this year with his Hawks and Blues (keep waiting for them to slow down). Other teams have good players but not superstars and that's the difference between getting 1 or 2 points from a player a night compared to 3 or 4 . Still a long way to go though, there will be some injuries yet to come, but not from my team I already had enough

2013-12-07Tim Hartnett(7)
Hey guys. Looking to deal players for some picks. I am probably keeping Kopitar Tavares Skinner Staal. Not sure about the last two keepers. Every other guy is there for the taking. Text or email me.

2013-12-06Ron Sollows(1)Desharnais
No thanks, I'll go with Krejci, Kadri and Hodgson until Datsyuk returns and plus once I dealt for him he would get hurt. Probably better you keep him anyway, after all your trading and the way he's going he may be your best keeper

2013-12-06Ron Sollows(1)Parise
I think I could be the one regretting that deal, Hertl as good as Parise point wise this year and no mystery with Parise he's around a 70 point guy, Hertl looks like a sniper and at 19 he could be a Stamkos type in the making.

Keith a top D this year and don't forget I gave up Hanzal in that deal and he's near a PPG and I could sure use him now with injury after injury. Oh well it's certainly not the first bad deal I've made and won't be the last, maybe next year I'll be like those guys that just sit there and don't make any moves, kidding that would be to boring.

2013-12-05Steve Cooper(2)Parise
I didn't feel I had to justify the trade or explain it. And I didn't feel slighted by your take on it. I like hearing views from other GM's. God if we all had the same view on trades... well I don't think a lot of trades would be made. I like the banter and of course when it works out, then you look like a genius. You know when you trade for Green and he doesn't do anything for a month. Oh wait, that was me... Zap!!!

2013-12-05Trevor Silver(11)Desharnais
6 points in last five games, available for the right price. Daddy needs to get all his picks in the first four rounds!!!!!!

2013-12-05Trevor Silver(11)Team name
Now helm is out with an injury. Seriously ron, you can have my team name anytime you want

2013-12-05Trevor Silver(11)Parise
You sit in 3rd and I in 8th, so please don't think I was criticizing the move. I might not have done it, but please don't take my commentary in a negative light. I was just talking about the big move made this week and possible ramifications. Like I said, you are in 3rd, so you are free to back up any deal you make

2013-12-05Steve Cooper(2)The Parise move!!
The logic behind me moving Parise was that with MacArthur being on a hot streak playing with Ryan and still having D.Sedin and Vanek in the fold, I could afford to move Parise. Hertl is young and we will see if he can continue riding the coattail of Thornton. But the real reason for the trade was to bolster my defense. Keith is 3rd in the league in scoring for Dman and now Kronwall has moved up into the top five. I have four solid players on each of the LW, C and RW. My Dman were a little suspect. So now with Keith & Kronwall running the first two lines... If Green can pick things up and Washington can return to the top PP team in the league. Look out. This is the first year in a long time where I actually feel I can shoot to the title. Brad's big three is going to make it tough but I think from top to bottom, I have the better team. We shall wait and see.

2013-12-05Trevor Silver(11)Kessel
hehehehehehe. Was wondering if you'd notice the Kessel references.

2013-12-05Ron Sollows(1)and leading the way this week Phil Kessel....
with 3 points and 25 on the season, so better than any player on your team now or prior to the sell off other than Karlsson but in the end Phil should be ahead of him too

2013-11-25Trevor Silver(11)Kessel Abuse
Abuse? In his defence, the pass to the guy on the right side was right on the tape. Well.... if the guy was holding a stick it was right on the tape.

2013-11-25Ron Sollows(1)Kessel abuse
Shame on your Trevor, he's the only guy that I'll keep for sure if I have a fire sale. Top point a game winger, has cooled off recently but will get it going again soon I'm sure. I predict you'll be listing him as one of the top points guy for the week this time time next week

2013-11-23Steve Cooper(2)Sedin's awake
Well after going six games with no points, the Sedins finally found the back of the net. Hopefully some more twine bulging tonight!! Go Nucks!!

2013-11-16Trevor Silver(11)Sorry Charlie
Think i traded away most of my team this week. Just want to keep you busy, Charlie. Pretty much done though, so you can rest up after this week

2013-11-15Ron Sollows(1)Ok enough is enough
Steen leading the NHL in goals and points, WTF. Time for him and Oshie to get hurt like they normally do.

2013-10-29Ron Sollows(1)Vanek/Tavares
Let's hope it's a dynamic duo like peanut butter and jelly

2013-10-11Steve Cooper(2)Hertl
I am hoping the Selanne rookie season idea!!

2013-10-11Ron Sollows(1)Hertl
Ya Trevor you're probably right

2013-10-10Trevor Silver(11)Hertl
I'm think Cory Connacher like rookie season.

2013-10-10Ron Sollows(1)Hertl
I'm thinking Selanne like rookie season!!!!!

2013-10-07Ron Sollows(1)Injury list
Trevor just give it a week or so and check again

2013-10-07Trevor Silver(11)Injury report
Just chcked my favorite injury report website, and saw none of my players listed. Nice!!!

2013-10-07Charlie Flemming(4)Week-1 Standings...Oct.07 2013
The Standings for Week-1 are delivered. Please let me know if you didn't get them. Charlie

2013-10-01Ron Sollows(1)Well it may be the first time I ever said this

2013-09-30Steve Cooper(2)Medical supplies required
After reviewing my new roster I was wondering if anyone knows where I can by Geritol in bulk!! The old guys are gonna kick some ass (for a little while anyway)

2013-09-27Ron Sollows(1)OH GOD
I better look over some stats, the draft's this Sunday.

Just kidding I've been pouring over stats for months now daily

2013-09-23Charlie Flemming(4)Protected Players....
I hope all managers have the Protected Players Rosters. Let me know by email if you don't.....Charlie

2013-09-12Ron Sollows(1)Lupul
As long as I have everyone healthy to start the season I'll take it

2013-09-12Trevor Silver(11)New manager
I'll leave him alone with RNH if you leave him alone with the more than oft injured Lupul

2013-09-12Ron Sollows(1)Yes we do have a new manager Trevor
And leave him alone. No one wants oft injured RNH

2013-09-10Trevor Silver(11)Manager
So do we have a new owner to replace Josh yet?

2013-09-10Trevor Silver(11)Pool
No pool for you!

2013-09-10Ron Sollows(1)Do we have a pool this year
No dates for keepers or draft set yet!!!!!

2013-09-04Trevor Silver(11)Run your own Team
In case you are interested, read about a new game called Fantasy Hockey Manager. It allows you to be the Coach, GM, or both of a hockey team. Make trades, move people to the minors etc etc. I think you can pick from a bunch of leagues too, so if you want to manage a KHL team you can do that to. I haven't played it yet, but in case you are into that sort of thing, give it a try. PC and MAC I think. http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/franchise-hockey-manager/

2013-07-25Steve Cooper(2)Welcome back Tim Hartnett
I would like to welcome back previous Champion Tim Hartnett. Tim was one of the new owners to take a last place team and in the second year, turn it into a championship team. (Ron & Brad were the others). Tim is always very active and it will be interesting to see how he builds his team this year. Good luck.

2013-07-17Trevor Silver(11)Trades not made
surprisingly, no... that does not make me feel better. I'll just have to keep Gaborik now and everyone will rue the day they did not accept my summertime trade offer for him.....because I'm pretty sure I hit up almost everyone trying to offload him.

2013-07-15Steve Cooper(2)Trades not made
What do we sometimes say... the best trades are ones not made. At least he isn't injured and you don't have to worry about having him in your line up and then he gets injured on Monday night. He is gone for good. Does that make you feel a little better.

2013-07-12Trevor Silver(11)Kovalchuk
It's always those imaginary offers I regret passing up.

2013-07-12Ron Sollows(1)Kovalchuk
Glad now you didn't take my offer of Kopitar, Kessel, Spezza, Vanek and a 1st round pick for Kovalchuk

2013-07-11Trevor Silver(11)Sedin
I'll trade you kovalchuk for either of them. FUUUUCCCCKKK!!!

2013-07-09Ron Sollows(1)Sedins
I'll own both by Christmas for Joe Corvo

2013-07-04Steve Cooper(2)Go sedins go
Well heres hoping the Sedins bounce back. Not sure with wingnut Torts behind the bench though. Says both of them will get time on the penalty kill!!! Well Gretzky & Kurri did and they still pruduced. Just hope Norm wins the draft lottery or Trevor will wag MacKinnon in front of me. Will need to be especially crafty at the draft this year.

2013-06-05Ron Sollows(1)Mooseheads
Probably not going to get MacKinnon or Drouin so I'll take former Moosehead Voracek, he better be for real.

2013-04-22Steve Cooper(2)Look up... Way up.
Well I think humbled would be the word I could use for my teams poor showing this year. Week #1 looked so promising and it was all downhill from there. Trevor statistically still a chance to move ahead of Jason but it is highly unlikely that Jason will get zero points and Trevor winning all three lines. But I might have an actual chance at Nathan MacKinnon !! Playoffs will be interesting this year because of... oh yeah the Leafs are in. For the past three years I made a bet that they would make it, only to be let down in the last weekend of the season.

2013-04-22Ron Sollows(1)Congrats
To Jason for winning his 1st title and to the others that finished in the top 4

but I'll be back next year!!!

2013-03-17Trevor Silver(11)Protest
I don't want to be left out, so i'll second both protets

2013-03-17Steve Cooper(2)Crosby deal
I would like to challenge every Crosby deal. I have been after him since he came into the league and no matter how sweet I made the deal, who ever owned him at the time would not trade him to me, even if my deal was the best deal to be had.

2013-03-16Ron Sollows(1)I' like to PROTEST the Stamkos deal
Not because it was unfair or someone was helping someone else, NO I'd like to protest because I didn't get Stamkos.

2013-03-11Ron Sollows(1)Kadri available
For anyone who's battling for top 4 or interested in a young guy on the rise (25 pts in 26 games) he is now available. For those still battling he can be packaged up with the like of Dupuis and Beauchemin as well.

2013-02-25Ron Sollows(1)re: trade
Well I got rid of all my Rangers thank god, except Del Zotto

2013-02-24Trevor Silver(11)Trades
What do you mean, "all the trades"? I think you are actually behind other years for the number of trades you usually make

2013-02-22Ron Sollows(1)Don't let all the trades fool you
I think I can still win it this year!!!!!!

2013-02-18Ron Sollows(1)Gaborik is gone
But there are still some good players available, only looking for a 5th round pick or so for a lesser player at the same position and a 10th or 11th round pick coming the other way

C Steen
C Roy
C Zajac
RW Clarkson
RW Vrbata
D Corvo
D Del Zotto
LW Cammalleri

2013-02-11Tim Hartnett(7)
Norm and I made a trade. I gave him Breire for Hagelin. I put it in wrong in the trade area on webpage. I put the trade in again. greg

2013-02-06Trevor Silver(11)Devils

2013-02-06Ron Sollows(1)Speaking of the Devils
The best RWer on that team is Clarkson, don't you think so Trevor?

2013-02-05Steve Cooper(2)Zidlicky, last of the #1 PP.
He may be old, but he is the last available #1 PP dman in the league. There isn't anyone else left. So I figures with the likes of Kovalchuk, Elias he would be a good fill-in when any of my other three are out of the line up for any reason.

2013-02-05Ron Sollows(1)re: Surprise
he made up for it with 36 year old Zidlicky as a FA pickup, of course I'm no better with 36 year old Souray

2013-02-03Trevor Silver(11)Surprise
I saw the headline that Ray Whitney was out 4-6 weeks, and Coop.... I went right to your team to see how this was going to hurt your left side. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find him anywhere on your roster

2013-01-30Ron Sollows(1)Sorry
But "Shark Week" on A&E is over I hope you enjoyed it, time for Hurricane and Lightening season.

And a little advice on your Sharks, SELL HIGH

2013-01-29Steve Cooper(2)Beware the shark tank!!
Well, I can't remember the last time I owned the top two scorers in the league. The sharks are red hot. But even with all their points in week one, Jason still ended up on top. Feeling excited though. It is going to be an interesting season if some of the young guns do well.

2013-01-19Charlie Flemming(4)Gentlemen....Start Your Engines !
Interesting to see what a 48 game schedule presents....

2013-01-15Steve Cooper(2)Reduced my average of my team
Hey, look guys, I just added a 23 year old to my team. That now makes Jagr and him average just 31. 5 years !!

2013-01-11Charlie Flemming(4)Protected Player Positions....
From my statistician's perspective, I am using the positions the players were in at the end of the last year, unless otherwise specified. I moved Seguin to RW at Protect List Time, as allowed in the Constitution. I don't think any other players' positions were moved this week.

2013-01-10Trevor Silver(11)Positions
Coop - Is it possible to get the positions where protected players were kept at. Some could me more than one - Stall and Seguin come to mind. Would be nice to know what position they were kept at - Believe it or not, kinda helps me plan my draft when I know what position someone drafting around me needs to fill...Thanks

2013-01-06Steve Cooper(2)Yeah!! Game on
They finally got an agreement. We are good to go for at least the next eight years. Time to dust off the spreadsheets.

2012-11-15Ron Sollows(1)I don't even know who I have anymore
Been so long since I looked at my team, I know I have Crosby, Ovechkin and Malkin but not sure about the rest.

2012-11-03Steve Cooper(2)A few more weeks of the lock out will be fine
Well, although the hockey is not here yet, with the 3 month renovations on our condo and selling of our home, to be honest, I wasn't ready for the draft. Hoping for a few more weeks so the move will be completed and I can focus on spending some time looking at last years stats. If I am lucky, Gaborik will be healed and healthy by the time the NHL starts up. Don't want to have to protect Jagr!!

2012-09-22Trevor Silver(11)Bored
I'm bored. Someone send me a trade offer i cannot refuse

2012-08-17Trevor Silver(11)Gaborik
Should have taken the 3rd rounder. :). Bum shoulder, out until december, likely only play 40 games his year. Beside nash will play with richards leaving gaborik on 2nd line. Now to keep or trade richards..... Wwoooohhaaaaa. (evil laugh)

2012-07-23Steve Cooper(2)Gaborik worth more now!!
Almost moved Gaborik for a 3rd round pick. The Nash trade today kind of changed my mind. Already traded Heatley to Minnesota just to hear that Parise/Suter both signed with them.

2012-03-19Ron Sollows(1)Mike Green returns from suspension
Mike Green returns, HE's BEEN PLAYING, YIKES!!!!!

2011-12-27Charlie Flemming(4)THN
I sent a message regarding the missing players to THN thru their WebSite. Surprisingly, I got an email back from Edward Fraser, Managing Editor asking me "On the website or in the magazine?". I replied and added Dan Cleary to the list. I'll let you know if I hear back again.

2011-12-27Ron Sollows(1)re: THN Depth Charts
Must be something weird going on with the site over the holidays, last week Cleary was the top RW for the Redwings this week he's not even listed.

2011-12-27Charlie Flemming(4)THN Depth Charts
Anybody else missing players in the THN Depth Charts. Cammalleri(Mon) and Johansson(Was) are missing in action. Strange!!

2011-12-23Ron Sollows(1)Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night
And special good wishes to the Sedins, Kessel, Lupul, Pominville, Backstrom, Plekanec, Marchand, Alfredsson and all my D men.

2011-12-22Charlie Flemming(4)Roster Updates for Dec.26
There's a 7:00pm game on Monday, so the Roster Updates for Week-13 are due by 7:00pm.

2011-12-22Brad Simms(3)talking
We talk and yes he may ask for my thoughts from time to time as other managers do but he and he alone makes his own decisions. Farm team, that's ridiculous. But you are right, I am wasting my time here. Your mind is already made up.

2011-12-21Brad Simms(3)wish list
Trevor, you wish to have gotten Malkin, you should have made a better offer, thats assuming you made Jason an offer at all. And Ron, you offered up Perry and Getzlaf for Crosby, so is this trade that bad? That's not to mention other siginificant offers. If we had made that deal and Perry and Getzlaf got hot and Crosby injured, then what? The trade was protested, other Gms that are not at the top of the standings voted to let the trade stand, move on. Malkin eight points in two games, If he gotten injured or got no points would the trade be O.K then? If Crosby comes back and dominates, what then?? He is the best player in the game when he is healthy. He is a risk and that's why I traded him. You take the best offer available and that's what I did. Get over it ...................

2011-12-21Ron Sollows(1)re: Another 3
Trevor if only you had 3 injured players (only 1 good one) to give up for him he could have been yours, plus Hall

2011-12-13Ron Sollows(1)Come on Brad
Go the whole 9 yards and deal Ovechkin too, I'll go Marchand and some bum for him

2011-12-12Steve Cooper(2)Confusion, Frustration
I don't know what is worse, having a player out that can't score any points or healthy stars that aren't getting any points. I need a couple of drinks and step away from the TV, Computer, Internet!!! Breath, Breath, deep breaths, Christmas is coming.

2011-12-12Brad Simms(3)What the ****?
So................, what the f**k happened to my team? First the Sedin's and now Crosby. I guess I needed a change of scenery, I just didn't think it would look this different. I was asked at the begininng of the year if I would trade any of my top six and I said probably not. Well, I guess that all changed. Good luck Ron and Jason, I hope the trades pan out for you. Especially Jason, I hope Crosby comes back and makes me wonder why I ever traded him. I never really realized how much the game needs a Crosby. I got tired of waiting and besides when Crosby is in the line up, Malkin plays better. GO Ducks, Oilers, Washington, Pittsburgh,etc;

2011-12-12Charlie Flemming(4)Oh Yeah....It's not only the Sharks.
My team lineup had 5 goose eggs last week and 11 goose eggs for 21 players....unbelievable. I was lucky to squeak out 4 points.

2011-12-12Steve Cooper(2)Sharks to Minnows
Marleau 0 pts, Thornton 2 pts in four games last week. My Sharks have turned into a bunch of minnows!!

2011-12-08Ron Sollows(1)The best of both worlds
Habs over Canucks tonight 5-4 but the Sedins get another 6 points.

2011-12-06Ron Sollows(1)Thanks Ducks
but now I'm a Canucks fan, GO CANUCKS GO

2011-11-23Charlie Flemming(4)Chyropractic Neurology for Sydney Crosby
“I can tell you that over the course of the summer we initially rehabilitated Sid to the point where he became more active, started to skate, was doing well. We got to that 80-90 percent level of exertion and as he increased his speed playing hockey, as he increased his turns and motion, the symptoms started coming back again. At that point, even with all the rehab we’d done, Dr. Carrick became involved. He’s an expert on rehabbing these types of injuries and these types of symptoms. Sid saw Dr. Carrick and recently Sid has made exceptional progress towards improving and becoming normal.” Groundbreaking technology used for concussion illnesses.

2011-11-20Charlie Flemming(4)Oh Oh ... Trvor's Whammy !!
Just wondering how many of these guys will be injured by the end of Week-8....now that You mentioned them. I've got 5 guys out and don't need any more.

2011-11-17Steve Cooper(2)Robidas
Golioski gone for at least 4 weeks. Robidas on the 1st PP unit. It is only a matter of time when Dallas' PP wakes up and he will get the points. Can you say Bergeron!!!

2011-11-17Ron Sollows(1)Myers
Scratched but returns the next game and gets 2 goals, may have woke him up, but I can see how you got the last laugh where you picked up Robidas and his 5 points on the season

2011-11-15Steve Cooper(2)Trevor's Woes
Well if it makes you feel any better, White is out injured for awhile too. And don't bother with Myers, he was a healthy scratch their last game. The big guy can't put his size to work for him. And I only snickered once until I saw that White was gone too!!

2011-11-13Ron Sollows(1)Don't forget Trevor
Goligoski is out a month too. I'll give you Myers for Visnovsky, cut your loses

2011-11-13Charlie Flemming(4)IR
Trevor,..You should be glad it's not longer. He is on the 'Injured Rerserves' now. Maybe it's time to change your team name! Ha. Stop snickering Coop.

2011-08-19Ron Sollows(1)Crosby
I think he's in trouble, 8 months and still not out of the woods, when he does come back whenever that is I'm thinking one good hit from Marc Savard territory. I'll give him 40 games this year

2011-03-29Steve Cooper(2)Gretzky... 300 pts... NOT
The game is totally different. Would the salary cap have made it harder to keep that team together. Most guys after 3 years bolt for bigger money because the teams cannot keep them. The Oilers didn't dominate until the mid 80's when Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Coffey, Anderson, Tikkenen. No way they would have been able to keep all of them. Gretzky has the skill to use everyone around him, but those around him also had the skill to fill the net. There may not be any hooking and grabbing, but teams are move defensive and with the larger goalie gear, Gretzky would have lost 50% move shooting space. No way on the 300 points.

2011-03-23Charlie Flemming(4)Gordie Howe ....
Gordie Howe's response to the question "Why did players always wear a cup, but not always a helmet ?" "You can always get someone to do your thinking for you."

2011-03-21Ron Sollows(1)Gretzky debate I'm having with a guy
Gretzky would score 300 points a season in today's game:

one side says yes:
- a 30 year NHL ref said so

- the game is diluted with expansion

- Gretzky a better shot, skater and faster than anyoe today with the best vision ever so easily 300 points a season in today's game

on the other side, no way, he would be good but only comparable to the top players today:
- goalies in the 80s took up 1/4 of the net with skinny little pads, kicked out a leg to make a save, today bigger equipment, bigger and better goalies taking up 3/4 of the net, butterfly style, plus video and goaltender coaches which you never had in the 80s

- salary cap, Gretzky on an all-star with the Oilers, in today's game you can't do that, look at the Blackhawks, lost Ladd, Buff and their goalie and now struggling to make the playoffs

- the game now is way more defensive and not wide open, goalies and more balanced teams the factor there

- all the best from Europeans come here now so not really diluted at all, probably just the opposite, the best it's ever been and the teams more evenly matched

- so Gretzky wouldn't dominate, a good player but maybe not even the best when you watch Crosby and Ovie at their best, 300 points ridiculous


2011-03-14Steve Cooper(2)Chara
It is one of those unfortunate play where a guy really gets hurt. Doughty for LA had it happen a couple of days later. He did leave the game but came back. I didn't here anything about Air Canada threatening to leave the NHL again over that one. And where are the Canadian fans on that one, not a word in the Press. I think they made the right decision on the non suspension. The question is, do you have him a little something to appease the small majority that are complaining? Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope Max makes a full recovery and comes back. He was adding some excitement to the Canadians games.

2011-03-11Ron Sollows(1)The Chara hit
I think it was an innocent play that went bad, it's split second you don't have time to process the turnbuckle is there and what might happen, you don't think like that, you rubbed him out along the boards, Chara could have smoked him 10 times harder if he wanted to. If it happened to a Nashville or Florida player rather than Montreal or Toronto it's unfortunate but not even an issue.

2011-02-21Charlie Flemming(4)Rosters Due Early
Reminder - Roster Updates are Due at 2:00pm today.

2011-02-19Steve Cooper(2)It always doesn't go the way you think it will
Started the year with Kovy, Malkin and picked up Green. Was feeling pretty good about he first line... Now I don't own any of them. But Malkin gone for the year, Green is having a very off year and Kovy has just started to get back to a point per game. It is pretty bad when you are relying on your Toronto guys to win you the 3rd line now and then. Selanne & Lidstrom at 40 are top 5 ppg at their positions. Gave both of them away with Sharpe who Ron turned into Perry (Ana). Wonder where I would have been if I kept them in the line up. Lots of parity this year though other than Ron. Everyone else is spreading out the points on a weekly basis.

2011-02-17Brad Simms(3)Give credit where credit is do
Ron, I have to give you credit where it is due. I just seen the trade you made with Norm, man.............thats most likely the first overall pick. Your so deep you didn't even need Hossa. The trades you made this year have been entirely to your advantage. The team that you have now compared to the beginning of the year is night and day. I have to admit you looked weak to start the year but now via trades your team is looking really good and still you manage to get the potentially first overall pick. Just goes to show you that typically past and present, active gms appear to do well. I have not been so active this year but it is not for the lack of trying. Anyways looks good on you Ron..............Brad

2011-02-14Steve Cooper(2)Forsberg... Shaddup already
I thought I would beat you all to the punch on this one. It was a shitty decision... now. that is. It seemed like it could be a steal at the time.

2011-02-10Steve Cooper(2)The Price was right... for the Bruins
The Bruins were the big winners on the 'Price is Right" last night. They lit him up for ... count them, a touchdown and a single to boot. It is pretty bad when your team scores six goals and your sieve of a goaltender can hold the fort. We got your number this year.

2011-02-09Jason Kayes(12)BIG BAD BRUINS

2011-02-06Steve Cooper(2)Forsberg
OK, I know he is 37 and will probably only be 70% of the player he was, but that is better than 100% of a lot of guys. I'll stick him on the third line and reap what ever he brings. Of course, he is signed but will he actually be able to play any amount of games. We shall see. He will get more points than Malkin will now. Pittsburg has had some really crappy luck with injuries.

2011-02-01Charlie Flemming(4)Forsberg
Forsberg 37 has had more than 10 surgeries on his right foot. He belongs on the InjuredReserves cause there's no doubt he will get injured if he makes a comeback. Should be interesting though.

2011-01-30Steve Cooper(2)Malkin
No good trading him to you, he would just get injured. Oh yeah, see what happens when your team name is associated with people. You didn't even own him and he became injured!!

2011-01-27Charlie Flemming(4)All-Star Break.....
Wow, no games for 5 days. Getting withdrawals already.

2011-01-24Charlie Flemming(4)Combined Weeks 17&18
Reminder ..... Weeks 17&18 are combined thru the All-Star Break.

2011-01-16Charlie Flemming(4)Roster Updates Due at 2:00pm Monday Jan.17/11
There are 2 early afternoon games on Jul.17/11. Please submit Roster Updates by 2:00pm on Monday.....Thanks.

2011-01-12Steve Cooper(2)Poker
Middle of February would work for me.

2011-01-11Charlie Flemming(4)Poker....
I'm in......let me know.

2011-01-10Steve Cooper(2)Poker
NHL poker chips, cool. We will definately use them. Brad, you can bet me... but do you think you can actually beat me. Little typo there I think. Bring it on.

2011-01-09Brad Simms(3)Poker night
Count me in for poker night. I agree it will give us a chance to get to know each other a bit better. I love the game, don't really play that much but know I can beat Cooper....LOL.................. game on...thanks Coops

2011-01-08Steve Cooper(2)Working Days
You have to be happy with working days. Now you can lead a normal life and watch the games on TV. Go Bruins!!

2011-01-08Jason Kayes(12)poker
Enter Rant here count me in aswell trevor. with the new year comes a promotion at work ,so no more nights . working days.

2011-01-07Steve Cooper(2)Poker Game
Count me in. But I am booked pretty well for all of January. If we can get a game in early February, I would be definately up for that. I have the whole poker chip set. (Bought it out of my first Texas Hold'em night win with the guys at work)

2011-01-03Charlie Flemming(4)Sweden Playing for Bronze...
Sweden didn't make it to the Gold Medal game ... Beautiful.

2010-12-29Charlie Flemming(4)ROSTERS ...
Hey guys...Please remember to check the published Rosters each week for errors. Mistakes happen.....but not too often I hope. Pretty much at the midway point and there's lots of sports to watch.

2010-12-20Steve Cooper(2)Capitals comback
Well, they pulled it out in the second and held on for a 3-2 win. Ovy, Backstrom & Green have been struggling as has their powerplay. I am going to keep Green on the third line until he wakes up. It has to happen sometime. Trevor, looks like Kovy has finally woken up for you.

2010-12-02Steve Cooper(2)Thomas rules!!
Another shutout and counting. Could be a Vezina year for him. And the Canadians lost to who last night... Edmonton, Ha ha. The next thing you know they will be loosing to the Leafs.

2010-11-04Steve Cooper(2)OK, Toronto officially still suck
Well the look of promise has returned to a shot of reality. They have now lost four in a row and look more like the Leafs of yesteryear. Bruins hotter then hell with Thomas. Canadians still suck too.

2010-10-11Steve Cooper(2)Montreal rules !!! but
Montreal rules unless they are playing Leafs. And wait until they meet the Bruins :)

2010-10-10Tim Hartnett(7)
Montreal rules!!



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